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Inside Drucker's Brain ✅ Inside Drucker's Brain PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jeffrey A. Krames – The most accessible guide to the essential ideas of “the inventor of modern management” In late 2003 ninety four year old Peter Drucker invited Jeffrey Krames to his home for an unprecedented day The most accessible guide to the essential ideas of “the inventor of Inside Drucker's PDF \ modern management” In late ninety four year old Peter Drucker invited Jeffrey Krames to his home for an unprecedented day long interview He spoke candidly about his seminal management principles his enormous body of work thirty eight books over six decades and the leaders he had advised over the years including Jack Welch Krames used the insights he gained that day to create  Inside Drucker’s Brain a compact guide to the great man’s wisdom Krames had no intention of writing a biography but rather a book that would showcase Drucker’s most important ideas and strategies and explain why they are just as useful today as they were decades ago Drucker’s biggest contribution was a mind set not a methodology He focused on prodding managers to ask the right uestions to look beyond what they thought they knew and to focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday If anything this mind set is valuable in the digital age than it was in the industrial age This user friendly book will help readers grasp all of Drucker’s key ideas on leadership strategy innovation personal effectiveness career development and many other topics.

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  1. Robert Robert says:

    Although Krames indicates that by the time they met Drucker's physical health had deteriorated and he could no longer continue his classroom teaching what Krames found inside Drucker's mind was an abundance of information insights and wisdom Even at that advanced age Drucker's focus was on timely and timeless issues of greatest importance to him He indicated little if any interest in reminiscences Those who have elderly relatives can attest to how remarkable that is Ducker's intellectual curiosity remained insatiable as he shared with Krames and with us his thoughts about subjects such as these 1 Barriers to effective execution Chapter 2 2 Minimizing failed policies unsound methods and bad habits Chapter 3 3 Eight Realities for every manager Chapter 4 4 Dominant characteristics of naturals Chapter 5 Note In Drucker's view a natural sets the right priorities inspires others and knows how to make life and death situations Naturals do not micromanage people to death They understand intuitively that autocratic leaders are not effective and part of the problem 5 Establishing and then strengthening business partnerships Chapter 6 6 Abandoning organizational waste and obsolescence Chapter 7 7 Building on people's strengths Chapter 8 8 The traits and habits ie critical factors of the ideal leader Chapter 9 9 Why Jack Welch was the right leader at the right time for GE Chapter 10 10 Why people decisions are the most important uestions Chapter 11 11 Why Drucker thinks so highly of Jeff Bezos Chapter 12 12 The changing role of information in a business environment Chapter 13 13 An effective leader's core competencies Chapter 14 14 Determining what a customer centric business must become Chapter 15 Note In Chapter 15 Krames provides what he calls A Short Course on Innovation based on three of Drucker's core beliefs Without a customer there is no business; customer needs are constantly changing; and companies must be organized for innovation top to bottom in order to respond effectively and profitably to whatever its customers' needs may be 15 Important turning points in Drucker's life Epilogue For those share my high regard for Peter Drucker there is no other source that reveals about how his mind worked than does this volumeexcept of course for Drucker's dozens of books and hundreds of articles

  2. Thunder Turtle Thunder Turtle says:

    Decent distillation of Drucker’s geniusPeter Drucker is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern day management studies Apart from the thirty odd books he has authored I believe there are dozens of books covering his theories and history How does Inside Drucker’s Brain add to the conversation? Firstly I must admit that I am completely new to Drucker’s work and am thus in no position to rank this book amongst its many peers However Inside Drucker’s Brain strikes me as a good distillation of Drucker’s genius with breadth than depth and packed full of management lexicons and ideasConcise Introduction to the man behind the wordsOne element of Inside Drucker’s Brain that impressed me was its coverage of Drucker’s personal life at various stages The introduction aptly titled “In Search of Drucker” showcases the author’s personal interactions with Drucker late in Drucker’s life whereas the epilogue covers life events and people that the author believes shaped Drucker Collectively the introduction and epilogue reveal the Peter F Drucker behind the words and lexicons I find that this adds an enjoyable element for readers who are not looking for a textbook like read More breadth than depthThe fifteen chapters in this book cover a wide range of topics from leadership to corporate culture and innovation There is a small amount of repetition but the author does a good job in presenting some key idea of Drucker’s in a concise and logical way With a background in management consulting I find the chapters on outside in corporate orientation and innovation to be particularly insightful The author makes up for the occasional lack in depth when exploring ideas by making clear the source usually one of Drucker’s many books thus enabling interested readers to research further Slightly overstated influence on other management authors Throughout the book the author laboured to highlight the extent to which Drucker’s idea predated certain concepts espoused by later authors of management theories Although I find some of his evidence in the form of uotations and extracts credible the comparisons sometimes seem stretched Overall I find Inside Drucker’s Brain a good book for anyone seeking a concise introduction to Drucker’s immense contribution to management theory and practice

  3. Ryan Ryan says:

    Like many of these business books the magic is in articulating wholesomely what you already knew to be true Purposeful abandonment was a concept that I had tried to explain before with the 8020 rule and other ideas but to have it's own name and description will definitely assist me going forward The reminder for focus and execution in business and projects is also timely to ensure I'm doing the best job I can in my many venturesOverall a great book giving me enhanced respect for Drucker's role in management and business and helping me realise the power of management if done well

  4. Eric Eric says:

    I am not sure how else I may have titled this one but claiming to have entered Drucker's brain might have been a bit of a stretch Clearly Drucker was one of the truly great thinker's of 20th century American even World industrial history He was a huge intellect with boatloads of integrity and connections and experience that will continue beyond the time when all whom he touched are passing on their expertise in running businesses Perhaps the takeaway from Drucker's work that may have the most lasting impact are to always look forward and never back For a man who claimed never to have managed anything his legacy is vast

  5. Noëlibrarian Noëlibrarian says:

    Worthwhile distillation of the late management consultant Peter Drucker's ideas and philosophy I first discovered Drucker in a business class as a graduate student in Library Science If you just want to dip your toe into management and you don't know where to begin give this book a try it doesn't get technical and jargon y until about two thirds of the way through and you can just skim over what you don't understand

  6. Daniel Daniel says:

    The author Jeffrey A Krames spent a day interviewing Drucker at his home in California and this is the book that tell the story of that interview and at the same time is introducing the reader to Drucker's work and ideas about management business and life

  7. Azmir Ismail Azmir Ismail says:

    A good introduction to the overall Drucker 'philosophy' and body of work

  8. حمده الشامسية حمده الشامسية says:

    In this book the writers lays Drucker’s key ideas on leadership strategy innovation personal effectiveness career development in a simple and light way

  9. Alberto Lopez Alberto Lopez says:

    What a great man As if all of Dr Drucker's books were not enough indication of his brilliant take on business this book uncovers his influence on the GE that has inspired so many books and accolades I can never cease to be amazed by how right this man was all along; for over 60 years All of Peter Drucker's books are a must read

  10. Robert Robert says:

    Very interesting insight into one of the greatest management people the world has ever known The author touches lightly on the many great works of Peter Drucker and spends a lot of time looking at the 'person' of Peter Drucker I came away with greater respect and admiration after reading this book for Peter Drucker and I started with uite a bit Well worth reading even if you don't know anything about Peter Drucker

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