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The Shot ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Shot By Philip Kerr ✩ – The Communist The Politician The Hit Man The Shot Tom Jefferson has a job he does very well He kills for a living Fresh off the takedown of a Nazi in Buenos Aires Tom is poised for his next assignment The Communist The Politician The Hit Man The Shot Tom Jefferson has a job he does very well He kills for a living Fresh off the takedown of a Nazi in Buenos Aires Tom is poised for his next assignment the assassination of Fidel Castro The mob led by Sam Giancana the CIA and presidential candidate Jack Kennedy are all in on the plan Together they can take Castro out of the picture put Jack in office and get Giancana back in the Cuban casino business And JFK can't say no because Giancana possesses some very incriminating tapes documenting the politician's sexual escapades But just as Tom sets his sights on Cuba he is suddenly exposed to some explosive information that alters his course Now the perfect hit is turning into the perfect nightmare for everyone involved because the word is out Cool killer Tom is no longer targeting Castrohe's gunning for Kennedy From celebrated novelist Philip Kerr comes The Shot a brilliant pseudo historical what if ride through the cultural political and social landscape of the s.

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  1. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Philip Kerr brings his trademark attention to detail and impeccable historical research in this blend of fact and fiction a standalone espionage thriller with its mix of real and fictional characters from early 196os America These are turbulent times with its strident anti communism reds under every bed in the midst of the bitterly fought cold war with Russia feeding the paranoia and fear of the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro that brings the dangerous commie influence right onto the American doorstep Castro has upset key influential US figures and corporations with his nationalisation policies and the mob is unhappy at having their casinos and taken from them leading to numerous attempts to kill the Cuban leader The young and charismatic JFK has been competing with Richard Nixon for the race to the presidency and emerges victorious an election the mob have helped fix for him Kerr imagines an alternative history a history that just might go some way towards explaining the disturbing assassination of JFK in 1963 with the secret service and intelligence agencies unable to address their failures and even worse leaving the president in the dark Ex military Tom Jefferson is a skilled and gifted assassin for hire married to the beautiful half Chinese and black Mary a Democratic party worker in Miami Tom has just carried out the successful assassination of a Nazi in Buenos Aires off the back of which he is offered a bigger and lucrative assignment by the mob led by Sam Giancana in partnership with the CIA with the full knowledge of JFK to kill Castro As he begins to plan for the job Tom hears surveillance tapes intended to ensure JFK submits to the mob's wishes that derail everything and change his target In this twisted narrative hunting Tom for the mob is an ex FBI investigator intent on ensuring that JFK remains safe whilst Tom relentlessly and determinedly implements plans to make the critical shotKerr evokes the period culture and atmosphere of a misogynist and racist 1960s America with a wide and diverse cast of characters hardly any of which are likeable and a JFK who cannot control himself when it comes to other women to the extent that he is willing to endanger his own security Kerr does a stellar job in setting the scene for understanding the Bay of Pigs invasion and just why so many in the American establishment and the mob were so hell bent on doing whatever they could to kill Castro Kerr weaves a beguiling and intriguing story of a hitman corruption betrayal security and intelligence agencies who barely communicate with each other double agents double crosses and at every turn and twists that continue right up to the unexpected ending Many thanks to uercus for an ARC

  2. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    Tom Jefferson is good with a rifle Scratch that Tom is an expert marksman and having fine tuned his skills as a sniper serving his country he’s now making a tidy living hiring out his ability to deliver sudden death to anyone with deep enough pockets Set in 196061 the man with the money on this occasion is mobster Sam Giancana and his target is Cuba’s political leader Fidel Castro And so this tale begins with a mix of known facts names and events most readers will recognise blended with fictional elements comprising a number of rumours that have done the rounds for years and a plot line in the mould of Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal This book was originally published some twenty years ago and I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t stumbled across it before The author Philip Kerr wrote a highly successful series of books featuring Berlin detective Bernie Gunther a series I’ve dabbled with over the years I’ve always enjoyed a good political thriller and here Kerr gets the feel of the time spot on with his characters his settings and above all the dialogue it’s really well done There are plenty of twists and turns too which kept re setting my expectations of what was to come I’ve read uite a bit about the Kennedy clan and indeed Castro too over the years and Kerr expertly weaves elements I’ve come across before into this tale If I were to offer a criticism at all it would only be to say that the book is on the long side and it does feel a little slow in places But by the end of the book I felt myself totally captivated as Jefferson sets himself up for a fateful pull of the trigger It’s an entertaining and mostly engrossing tale I liked it a lotMy thanks to uercus Books and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Dear Lord what a mess I think I was one of three people who really liked Esau and I tried to read one of the Bernie Gunther series and kept groaning at the sheer goofiness of it all so I'm all over the map with this dudeLet's start with the problems There are two protagonists oh yeah; the book abruptly changes focus halfway through This in and of itself wouldn't be a problem if either one of them were remotely interesting Instead we get a complete cipher of an assassin and a disgraced bent FBI agent Several major characters are left dangling in one case somewhat literally It's too damn long I thought about elaborating but some dude said brevity is the soul of witOn the other hand the ending is a stunner that neatly integrates with known historical factsI probably would have stopped reading this one halfway through if I didn't have an unhealthy interest in the Kennedy assassination

