JIMMY CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post

  • Hardcover
  • 553 pages
  • JIMMY CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post Presidency
  • Peter G. Bourne
  • English
  • 13 March 2016
  • 9780684195438

10 thoughts on “JIMMY CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post Presidency

  1. Steve Steve says:

    Bourne’s “Jimmy Carter A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post Presidency” was published in 1997 Bourne is a psychiatrist who worked in the Carter Administration as Special Assistant to the President for Health Issues but resigned after writing a prescription for an aide under a false name Bourne is currently a visiting fellow at Green Templeton College University of Oxford and is the author of a biography of Fidel CastroBourne’s 508 page biography almost seems to be two different books merged under one roof For its first two hundred pages it is a relatively traditional biography of Carter’s early life – a survey of his ancestry and a review of his childhood marriage and naval career For the final 300 or so pages it is a curious blend of personal memoir from the point of view of the author and political biographyGiven Bourne’s close knowledge of his subject and the fact he is not a historian it seems surprising that I value the first part of the book over the second But while I appreciate Bourne’s direct observations of Carter’s political life and actions the later chapters focusing on his campaign for national office and on his presidency often prove dry tedious hard to follow and unnecessarily wonkyThe first thirteen chapters of the book feature several excellent moments an interesting description of his time in the naval academy an in depth introduction to his wife Rosalynn and a revealing review of his religious beliefs and evolution The last sixteen chapters however often feel like a run on collection of political observations and campaign related minutiae than a methodically crafted narrative stitched together with keen analysis and cogent conclusionsTo his credit Bourne admits his admiration for Carter early in the book but exercises admirable balance throughout; he is not reluctant to identify his subject’s strengths or his weaknesses both personal and political In addition the author’s review of Carter’s gubernatorial career was interesting and I enjoyed reading about Carter’s decision making process while pondering a run for the presidencyBut given Bourne’s training in the dissection and evaluation of complex personalities it is a shame he is never able to animate his subject Throughout the book Carter remains a relatively rigid and somewhat uninteresting two dimensional character And the two chapters focused on his post presidency lack the vitality and vigor which Carter himself seems to possess in retirementAnd where Bourne provides seemingly endless detail relating to certain events such as an exhaustive – and exhausting – blow by blow account of nearly every state primary leading up to the Democratic convention other moments go almost untouched such as his Cabinet selection his day to day relationships with his most trusted advisers and much of his personal lifeOverall Peter Bourne’s biography of Jimmy Carter is an undoubtedly useful and informative – though uneven and often colorless – review of Carter’s life through the late 1990s As a comprehensive introduction to the 39th president it is than adeuate But as an incisive and engaging review of his personal and political lives it is far from idealOverall rating 3½ stars

  2. Keith Karr Keith Karr says:

    Jimmy Carter is one of the most respected American statesmen and this biography reinforces why At the same time this book also reinforced why Carter's presidency is so forgettable It seems as if space is spent documenting Carter's campaign for the Democratic nomination and against Ford than is spent on his four years in the White House Outside of the Camp David Accords there is little that is memorable about his administration As a biography written by an insider and a friend of Carter the admiration is apparent but Bourne is not blind to the compromises Carter made in his political campaigns and his shortcomings as an administrator Unlike the majority of other Presidents Carter's life before his rise to the Presidency is little known Outside of his service in the Navy and his being a peanut farmer little else is known about his life This relative anonymity may have served him well on his run for the White House Carter's background may have been humble but his intelligence and hard work consistently allowed him to rise above his external circumstances This pattern is seen in his education military service business and finally in his political career However his political rise was not without compromise Carter's later image of integrity does not fully coincide with the means used in his campaign with and without his knowledge This political pragmatism can be seen in his courting of the conservative Democratic votes by euivocal support for civil rights Carter's integrity did not hinder him from using less than noble means to gain power While Carter does not emerge unscathed his overall integrity remains Carter may not have been perfect but he is worthy of respect He may not have been the greatest President but his work post Presidency is far important and wide reaching and 4 years of less than stellar Presidential leadership has been richly repaid by the Carter Center Carter has become the gold standard by which post Presidencies will by judged and a challenge that has not yet been surmounted

