Eyewitness to Power The Essence of Leadership Nixon to

Eyewitness to Power The Essence of Leadership Nixon to Clinton ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Eyewitness to Power The Essence of Leadership Nixon to Clinton ✐ Author David Gergen – Thomashillier.co.uk Leadership The Ultimate Guide Few Americans have observed the ups and downs of presidential leadership closely over the past thirty years from Nixon to Clinton and Watergate to Whitewater than David G Leadership The Ultimate Guide Few Americans have Power The PDF Æ observed the ups and downs of presidential leadership closely over the past thirty years from Nixon to Clinton and Watergate to Whitewater than David Gergen A White House adviser to four presidents both Republican and Democrat he offers a vivid behind the scenes account of their struggles to exercise power and draws from Eyewitness to PDF/EPUB or them key lessons for leaders of the future Taking us inside the administrations of Nixon Ford Reagan and Clinton Gergen reflects on everything from why Nixon was the best global strategist among recent presidents to how the Bill and Hillary seesaw rocked the White House during Clinton's tenure as president Gergen argues that as the twenty first century begins our success to Power The PDF/EPUB ¼ as a country will depend heavily upon the success of a new generation in power Drawing upon his many experiences in the White House he offers seven vital elements for future leaders What they must have he says are inner mastery; a central compelling purpose rooted in moral values; a capacity to persuade; skills in working within the system; a fast to Power The Essence of eBook ë start; a strong effective team; and a passion that inspires others to keep the flame alive.

10 thoughts on “Eyewitness to Power The Essence of Leadership Nixon to Clinton

  1. Karen Karen says:

    I wish Gergen had written this after the GW Bush years Although I don't believe he served in GW's administration it would be interesting to read his take on the past eight years He has an ability to find the positive in everyone while giving a good analysis of what was wrong minded about them and their leadership

  2. (a)lyss(a) (a)lyss(a) says:

    One day we may be nostalgic for a president who can speak with clarity wit and sophistication This is a dense but intimate view of life behind the scenes from the administrations that David Gergen served under He shares some anecdotes from each president he worked for and gives insights into the personality of each and why they were successful or less successful in some cases He gives praise to each president including Nixon and shares his experience with the anger of President Clinton Some of these analysis feel outdated albeit accurate given the current political climate This book speaks to a time when Watergate was a horrifying act for a president to participate in and there was the looming threat of poor approval ratings This is a thorough look at each of these presidents as individuals and the policies that shaped their administration as well as some stories behind them

  3. Glen Glen says:

    Insightful peek inside the psyches of three decades worth of presidents Mr Gergen has been a speech writer on both sides of the aisle and puts his considerable talent to good use in highlighting the best and worst of our most recent leaders Not many intimate details for gossip hounds but the point of this book is to get at the roots of what works and what doesn't in international and domestic politics A good read even for those who are just looking to keep peace in their office or at home

  4. Anne Ward Anne Ward says:

    Review The book is insightful to how the organizational structure of each administration can change the power of the administration as well as how it does business Gergen worked for four different President's so he brings and interesting take on the White House operations to the table Note of warning Gergen indulges himself in his section about Reagan and carries on for far too long about Reagan's speaking style and skills Three stars I wanted and insider scoop and just got a personal perspective

  5. Steve Steve says:

    David Gergen is the grown up in the room And when the room is Washington DC Grown ups stand out because they're in such short supply His roots are as a journalist and his work for four Presidents 3 Republicans and Clinton form the basis of calling out leadership characteristics good and bad The skills needed to succeed in politics won't always apply in the business world or even social institutions but if you enjoy leadership and politics this will be enjoyable if not maybe a little insightful

  6. Susie Albert Susie Albert says:

    Just had to read something by someone with some gravitas who has worked for 4 different presidents who each had their problems both in personalities and situations but inherently were people who wanted the US to lead and succeed

  7. Alex Hughes Alex Hughes says:

    Full of great insights The section on Nixon is a timely read today

  8. Jerry-Book Jerry-Book says:

    This is an inside baseball type book I just read David Gergen's book Eyewitness to Power This is about his working for Nixon Ford Reagan and Clinton I picked it up for a dollar at Goodwill He uotes Truman on Nixon Dick Nixon may have read the Constitution but he doesn't understand it On Ford he uotes Tip O'Neill God has been good to America during the Civil War he gave us Lincoln During Watergate he gave us Gerald Ford Gergen uotes Reagan as saying when asked what kind of governor of California he would be as saying I don't know I've never played a governor He said on Clinton He will go down in history as a man who reached for the stars and came up with one hand of stars the other filled with dust In summary his favorite president of the four was Ronald Reagan He says he was the most effective president since FDR He concludes by listing the 7 characteristics of a great president

  9. Hannah Grant Hannah Grant says:

    If you're rating a book by its genre this one gets five starsGergen is fair drawing out the presidents' strengths while still describing their weaknesses I wish that I could get his take on politics like what in the world did he think during the 2016 election cycle?

  10. Lois Lois says:

    Politics is not my favorite subject but once in awhile something interests me and I find a few books to peruse Eyewitness to Power was the one I finished from a stack of four or five I checked out of the libraryIt is a thorough book so it's a slow plod and David Gergen is as dry as stale toast As the title suggests Gergen was an eyewitness to four presidential administrations and he wrote only about those four Nixon Ford Reagan and Clinton I wished for his assessment of Carter and GHW Bush and now that Obama and Trump both have held the office since the book's publication I'd like his views on those tooI rated it three stars It is worth reading and I do have to hand it to Gergen He is fair and balanced an extremely rare uality among journalists and political analysts Although he leans Republican he voted for Clinton and served on his administration His focus is on the leadership ualities of the presidents both the good and the bad I think he tends to see the best side of a person and showcases the little reported characteristics of each leader Thus it is March 2017 and I have completed my political reading for the year

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