The Lady and the Dragon PDF/EPUB ã The Lady PDF/EPUB

  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • The Lady and the Dragon
  • Shelley Bradley
  • English
  • 14 April 2014
  • 9780821761892

10 thoughts on “The Lady and the Dragon

  1. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    This was not at all what I expected but still found it to be an enjoyable read It was a typical historic romance where wealthy damsel who doesn't like being told what to do fled her overbearing but loving grandparents so she could have freedom First she reuested passage on a ship going where she needed to go but after being denied she stowed away She had a couple of TSTL too stupid too live moments so be warned Unbeknownst to her she was on a pirate ship of her grandfather's nemesis The Black Dragon She was familiar with the Dragon's reputation and gave him her middle name so he would not know she was the granddaughter of hisnemesis And so the lies and half truths began ; One thing lead to another and both withheld information lied to each other but fell in love Then the truths began to surface and betrayal hurt and anger reared its ugly head One lie led to other lies and then there were too many lies to keep up with There were justifications for actions committed by the Black Dragon so he did manage to redeem himself and they did love each other There was a series ofevents that kept the plot moving alongI was frustrated with a couple of things in this book First there were large gaps between events several times Some scene transitions were so jarring that I felt jerked out of the story Second there were a lot of mistakes in the languageproofreading department Third on the back of this book is the standard message Warning this title contains the following explicit sex graphic languageIt did not I've read hotter mainstream books than what was in this one There was one sex scene over half into the book and it was in no way graphic enough to be labeled erotic The one other scene was PG 13 One heavy petting early into the book One F word That's it So if you are looking for a hot steamy historical this is not itIf I could give this book 35 stars I would

  2. Ladiibbug Ladiibbug says:

    Historical Romance 45 starsShelley Bradley aka Shayla Black writes a deliciously enjoyable historical adventure starring a runaway heiress Lady Christina who is fleeing her strict grandfather who is the Lord Admiral of the British NavyLady Christina's uest for personal freedom and not so proper behavior has prompted the Lord Admiral to tame the girl by sending her away to a Swiss finishing schoolLady Christina stows away on the first ship leaving London harbor which turns out to be the ship Dragon's Lair captained by the notorious pirate known as the Black DragonThe Black Dragon is locked in a battle with the British Navy to set free his twin brother who is in prison Lady Christina's appearance on his pirate ship gives him an idea Lots of adventure on the high seas on land exciting subplots this is an awesome book It's a bit steamy here and there but definitely not eroticaShelley and Shayla are authors high on my list to read everything either one of them writes

  3. Puna Puna says:

    Only finished this one because I've been rather impatient with books lately so i figured I'd complete it rather than just delete once I realized the heroine was just TSTL The hero was way too nice when he thought She was rash unthinking lacking in genuine understanding of the world Brain dead would have been a better description possible spoiler A guy she slept with supposedly fell in with cuts his long hair shaves his bread removes his earring loses his tan takes off a mask that just covered his eyesnose area and she doesn't recognize him?? It's a good think breathing doesn't reuire thought cause she wouldn't have survived the first few moments after brith

  4. Linda Linda says:

    An early Shelley Bradley lady Christina runaways to escape her grandfathers threat with swiss school She happens upon Black Dragon who´s intended to kidnap her in exchange of his brother He doesn´t realize what´s right under his nose Love the book the beginning was a bit cliché but it soon got intriguing and by the end i was pleasantly surprised Love Shayla Black´s writing in all forms

  5. Harley_Dreams Harley_Dreams says:

    I have never written a review however this book gives me pause to take a moment and share I'm not sure how I came across the knowledge of this book I just know that I am grateful that I didThe antics of the main characters left me wanting to read on and mixed with the story line it is a perfect combination I enjoyed every aspect of this bookIt was very difficult for me to put this book down and I look forward to reading by this author

  6. Darcy Darcy says:

    I wasn't sure about this one when I picked it up but I really like this author's other books This one ended up not being for me Historicals are not usually my thing and the whole pirate thing with a mask hiding his face and the girl on the run from her evil Grandfather was just too over the top for me

  7. Angel Padillo Angel Padillo says:

    The first half of this book was amazing and then it just dropped off In the beginning Drex was amazing and everything you could ask for and then you couldn't even recognize him by the end of the book Not only that but the story just dragged on after that sad and disappointing

  8. travelmel travelmel says:

    Wow just looked at the rest of the books by this author and they are all bodice rippers I got it at the library in order to get a big girl read and it looked adventurous Not sure now

  9. Nai Nai says:

    There is nothing SB cannot write I very much enjoyed this book

  10. Jena Jena says:

    Found this very romantic and I liked the setting

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The Lady and the Dragon[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Lady and the Dragon By Shelley Bradley – A not so proper lady on a uest for freedom sneaks aboard the ship of an infamous privateer determined to save his brother and resist love Who will win this clash of wills A Runaway Heiress When bold b A not so and the Kindle Ø proper lady on a uest for freedom sneaks aboard the ship of an infamous privateer determined to save his brother and resist love Who will win this clash of wills A Runaway Heiress When bold beautiful Lady Christina Delafield discovered her overbearing grandfather planned to tame her at a Swiss finishing school Christina stowed The Lady PDF/EPUB ² away on the first ship leaving London harbor determined to make her own way in life But the mysterious captain of the Dragon's Lair was a seductive reason to relinuish her independence and embrace desire A Gentleman Pirate Drexell Cain had lived for four years as the merciless Black Dragon Bent on rescuing his brother from the British Lady and the PDF/EPUB ¼ Navy Drex would do anything to return him to his wife and son even kidnap the Lord Admiral's granddaughter for ransom A lovely blonde stowaway was an unexpected complication until he discovered her real identity and her passionate claim on his heart Warning explicit sex graphic language.