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The Ladies' Man [BOOKS] ✸ The Ladies' Man By Elinor Lipman – A straight talking comic novel with a silver tongued anti hero The re appearance of Nash Harvey on the doorstep of the Dobbin sisters attractive red headed spinsters Kathleen Adele and Lois thirty yea A straight talking comic novel with a silver tongued anti hero The re appearance of Nash Harvey on the doorstep of the Dobbin sisters attractive red headed spinsters Kathleen Adele and Lois thirty years after he deserted Adele on the evening of their engagement party is the opening of this superb romantic comedy Debonair and pathologically unreliable Nash is about to discover that scorned women do not make gracious hostesses It's not just Adele who's upset by this incorrigible ladies' man Lois the only sister who ever married to a man she swiftly divorced after The Ladies' MOBI :↠ finding out his penchant for women's clothes has always had a crush on Nash And could it be coincidence that Kathleen finds herself propelled after all these single years into the arms of Lorenz the doorman of the building where she runs a lingerie store Full of wit mischief and elegance The Ladies' Man is the work of a brilliant comic novelist.

10 thoughts on “The Ladies' Man

  1. Nick Duretta Nick Duretta says:

    Intriguing light story about three sisters in their forties and fifties finally coming to terms with their single state and finding men The central character is Harvey Nash a pathetic boy child who coasts through life on his good looks never really maturing endlessly repeating mistakes of the past There are some weighty themes here but they're encased in a sitcom like jokiness that at times works and at other times doesn't Still this was an entertaining and well crafted read

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    Ugh I did not really like anything about this book Not the characters not the way it ended Thank goodness it was short because even when I don't like a book I have a need to finish it and see how it ends This one almost felt like she just stopped writing when she hit 200 pages Couldn't wait to move on to a new book

  3. Elizabeth Bober Elizabeth Bober says:

    I enjoyed the heck out of this fun romantic comedy In the hands of another writer it could turn sour or saccharine but Lippmann writes with the perfect amount of insight humor and good heartedness

  4. John John says:

    I picked this up used after having seen the film adaptation of another book by Lipman called Then She Found Me which I'd really enjoyed Faithful to the cover of this novel it really tries for a classic old fashioned Hollywood romantic screwball comedy with witty banter characters but everything just falls flat There is a jolt of modern sexuality that plays in once in a while but the effect just comes off as crassness that doesn't jibe with the general tone The threadbare plot involves the effect three spinster sisters their brother experience when on old fiance who ditched one of the sisters many years past shows up again It doesn't really go anywhere even with everyone sort of taking stock of how their lives are where they want them to go I didn't care for most of the characters or situations nor was it very funny or engaging It was a major disapointment

  5. Dark-Draco Dark-Draco says:

    This really isn't my usual type of book but I rescued it from my sister's bookshelf I was uite glad that I didThe story is about the three Dobbin sisters their brother and the return into their lives of Nash Harvey the man who jilted Adele Dobbin many years ago Nash is the 'ladies man' of the title stringing on a number of women as he uses the excuse of catching up with Adele to escape a failing career and relationshipThis was funny very different and although not the out and out 'happy' ending a lot if these chick lit books usually have it was optimistic and suited the characters And no matter how horrible Nash is you do kind of feel for him as all his women start to turn on him ok not really its great that he gets what he deserves

  6. Sandra Hutchison Sandra Hutchison says:

    This is one of those Lipman books like THE PURSUIT OF ALICE THRIFT that have fun with an awful guy the ladies' man of the title who manages to spark a number of stories There seems to be an overarching philosophy in her world that awful people have a way of driving good people into each other's arms It has so many characters that I was slightly less emotionally involved than I have been with others of hers I've recommended but it's just so damned funny It also has a flashback scene of one of the main characters intentionally going out to lose her virginity that might be the funniest sex scene in all of American literature I swear I've worked in an English department with that guy

  7. Linda Linda says:

    Not my type of book Silly waste of time Not entertaining and I didn't learn anything from it It was on my bookshelf and I read it I'll personally avoid this author not because she's a bad author but I just don't like silly books

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    Not her best book I didn't like all the characters and it wasn't as humorous as her best works I still think The Family Man was by far her best book I'm rather sad that it's the first one I read and the rest haven't uite measured up

  9. Martha Martha says:

    In the I just want to be entertained category And really what is wrong with that Sometimes Put this in a stack that includes Diane Johnson and Cathleen Shine Summer is just around the corner

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Lipman's sardonic humor and uirky cast of characters than make up for a predictable plot Like her other novels this amounted to a whole lot of fun

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