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Cairo To Damascus ➳ [Reading] ➶ Cairo To Damascus By John Roy Carlson ➩ – Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high uality Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high uality modern editions using the original text and artwork.

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  1. Inga Inga says:

    Brilliant hilarious and amusing a narrator with an eye for detail makes this such and easy read but in fact this is a book everyone and I mean everyone should read Because at the core not much has changed in the Middle East But much has been forgotten I would imagine it's hard to find a book like this nowadays

  2. Pat Schakelvoort Pat Schakelvoort says:

    Entertaining read despite the obvious bias of the author Like Under Cover he spends time with a diverse people who are involved with the conflict with many pretty much forgotten in history Some people who he only briefly talks to turned out be pretty bigshots later like Pierre Gemayel

  3. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    The Intrepid DerounianA thrilling insider account of of both sides of Israel's 1948 War of Independence Carlson an American Armenian journalist who's real name was Avedos Artour Derounian set out for Palestine in 1947 from New York by way of England Posing as an American businessman he contacts a group of British Nazi sympathizers yielding which gives him credibility with agents of the Arab forces in LondonFollowing Derounian to Cairo camera in hand he joins the Green Shirts a volunteer militia of the Young Egypt Party which had supported Germany during the War headed by Ahmed Hussein whom he interviews He also interviews Hassan Al Banna founder and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood known as the Moorshid who tells him of his plan to establish a Caliphate designed to smash modernism in government and society In Palestine our first duty as Moslems is to crush Zionism which is Jewish modernism It is our patriotic duty The Koran commands it pp92 He feigns sympathy to the cause and his camera proves to be his entré gaining him membership in the Ikwan Muslim Brotherhood a correspondents card from the Arab League written permission from Ahmed Hussein to take photographs of the Holy Warriors accreditation from al Misri a leading Egyptian newspaper and a large button of the Mufti of Jerusalem against a vibrant background of red black and green Arab colours showing his allegiance to the cause pp137Attached to the Green Shirts he is befriended by Moustafa a robust 28 year old who and former captain in the Egyptian army now assigned to lead the Green Shirt guerrillas and an another group known as the Followers of Truth whose fanaticism against the Jews was even religiously motivated One of these is Ali who confides to DerounianI must kill Jews many Jews I must kill till my arm is tired I must not stop killing Jews till the bodies are this high The wild Arab brought one hand to his chin I must do one thing For this I need your help I want you to come with me the next time we fight the Yahood When I catch a Jew alive I want you to be with me with your camera I want you to take one picture of me holding the living Jew by the throat I want you to take another picture while I stab the Jew in the neck Then I want pictures as I stab him again and again in the neck in the face in the heart in his belly with this knife Ali whipped out a vicious blade After I have killed the Jew I want you to photograph me drinking his blood pp226Similarly in Gaza City he converses with a city councilman who when asked about his hopes for the war gestures to the Mediterranean and says See that water? He pointed with his narghileh One month from now it will be black as far as the horizon with the nude bodies of floating Jews pp209 Much later on in Damascus he manages to have a brief meeting the infamous Hajj Amin al Husseyni whose presence permeates the narrative however Husseyni declines to be interviewed extensively but allows Derounian to take his picture pp408Derounian's perspectives on the Arab fighters and those who join the Arab cause often consisting of stateless former Nazis Slavs and British deserters are a valuable window into the Arab side Yet most memorable events of the book are during Derounian's time in JerusalemFour episodes stand out The first is Derounian`s arrival with Moustafa where he finds Arab fighters fresh from the Hadassah Convoy Massacre exchanging pictures of mutilated Jewish bodies some stripped naked as souvenirsThe second is on May 13th 1948 at the Armenian monastery Vank Haganah commandos enter the Armenian uarter positioning themselves for an attack on the Old City The Armenian Patriarch fearing for the safety of his people arranges a meeting with Mordecai Weingarten an old friend of his and mayor of the Jewish uarter Either out of concern over opening another front or respect for the community the Haganah withdraws no doubt leading to the loss of the Old City Later Arab troops led by Armenian roughians overtake the Vank over the protests of Prelate Guregh Israelian and use it as a base to fire on Jewish in the newer western section of the cityThe third scene is after he crosses over to the Israeli side where the Jews with food rationed to less than 800 calories per day water and electricity completely cut off by the Arab siege still manage to send the children to school and maintain both community and camaraderieFouth in Chapter 18 he returns to the Arab lines to report on the May 28th surrender of the the Old City Standing on a rooftop he watches as the Jewish uarter burns the homes and shops are looted by the mob and the synagogues blown up with TNT by the army and scrolls and books destroyed to ensure that the Jews who had called the city their own for 3500 years never return Were it not for the trained discipline of Glub Pasha's Jordanian Legion supervising the exodus Derounian writes it would likely have ended in a massacreOne of my earliest experiences in reading history was thru contemporary books such as the Inside series by American journalist John Gunther IMHO it is first hand accounts such as these that yield a genuine and connected understanding of events than any layered reinterpretation produced long afterwardsA favourite read and repeated read Highly recommended

  4. Barbie N Barbie N says:

    This book is a sort of investigative memoir of the author John Carlson written and published in 1951 He went undercover to England then to Cairo Jerusalem Jordan and as the title says all the way to Damascus at a critical time just before during and after the British pulled out of Israel He arrays himself with the Jew hating Green Shirts and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and travels with them to Jerusalem His vivid descriptions of the events along the way are rivetingHe experienced the battle for Jerusalem from both sides which is kind of crazy but as a journalist and with lots of bluffing and lying as well as considerable danger it worked Though Carlson is clearly religiously and philosophically aligned with Israel he is not unkind or biased in his portrayal of the different Arab peoples that he interacts with and in one case in particular considers as a true friend One such incident towards the end of the book relates how he shared in a meal with a stranger at a restaurant in a kind of beautiful ritual way of Middle Eastern Arab hospitality The man noticed how hungry he was and offered to share his plate of food After refusing once and being offered again they indeed shared the dinner When the author's dinner arrived they shared that too Here I uote After the dessert we sipped our coffee noisily the noises are considered a sign of pleasure and went together to the water tap to wash My anonymous friend insisted I washed first while he held the towel I waited till he had finished and turned over the community towel to him We had broken bread in the best Arab traditionHe had some pretty rough experiences as well and does not hold back What I love about this book is the excellent peek into history from angles I have never seen before I am jealous of this guys innate curiosity that drove him into such dangerous waters I highly recommend

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