The Good Children Kindle Ö The Good Kindle -

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Good Children
  • Kate Wilhelm
  • English
  • 02 September 2015
  • 9780449004555

10 thoughts on “The Good Children

  1. Cherie Cherie says:

    I can't believe that each story is better than the last but it is true This one is an astonishing tale Part of me says no way and yet why not? It might be a huge stretch of the truth but the suspense factor makes it a compelling read and the ending is satisfying That is a five star read for meI listened to this book narrated by Carrington MacDuffie

  2. Sandy Gamradt Sandy Gamradt says:

    This book ended too soon I wanted I wanted to know what happened to the children after they grew up This was a book I didn't want to put down

  3. Vannessa Anderson Vannessa Anderson says:

    With their parents dead and gone their father killed on his job and their mother dead from what was believed to be a broken heart the McNair children Kevin age 18 Amy age 17 Liz age 14 and Brian age 9 all underage when their mother died raised themselves honoring the promise they made to their mother to never have a funeral or a repast after her death When their mother died the Children buried her in the backyard Kevin and Amy now old enough to go off to college and with thoughts of living away from the family’s home realize their predicament They hold a family meeting to decide just how to do that without being arrested for not contacting law enforcement about their mother’s deathThe four siblings overcame adversity with commonsense and sticking together What was unfortunate was that they had no one to confide in What helped them was their dad teaching them how to see the world from a philosophical viewpoint The Good Children was one of my favorite Kate Wilhelm books The characters development was among the best I’ve read The story was believable and creditable The flow of the story was exceptional and there wasn’t a lull in any point of the book and though The Good Children was a work of fiction somehow it felt like the work of personal experience The Good Children had the best ending I’ve ever read in a work of fiction and Carrington MacDuffie did an extraordinary job in interpreting the personalities and moods of the characters The Good Children is a book that you will not want to put down

  4. Beth Beth says:

    The four McNair children have spent most of their childhood moving around father’s job Ironically just as they settle in rural Oregon their father dies and soon after that their mother does as well Educated from the cradle to distrust the social services system the children eldest almost 16 decide to bury their mother and go it on their own With the help of a young and sympathetic lawyer who doesn’t know their secret we follow them through the next eight years of their lives Excellent in parts

  5. Kathleen Hagen Kathleen Hagen says:

    reasonably well for a few years but then the children are getting older Kevin and Amy both have ambitious college plans They would like to sell the house and settle the two younger children Liz and Brian somewhere so they can go on with their lives But Liz and Brian remain in the house Then some terrifying things take place bringing them closer to the truth about their mother’s death But will the truth set them free or bind them together forever? Very good book Carrington MacDuffie is the consummate professional narrator and does this book proud

  6. Barbara Boudreau Barbara Boudreau says:

    I loved this book I listened to the audio book while driving and literally would sit int he car when I got home to finish the chapters The book really hooked you in was written in a style that was believable for the age of the writer kept your interest It was believable because the story centered around siblings taking care of each other and the deep dark secrets that siblings can keep with each other Great read

  7. Peg Peg says:

    This is my first Kate Wilhelm and one of her older ones but several heart pumping times in this story Maybe a little far fetched but that's what a suspense novel is all about right?

  8. Ryan Ryan says:

    Complete waste of time reading this book At the outset it is barely interesting enough to keep me reading and then about the last third of the book it feels like you're reading a different book total derail Unfortunately by that point there is no point in tossing the book away Plotlines are too far fetched; actions taken are unbelievable; and most unforgiving the psychiatric treatment as presented feels like something from the 1800s rather than modern times Serious regrets here about reading this And oh yeah I experienced no sense of suspense and tension

  9. Suzanne Hayden Suzanne Hayden says:

    What a great read A family that has moved place to place finally settles down and buys a house Then an accident kills Dad Mom is bereft Then Mom is found face down under an apple tree when she was trying to pick the apples at the top Four kids alone Mom was raised in foster care and has filled their heads with stories So they bury her in the back and commence to pretend that she is still there How long can that continue? Can they ever truly bury her? Are they ever able to sell the property? And what about the youngest son Brian insists Mother never left

  10. Renny Barcelos Renny Barcelos says:

    Excellent novel The suspense is slowly built through Liz's narrative As the children all come to age one after one we get to see how one decision impacts every single aspect of their lives some of them are way impacted than othersThrough it all I really liked to witness bond straighten under pressure instead of weaken Even if by the end some secrets remained just for part of themLiz and Brian's closeness was beautiful to follow

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The Good Children☆ The Good Children PDF / Epub ✩ Author Kate Wilhelm – When they move to a new home in Oregon the McNair family know they're where they belong But when tragedy strikes the family the children face the prospect of being separated by the state Rather than b When they move to a new home in Oregon the McNair family know they're where they belong But when tragedy The Good Kindle - strikes the family the children face the prospect of being separated by the state Rather than being sent to different foster homes the four children decide to lie And it's a big lie The sort of deceit that can hold a family together or tear it apart.

About the Author: Kate Wilhelm

Kate Wilhelm’s first short story “The Pint Sized Genie” was published in Fantastic Stories in Her first novel MORE The Good Kindle - BITTER THAN DEATH a mystery was published in Over the span of her career her writing has crossed over the genres of science fiction speculative fiction fantasy and magical realism psychological suspense mimetic comic and family sagas a multimedia stage producti.