  4. Kieran Kieran says:

    The Shot is a book I would recommend as far as entertainment goes and there's a lot of it But as far as plot structure and narrative it's flabby loose ended fluff with a disappointing ending which I will not reveal Kerr seems to skirt over the geo political issues in favour of strong characterisations and a highly interesting and ambiguous title character who ultimately shows himself to be less ambiguous in the final chapters with a truly reprehensible supporting cast the light dusting of political forecasting and satire is distracting The novel was mainly let down because the narrative is loose and flabby the suspense goes wide of the mark and the plot structure is superfluous What isn't at all distracting is the overall uality of the writing and dialogue Kerr has a keen ear for vernacular and the descriptive scenes interlaced with historical references are fantastic here is a writer of genuine uality with no delusions of pretentions and artsy aspirations his concise style is easy accessible and very good On the whole this is well written well told and excellently characterised fluff with too many loose ends that loses focus in the interest of a poor ending that is trying way to hard to be satirical Kerr needs to control his plotting keep his focus and provide of that excellent dialogue

  5. Razvan Banciu Razvan Banciu says:

    An excellent opera better than any of Bernie Gunther stories The staging is as usual a mixture between reality and fiction so are the characters the plot is interesting and the final is unexpected So we have many ingredients for a memorable novel the best specific feature which shows that is your empathy towards Tom or Nimmo or even with both of them Or that's the real sign of falling in love with a book The other one is the not so common feeling of sadness at the end a true mark for a solid work A book I highly recommend

  6. Tom Tom says:

    It seems everyone has a take on the JFK assassination Officially it was kooky Oswald Or the Mob Or the Cubans Or the Russkies Or LBJ Or Norma JeanPhilip Kerr writing at the end of the 1990s history only seems to bring confusion takes a shot at JFK but comes up blanks That's because in his elegantly written thriller the assignment is just an attempt to stop Kennedy not kill him But if all the abbreviation apparati CIA FBI LCN SS DSI DSS keep him uniformed or poorly protected will the outcome be November 22 1963?

  7. Stefan Stefan says:

    The Shot was a startling vivid read that mixed gore profanity a interesting plot a lonely but brilliant sniper and the JFK assassination A book so shocking it forces the reader to think and contemplate the strange passage of history Philip Kerr did an excellent job at creating a thriller that seems excitingly genuine carefully crafted and well balanced The startling implications of the ending made this an even disturbing yet thrilling work of fiction

  8. Gram Gram says:

    A marvellous story about an assassination plan on JFK BEFORE he became president All sorts of dirty tricks from the usual suspects CIA FBI the Mafia anti Castro Cubans and Castro's intelligence service Lots of false trails twists and turns with a cast of characters almost all of whom are definitely not to be trusted and most of whom have blood on their hands I've read all of Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther books but this was a new one on me and I'm glad I decided to read it

  9. Baba Baba says:

    My 2008 one sentence review said 'Well paced JFK conspiracy explaining why the Bay of Pigs failed An assassin the mob FBI CIA and Secret Service are the main players so nothing really new added to the conspiracy theory but an interesting take' Yet again a book I have completely forgotten makes me feel that that's for reason as some of the better 2008 reads I remember very well Although this is one of the higher rated books I've forgotten it's most likely the JFK subject matter that earned the 6 out of 12

  10. Alison Alison says:

    I enjoy Philip Kerr’s Gunther series but this was a disappointment As it is set in 1960 the reader knows that neither Castro nor Kennedy will be assassinated So what is the story? A complicated unproductive little plot which takes ages to unfold and involves a host of nasty characters Some of the writing has Kerr’s familiar wit but a lot of it is dull I didn’t like the surprise ending either as it seemed illogical and only necessary because Kennedy couldn’t actually be shot and Jefferson the assassin couldn’t have missed I’m sure the research into Cuba and the ‘mob’ is thorough and well interpreted but I wasn’t that interested in it A shame as I’d looked forward to the book have to say I thought it was about JFK’s assassination but I didn’t mind that it wasn’t just that it didn’t seem to be about much at all

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