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The Orphan Thief From The International Bestselling Author Of The Secret OrphanWhen All Seems Lost As Hitler S Bombs Rain Down On A Battered And Beleaguered Britain, Ruby Shadwell Is Dealt The Most Devastating Blow Her Entire Family Lost During The Coventry Blitz Hope Still Survives Alone And With The City In Chaos, Ruby Is Determined To Survive This War And Rebuild Her Life And A Chance Encounter With Street Urchin Tommy Gives Ruby Just The Chance She Needs And Love Will OvercomeBecause Tommy Brings With Him Canadian Sergeant Jean Paul Clayton Jean Paul Is Drawn To Ruby And Wants To Help Her, But Ruby Cannot Bear Another Loss Can Love Bloom Amidst The Ruins Or Will The War Take Ruby S Last Chance At Happiness Too

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    Set in Coventry, England during World War II Ruby was just sixteen years old when the Germans bombed her neighbourhood and killed her family She is forced to break into other peoples homes to find herself something to eat She spends her days picking up items left after homes and businesses had been bombed She also meets and makes new friends, they are all survivors John is a Canadian photographer who Ruby develops feelings for Ruby sells the items she finds from a shop But then the shop is also bombed What will Ruby do now This story deals with the obstacles that challenged many people during the Second World War How people had to persevere in every day challenges for survival I really ,liked the main characters Ruby, Fred, Tommy and John, who all seemed realistic Tommy is only six hears old but he does whatever is necessary to survive This is a sad story at times ut there is so much love as well Ruby had to grow up quickly and learn how to e resourceful at the same time I lived this book.I would like to thank NetGalley, Harper Impulse and Killer Reads and the author Glynis Peters for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thank you NetGalley and Harper Impulse Killer Reads for this arc.Set early during WWII in Coventry, England this is a story focusing primarily on Ruby She s sixteen years old when her family home including her family are totally bombed out while she s away from home running an errand for her mother Same story with her Grandmother and Grandmother s house So she scrapes up a new family and manages to find another home coincidentally one owned by her father, but occupied by her father s friend, who managed to die of a heart attack during the bombings, thus leaving the property in a stable condition There were a few too many coincidences contrivances for me to really immerse myself in this read I had a tough time connecting to the various characters as they variously felt like plot contrivances than real people to me This was not an unpleasant read, of a Hallmark movie meets WWII mash up, but just too saccharine for my tastes and not enough WWII.2.25 stars

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    It s WW2 in Coventry Hitler s bombs are raining down on the city 16 year old Ruby Shadwell comes home not only finds her home gone but, also her family too and a crater in the ground left in its place With the shock of what happened she goes to her Grandmothers house only to find she also has had the same fate Ruby still grieving but is determined to get on with her life and build a future for herself Along the way she meets Fred, Beatty and little Tommy, her own little family She builds a business of buying and selling things until the shop is bombed and she does her own bit for the war with several of the other survivors of the war they knit things for the troops.One day while searching for things through the debris she meets a Canadian soldier photographer John Clayton they become friends and later sparks fly But this is not a romance novel about how people coped in the war in Coventry.I thank you NetGalley and Harper Impulse for a copy of this book I have read many historical novels like this one But this is slightly different than others I have read For a start it s set in Coventry It s about courage, growing up and having the determination to get a better life in the times of the war I really enjoyed this, and I will be looking out for books from this author in the future 4 stars from me.

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    Historical World War 2 Fiction, the hardship of the blitz and a blossoming love story that s what drew me to this book.Author Glynis Peters is a historical romance author and has previously been shortlisted for the Festival of Romance New Talent Award UK in 2014 This story follows the life of teenager Ruby following the loss of her family and home after being battered during WWII by the Luftwaffe in Coventry, England Young Ruby needs to pick up her life amongst the heartbreak and devastation Needless to say she needs to show resilience and resourcefulness in abundance to do this Perhaps the most interesting character is a young streetwise Cockney lad called Tommy, who comes into and out of her life throughout the book His character has an interesting story to tell, he proves to be pivotal There s also a sprinkling of various good hearted, resilient characters, and the odd villain thrown in for good measure.This blend of characters in such a catastrophic back drop should have produced a riveting narrative Instead, I found the story to be a little too predictable, the dialogue too superficial, and the plot thin I wasn t really invested in these characters, and found myself not really concerned about their welfare, which for me, is a tragedy, as they were in such a precarious, sad, dramatic and interesting place at that time.I m not adverse to a good romance novel, and my reading list proves that, but this was my first real encounter of a syrupy sweet love story and I m afraid this lost me Having said that, Ms Peters has sold plenty of books and is pretty popular Her previous book, The Secret Orphan also based in Coventry sold plenty So for those who delight in this type of romantic fare, this is the book for you.This book wasn t for me.2 5 stars.I would like to thank NetGalley and HarperCollins UK for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    I cannot express how much i enjoyed reading The Orphan Thief This must easily be one of my favourite reads this year Loved the main characters, especially Ruby It did bring back memories of stories told by my late parents who were slightly younger than Ruby when the bombs rained down So true to life Glynis Peters is an author whose books i shall be watching out for A well deserving five stars from me Highly recommended.My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy This is my honest review, which i have voluntarily given.

