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Be My Neighbor ➼ Be My Neighbor Free ➲ Author Maya Ajmera – Around the world children live in community with others sharing homes resources and experiences with their neighbors This book celebrates what it means to be a neighbor the whole world over from Vietn Around the world children live in community with others sharing homes resources and experiences with their neighbors This book celebrates what it means to be a neighbor the whole world over from Vietnam to the United Be My eBook ☆ States Austria to Kenya and everywhere in between.

10 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor

  1. Christy Christy says:

    Around the world children live in community with others sharing homes resources and experiences with their neighbors This book celebrates what it means to be a neighbor the whole world over from Vietnam to the United States Austria to Kenya and everywhere in between

  2. Stacie Stacie says:

    Good little kids book about neighborhoods and what they mean to the people who live there

  3. Hana Sm. Hana Sm. says:

    A book that shows people from around the globe different types of homes different schools places to worship places to play places to shop modes of transportation special events and children helping out their familyschoolcommunity On page 6 there is a photo of a neighborhood in the USA I found the photo interesting but realistic because there was TRASH in the street and on the sidewalk But the photographer didn't try to hide it The neighborhood looks like New York CityOn the same page is a village in Canada at the bottom of a snow covered mountain near the ocean I would be concerned about an avalanche I can't believe that people would want to live thereOn page 10 I found it interesting that they showed a house in Turkey But the funny thing is that the children in front of the stone house look straight up European Three of the girls have medium brown hair and one girl is blondeOn the same page they show a house in the Bahamas Now most of the time when you hear about people in the Caribbean you think about Black people HOWEVER the two girls in front of the house are White I didn't think that any White people lived in the Bahamas These are some of the surprises that you find throughout this book This goes to show that when you think you know a lot about a country but sometimes you really don't I like books that are somewhat unpredictable I would use this book to teach my class about how different people live around the globe We could choose one or pictures to journal about I imagine that some of the students would write about what it would be like living there

  4. Cassidy Reed Cassidy Reed says:

    Be My Neighbor tells us of the many different ways children live in community with other people Our neighborhood is a variety of different things and plays a huge role in our lives All over the world children are interacting in their communities A neighborhood is where we live go to school play shop worship and work As a neighbor in a neighborhood we may have a different culture than others are a different age than someone else or may have different beliefs than others However neighbors in a neighborhood are very much related because they are sharing the place where they live and feel at homeIn this book I like the pictures because I am able to see settings from all over the world and it also tells me where the picture is taken fromThis book teaches children of all the resources they may have available to them in their neighborhood and shows them how different everyone is but also how similar everyone truly is sharing the same home

  5. Tim Tim says:

    Various characteristics of neightborhoods are intoduced in this Global literature book This book can be part of of teaching the concepts of neighborhoods The book has an introduction from Fred Rogers He discusses that although we may live in different neighborhoods all over the world we are all human beings and we all need to care for one another This book would be a great nonficiton book for younger students There are large photographs and simple words for each page in the book The photgraphs are labeled with what country you find the people pictured There are words for students to read but you could just talk through the story and read parts There are books like this by this author Well worth searching for books in this format

  6. Maricela Rivera Maricela Rivera says:

    Primary students will find this story fascinating especially the large and colorful photographs of people and communities around the world Through the photographs and detailed captions the book provides its readers with a glimpse into the homes schools places of worships celebrations and markets of diverse communities This book allows students to make connections between their lives and those of other community groups Students will also be able to make comparisons between various cultures that are new to them At the end there is a world map that highlights the 37 countries that are featured in this book which can be useful in improving students’ knowledge on world geography

  7. Savannah Savannah says:

    Very informative bookIt covers whether or not you live in a village town or big cityMade up of lots of different peopleDifferent types of home to keep you cool or warm comfortable dry and safe Made of wood brick glass mud grass or rocksSchools large or one room house Places of worship cathedral synagogue or mosue temple or homePlaces to play parks streets backyards lake river ocean swimming poolsPlaces to but things you need markets restaurants shopping malls grocery storesGet around town buses cars trains boats bikes walkingCommunity responsibility doctors police officers firefighters mail carriersA neighborhood is place you call home

  8. Shannon Shannon says:

    Can I be honest for a moment? Mr Rogers creeps me out His puppets' mouths don't move He talks too slowBut I loved this book I loved the larger print in green that can be read straight through OR combine with the other details in black kind of like captions but better Some of the pictures are pixelated but I mostly like that other countries aren't uaintified AND there's a MAP How many books have I read about people around the world WITHOUT a map showing where these folks are?

  9. Miss Pippi the Librarian Miss Pippi the Librarian says:

    There are two different fonts in this picture book During storytime I focused on the large font that was a sentence and ignored the paragraphs on each page The illustrations are actually pictures from neighborhoods all over the world The back of the book shows a simple world map with the countries highlighted Each picture also shares the country where the photo was taken The end of the book shares the photo credits and other printing information typically seen at the beginning of books2015 Storytime Theme Community HelpersReviewed from a library copy

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This is an older book but it is lovely and the message still rings true The welcoming words of the book are from Fred Rogers The book is about ways to act neighborly and how those actions transcend the places where we are to actually be global actions People all over our planet assist their neighbors and celebrate with their neighbors They educate their neighbors and work alongside their neighbors All of humanity is building an existence and aspiring for a better life This book is both humbling and uplifting

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