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    As a girl who grew up adoring her dad and helping him work on cars, who was taught to appreciate old cars and trucks by her parents, who was toted around to various car shows for family vacations, who lives out in the country where I see this story play out all too often, and finally, as a girl grown into a nostalgic woman, this book really made me say, Oh, my heart Lovely.

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    Pre read Squee The author of Truck A Love Story, my favorite, Michael Perry, would appreciate this His daughters are past picture book age, but his oldest is, iiuc, so much like the character in this book that she d love it anyway And maybe grandkids are on the way I ll have to recommend it to him, if it doesn t disappoint me.Guess what Two of the libraries picked it up on their own initiative, and my local one already has it ready for me after I requested it Done My only complaint Too short Absolutely lovely, and enjoyable, and important Black girls can be farmers And mechanics Just look at the charming pictures, over and over again, to see for yourself Ok, sorry for so many exclamation points, but seriously, this is a book that should be in every public library in North America and many classrooms, too.Btw, as most of you know, I have no connection with the publishing industry, no reason to promote books I don t love, no membership in ARC programs, no social media except this, goodreads You can take my word for it this is a book to love, a book worthy of the buzz.

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    Lots of things to love about this children s picture book The illustrations are a gentle throwback to a simpler time The little girl depicted grows into a mechanically inclined woman who eventually fixes her father s beloved old truck, which has fallen into disrepair she also inherits the family farm The multigenerational aspect of the story is especially appealing, in which, as a mom, the same farm routines are played out in her life at the end of the book that we see in the beginning with her parents, when she was a small child This is a lovely celebration of family and the hard work that farmers do every day As a librarian, I also appreciate that the family is African American, because representation is so important not just in the vibrant cities of, for example, a New York illustrator like Ezra Jack Keats, but also in the rural communities that the author illustrator team of brothers, Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey, grew up in as Texans It s wonderful when my youngest customers can see themselves reflected in the cover art and illustrations of a meaningful picture book.

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    I love this simple narrative about family, farming, perseverance, dreaming, and the passage of time The illustrations made from uniquely carved stamps linoleum blocks are delightful and brilliant

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    Very cute.

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    Thank you to nortonyoungreaders for a review copy All opinions are my own.I love this book for so many reasons As far as picture books go, the illustrations are beautiful and the spare text is perfect for young readers Also, The Old Truck at first glance looks like it is about a farm truck that was used, and then was included in a little girl s imaginative adventures, left in the field to rust, and eventually restored by the farmer whose parents owned it when she was a little girl But 1 did you catch that SHE is the farmer And 2 she is a woman of color who grew up in a farming family I am a librarian and have read a lot of books about farmers I can think of many books about white male farmers, or chickens or pigs or ducks or sheep, but very few about female farmers and even fewer about farmers of color I would purchase for the art and the sweet story alone, but representation matters, and the characters make it an even important selection for my library.

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    The gentle, muted illustrations in this story took me back to my childhood It was a time when I lived in a small Indiana town surrounded by old farms These were farms passed down through multiple generations usually a bit worn with multiple buildings surrounding an old farmhouse and very often old trucks scattered around on the property We would pass by these farms as we made the trek to visit both sets of grandparents on almost a weekly basis I sat in the front seat because I was always hopelessly carsick, which gave me the perfect view of the countryside and gave me the opportunity to daydream about the scenery we passed I had questions flying through my mind Who lived there How long had the farm been there Did children live on the farm What crops did they grow The authors of this story must have had similar experiences, because this lovely story strives to answer some of these questions It follows a farming family through the years, working hard and always using an old red truck to help them achieve their dreams And there s always a little girl there to help and to love the old red truck That is until the red truck doesn t run any That s the time it s parked in the barnyard and forgotten about by almost everyone, except the little girl Time passed and they both dreamed and rested and grew older, until a new farmer came a long It s a new farmer who looks amazingly like the little girl from long ago it s a little girl who grew up, became a farmer and rescued the old red truck to help her achieve HER dreams Thank you, jpumphrey and wjpumphrey for taking me back to my childhood and bringing some of my daydreams to life Your charming book felt like a warm blanket and is one I want to read over and over It s going to be one of my coffee table books high praise Those are the special ones I leave out so anyone and everyone who visits will have the opportunity to be wrapped up in that warm blanket, just as I was I highly recommend that you add this to your TBR pile very soon And a special thank you to jarrettlerner for his post that compelled me to add it to my library requests

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    Illustrations in this picture book are nostalgic and lovely This is a simple story that shows the progression of time for an inanimate object, while in the background of this picture book, the human character grows up from childhood to adult and re purposing the old truck.

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    Wonderful story and incredible illustration.

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    I loved the messages of this book of strong women, gender roles, rural life, persistence great book

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The Old Truck When Is An Old Truck Something On A Small, Bustling Farm, A Resilient And Steadfast Pickup Works Tirelessly Alongside The Family That Lives There, And Becomes A Part Of The Dreams And Ambitions Of The Family S Young DaughterAfter Long Days And Years Of Hard Work Leave The Old Truck Rusting In The Weeds, It S Time For The Girl To Roll Up Her Sleeves Soon She Is Running Her Own Busy Farm, And In The Midst Of All The Repairing And Restoring, It May Be Time To Bring Her Faithful Childhood Companion Back To LifeWith An Eye Catching Retro Design And Cleverly Nuanced Illustrations, The Old Truck Celebrates The Rewards Of Determination And The Value Of Imagination