  3. Dan Dundon Dan Dundon says:

    Peter Bourne has done an admirable job of collecting a great deal of information on the Carter presidency while at the same time capturing the essence of Jimmy Carter A reader comes away with a much better understanding of the inner workings of Carter and the reasons behind his sometimes moralistic approach to the presidency I also appreciate the effort the author expended to examine the work Carter has done after his one term in the White House While there are some negative elements to his review of the Carter presidency such as his poor opinion of some of the individuals appointed to high positions in general the biography is a very positive assessment of this president Unfortunately Bourne tends to gloss over the negative issues while emphasizing the positive accomplishments a natural tenancy for an author who obviously as a deep admiration and respect for Mr Carter This is a common pitfall for any author who has a close personal relationship with the subject about which he is writing about

  4. Virginia Virginia says:

    Tediously detailed book on Carter and how he was elected life after he lost second term Didn't realize the extent of his service in the Navy Focused detailed man who studied issues before dealing with them Although he would listen to others advice he often stubbornly kept his own counsel He was so driven morally and religiously I never got the feeling he every let down and had any fun

  5. Jill Jill says:

    This book does recount major events in Jimmy Carter's presidency but the author being a former White House staffer doesn't seem to give a fair account of some of those events That being said Bourne does paint an interesting picture of Carter's personality strengths and weaknesses

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    I didn't realize this book would be the project that it turned out to be but ch

  7. Brian Schwartz Brian Schwartz says:

    Bourne’s biography is simply not a well conceived book On the positive side Bourne does describe and analyze in great detail Carter’s unshakable Christian faith and how that faith shaped his personal and political conduct When it comes to being a Christian Jimmy Carter is the real deal I doubt any other president has been so dedicated to his faithMost interesting and unknown to me until I read Bourne’s book was Carter’s devotion to the teachings of theologian Reinhold Niebhur Carter embraced in toto Niebhur’s teachings Niebhur preached religion and faith as something that should be incorporated into the actions of all politicians Carter based many of his political and governmental decisions based on his Baptist faithWhat makes Bourne’s biography bad is what he ignores The Bert Lance affair was devastating to Jimmy Carter Not only was did it result in a tremendous loss of faith in Carter by the American people it deprived him of the only wise political counsel he had within his administration Also missing is any discussion of Hamilton Jordan who was a constant embarrassment to Carter and eventually found himself before a special prosecutor for allegedly using cocaine at New York’s notorious Studio 54Nor does Bourne acknowledge his own scandal Bourne a professional physician wrote a fraudulent prescription to a member of the White House staff Why he did this he does not explain He does not even mention it in the book which seriously undercuts his credibilityWhat Bourne does do is take shots at people he apparently does not like Chief among those is Vernon Jordan who is a now a major power broker in DC and Ronald Reagan At every opportunity he points up Jordan’s ineptitude arrogance and ignorance Yet it was Jordan not Bourne who emerged from the Carter presidency stronger and influential than when he entered it His criticisms of Reagan are too foolish to be discussed in any context One can’t argue with results and Reagan’s results while certainly not perfect were better than Carter’sI went into Bourne’s biography knowing he was an admirer of Carter I’ve read biographies of presidents written by admirers and found them analytical and informative Bourne spends too much time trashing those he doesn’t like and making excuses for Carter’s missteps or simply blaming them on othersI don’t like Jimmy Carter I make no secret about that I don’t like him as a person I find him to be petty bitter angry and hopelessly pious I acknowledge that the man has made great contributions to American and global society for which he deserves to be lauded But deep down the man has an abrasive arrogance I don’t likeI loathe him as a president Not since James Buchanan has such a weak and inept man been at the helm of the nation at a time of such great crisis So many things were going wrong in the second half of the 1970s and so much damage was done to our nation While I’ll not compare Carter to Nero what little effort he did make was too little and when he failed he blamed the American people Bourne acknowledges none of these shortcomings To blame them on others and memorialize them in a book does an injustice to history