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    The Orphan Thief is a standalone book by Glynis Peters This author is new to me but I wanted to take a chance on her because I liked the idea of the story I must admit that the book had less romance than I expected and I didn t really believe the chemistry between Ruby Shadwell and Jean Paul Clayton Canadian soldier But that said, their stories, especially Ruby s were enough to make the book worth reading.Set in WW2 the book starts with a shocked teenaged Ruby staring at a crater in the ground where her house used to stand Germans had bombed and hers was one of the houses hit She lost her whole family in one go There you have the kind of heartbreaking scenes that this book has of but which I won t share because I don t want to give too much away What I will say is that Ruby is the focus of this book and her trials and tribulations are many The light moments are brought by two lovely people who become her guardians, and of course by Jean Paul John.Personally, I like a book that is less bittersweet than this one I know it is set during a dire time and I couldn t expect all sweetness and light, but it definitely could have done with than it had I like a fair balance between light and shade and this book leaned to the shade My heart broke for not only Ruby, but also a young character, Tommy, plus despite some light moments, Ruby s guardians, and a friend of hers too Too many tears for me But, hey, if a book can make a person that emotional, and you like a tear jerker then this book is perfectly written and is perfect for you.I think the story was well written and although not exactly my cup of tea, I will recommend it I just want to warn you that you will need a large box of tissues, and maybe a nice cup of tea, or a glass of wine to help you during the read.Will I read books by this author, hmm, maybe, I will have to read a sample perhaps to check on the levity of it, and not pick one set during the war.

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    The Orphan Thief is a heart wrenching tale set in World War Two Coventry during the blitz, focusing particularly on the effects of the attack on 14th 15th of November, 1940 It follows a young girl who loses her whole family in the attacks, and it is a story of how she rebuilt her life in the wake of such devastation It is a tale of found family, inter generational friendships, and first loves The main character Ruby is fiercely independent, despite only being 16 at the beginning of the book She remains positive and selfless in her darkest hours, and sets out to help rebuild the community she grew up in I really enjoyed reading about the friendships that develop between her and some of the elderly residents of the city, particularly the one between her and a man named Fred I also think the love interest was well done, and I enjoyed watching the romance blossom One criticism I have with it is that at times I found the dialogue to be a little bit unbelievable and that sometimes brought me out of the story slightly However, the easy to follow writing style made for a very quick read This is a lovely tale, and if you are already a fan of historical fiction, you may think about picking this one up A huge thank you to Netgalley and One More Chapter for sending me the E arc in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters is a story that takes place during World War II when Coventry, England was under siege from the Blitz Sixteen year old Ruby Shadwell lost her entire family when a bomb hit the house they were living in All alone in the world Ruby creates a family of her own with others who have been displaced by the bombing Fred Lester her Gran s neighbour becomes her honorary Grandfather, Beatty Price who d lost her husband and home comes to live with them, Tommy Jenkins an orphan who d been tricked by a Fagin like criminal and young Canadian soldier Jean Paul Clayton Both heartwarming and heartbreaking Ruby s story is one that will inspire you with her grit and determination during a time of great difficulty and loss Publishing Date November 28, 2019 NetGalley TheOrphanThief GlynisPeters HarperCollinsPublishers HarperCollinsCanada bookstagram historicalfiction harperimpulseandkillerreads onechapter

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    When you read the first chapter of this book, you feel as if you are reading a dystopian sci fi fantasy A sixteen girl lives in a ruined, grey nightmare landscape, and survives by her wits, while avoiding capture by the authorities But it s not dystopian, this book is based on true events, and really is a historical romance I prefer to call it a sweet fairy tale as it is a simply told, but lovely tale The book is set in Coventry, England Coventry was bombed many times during the Second World War by the German Air Force The most devastating of these attacks occurred on the evening of 14 November 14, 1940, and continued into the morning of November 15 The book begins at this point in time Ruby Shadwell is a plucky girl, raised in a loving family Her parents operated a grocery store All this is wiped away by the horrific bombings She like many others, has lost all she had, although she comes to learn that inside her she still possesses a strong will to live and love.The characters are so precious, and you will bond with them They reminded me of Charlie s family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory From nothing, they create a life together, an old man, an older lady, and a puzzling you boy from London Their world is a proper and plain world, a different time than now Their once upon a time story spreads love and good will to themselves and others A handsome Canadian soldier appears, like a Prince Charming in the eyes of Ruby.The book closes with the end of the War Love and the birth of new babies has replaced the grey skies As I read the touching conclusion, I thought that surely babies born as the War ended must have been the most loved children, as bombs gave way to hope.Many thanks to Netgalley and Harper Impulse and Killer Reads One More Chapter for this digital advance review copy This is my honest opinion.

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    From the title of this book i thought it was going to be about some one stealing orphans but was surprised to read about Ruby,Fred,Beatty and Tommy of how they came to being together.I found this book told a story that was sad, and funny and of a determination not to be cowed by Hitlers bombs and the devistation of Coventry.I will highly recommend this book and well done to Glynis Peters 5