  8. Chi Pham Chi Pham says:

    I picked up the book when I saw its title for the first time The title reminded me that I have absolutely no knowledge about Jimmy Carter I knew he was an American president But what did he do? I could conceal my ignorance behind the facade that I have no need to learn about American politics history but then this political regime wielded influence all over the world and affected so many human lives So in the end what did this book teach me? I repeat I still have no interest in Jimmy Carter after this book He was not a President of my lifetime and perhaps because he sought to alienate the Soviet leadership and secretly supported Chinese initiative to invade Vietnam at the end of the 1970s he did not win much positive portrayal in my own country either But what I did learn is the difficulty of politics not only of presidency leadership but also politics of daily life to life undertakings Whatever you want to do you have to compromise Because it is simply the world we live in No matter how eccentric you are how right you believe yourself you will eventually have to compromise even if you wish half of the things you want to be done At the same time compromise might not be all that bad If you could comprehend that no matter how selfish the other party is that party would not display hostility as long as you shower sincerity and you might eventually get things done The Jimmy Carter presidency also reminds me of the recent Democratic Party of Japan leadership Yes they failed the recent election against the Liberal Democratic Party the way Jimmy Carter lost out to Ronald Reagan being a complete outsider to traditional politics But at the same time they could still seek to inspire Overall I actually would not recommend this book Too long and not interesting enough for the uninterested But as with all the other books you would eventually learn something

  9. Jacki Jacki says:

    Came in just under the wire for this one Finished on the last day of February I loved this except for the 70 dense pages on his campaign for presidency That part was a yawn but the author was personally involved so I felt like he was just pumped about it I kind of loved Jimmy Carter's love for all things human rights He got into politics almost accidentally just because it seemed like a way to help out and then just kept getting elected The presidency maybe wasn't the greatest fit for him but he did what he could then went on to have a truly awe inspiring post presidency Cool dude Highly recommend this book

  10. Tim Basuino Tim Basuino says:

    Bourne presents a much in depth look at Carter than I'm used to seeinghearing It turns out Jimmy was an outsider who managed his way to the nation's top honor which is for some reason lost on those who take Fox News seriously This bio also underscores what I've thought all along like it or not Americans need real politicians in Washington and anybody who runs for office with their main ualification being a non politician are best ignored

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JIMMY CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post Presidency[PDF / Epub] ☁ JIMMY CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from Plains to Post Presidency By Peter G. Bourne – Thomashillier.co.uk Jimmy Carter — Wikipdia Jimmy Carter biographie filmographie et actualit | Le James Earl Carter Jr dit Jimmy Carter est un homme politiue amricain Il est le trente neuvime prsident des tats Unis de Jimmy Carter — A Comprehensive eBook ↠ Wikipdia Jimmy Carter biographie filmographie et actualit | Le James Earl Carter Jr dit Jimmy Carter est JIMMY CARTER PDF or un homme politiue amricain Il est le trente neuvime prsident des tats Unis de Ne ratez plus un article Tous nos CARTER A Comprehensive Epub µ articles de Jimmy Carter Paris Match Jimmy Carter hospitalis aprs une nouvelle chute L'ancien prsident amricain Jimmy Carter a t hospitalis CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from ePUB ½ Il s'est fractur le bassin en chutant chez lui Ancien prsident des Etats Unis Jimmy Carter a un cancer Jimmy Carter est originaire de Georgie dans le sud est des Etats Unis et il sera soign l'hpital Emory University d'Atlanta Les deux soeurs le frre et le pre de Jimmy Carter sont tous A mask and parade Jimmy Carter celebrates th Il y a jourATLANTA AP — Former President Jimmy Carter marked his th birthday Thursday the latest CARTER A Comprehensive Biography from ePUB ½ milestone for the longest lived of the men to hold the highest American office Carter celebrated at his home in Plains Georgia with his wife Rosalynn who is Prsidence de Jimmy Carter — Wikipdia La prsidence de Jimmy Carter dbute le janvier date de l'investiture de Jimmy Carter en tant ue e prsident des tats Unis et prend fin le janvier Membre du Parti dmocrate Carter entre en fonction aprs avoir battu le prsident Gerald Ford candidat du Parti rpublicain lors de l'lection prsidentielle de Jimmy Carter | Biography Facts | Britannica Jimmy Carter in full James Earl Carter Jr born October Plains Georgia US th president of the United States – who served as the country’s chief executive during a time of serious problems at home and abroad.

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