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Batter Up Wombat [Ebook] ➩ Batter Up Wombat By Helen Lester – This was a brand new baseball season and the Champs were ready to go in their spiffy clean uniforms Nevermind that the previous year they finished last in the North American Mammal League this season This was a brand new baseball season and the Champs were ready to go in their spiffy clean uniforms Nevermind that the previous year they finished last in the North American Mammal League this season would be different But when a Wombat Batter Up Kindle - wanders onto the field opening game day the Champs have no idea just how different the game was about to become Young readers and listeners are sure to delight in Helen Lester’s hilarious baseball lingo wordplay as Lynn Munsinger’s illustrations capture the befuddled Wombat and his earnest attempts to fit in and play ball.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Batter Up Wombat
  • Helen Lester
  • English
  • 10 May 2016
  • 9780618737840

About the Author: Helen Lester

Helen Lester is the author of many children’s books Her background with children includes being a mother of two and a former elementary school teacher of ten years While at home with her children Helen realized the importance of uality children’s literature Batter Up Kindle - Helen started her writing career as a struggling author facing many rejections by publishing companies Her first book was finally publis.

10 thoughts on “Batter Up Wombat

  1. Meghan Hunt Meghan Hunt says:

    This book is darling and funny I was hoping to use it for a preschool story time but I think the kids probably wouldn't get it It would be great for school aged kids Wombat is new to town and the town baseball team thinks he would be an excellent batter They have a challenging time teaching him how to play though Wombat redeems himself by saving eveyone using his uniue skill when a tornado comes It would be great to use when explaining cultural differences in school

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    Another great Helen Lester book This one is focused on an Australian animal learning or rather not learning the ins and outs of baseball It was really funny and in the end the wombat becomes a hero by burrowng into the ground in time to save his new friends from a tornado Funny and heartwarming Good book

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    We love wombats and baseball so this was a funny find at the library I think the premise is lost on children who don't yet fully understand the rules of baseball but that's OK

  4. Hilary Hilary says:

    Wombat must be related to Amelia Bedelia

  5. Allyson Goose Allyson Goose says:

    My preschooler loves Diary of a Wombat so we wanted another wombat book I was disappointedFirst of all the book seems like it wants to be Play Ball Amelia Bedelia but with animals The Amelia Bedelia book is so much better The plot is similar There's a team that is going to lose a gam Along comes a new player who might help them win but the player doesn't understand the rules of baseball The team teaches them but there isn't much time to learn and the new player gets confused during the game There's a lot of word play about things like stealing bases and tagging players Then just when the team is sure they're going to lose and they're frustrated with the new player the new player does something special that makes the team adore them If your child doesn't know baseball terminology most of the humor will be lost on them Mine didn't know what a batter's cage was what a pitcher did what a pop up was who an umpire was what a foul was what a dugout was or what Major League Baseball was It's also confusing who the target audience is here The cutesy pictures make it look like it's trying to be for preschoolers or kindergarteners but there's a lot of new vocabulary here even for a kindergartener There's some Australian English about mates and rugby that's funny but also maybe new to US readersBeyond the baseball terminology I also had to explain so much The Champs weren't This was the opening line I thought I'd skipped a page or read it wrong I get the joke now but it was confusing Words and phrases like the following spiffy the source of their excitement pleased as punch befuddled sanitary suit me up rival bandits didn't care for a hunk of wood hadn't much time to ponder the score grew in favor of for his part frazzled he could hardly bear to look at capable of digging tunnels up to 655 feet long capital ideaAll in all it was hard to follow the plot because I had to stop and explain so much Maybe I'll try reading it again when my kids are older and know about baseball

  6. Jesse Jesse says:

    Book Title Batter Up WombatAuthorIllustrator Helen LesterLynn MunsingerReading Level 31Book Level Grades 3 5Book Summary Batter Up Wombat is a funny yet heartwarming picture book that tells the tale of an innocent Wombat who joins the baseball team Champs who just so happen to be the worst team in the entire North American League Batter Up Wombat masterfully weaves a hilarious story around Mr Wombat's nativity around baseball and also his misunderstanding around the language barrier that exists between him and his new teammates our friend the Wombat just having moved to the States from Australia struggles with baseball and American terminology such as Steal Third in which he literally steals the third base and tries to hide and Run Home in which he tries to explain to the team that Australia is an awfully far distance for him to runBookshelf GenrePicture BooksBookshelf Mentor Writing TraitsWord Choice Batter Up Wombat would be an excellent Mentor Text for any teacher looking at teaching word choice to their students Batter Up Wombat skillfully uses Baseball and American slangwords to create an entertaining story in which the misunderstood terminology by the Wombat leads to a satirical story plot and outcome This picture book is a great example how an author's word choice can not only capture the attention of the audience but directly impact the flow and meaning to a story

  7. Diana Diana says:

    Wombat Wham bat ummmokayPulled this for our unit on baseball It was too long to read aloud to my kiddos but I still tried to give it a chance Honestly? I didn't really like it I didn't think it was funny and the illustrations weren't all I'd hoped for I'm going to pass on this one in the future

  8. Amy Amy says:

    we love the Tacky books by the same author I did not like the story line of how the wombat was treated

  9. Kaylynn Johnsen Kaylynn Johnsen says:

    Hilarious misunderstanding Wombat saves the day when a tornado strikes during the baseball game

  10. Hannah Marshall Hannah Marshall says:

    I think that this book is super cute and uniue It incorporates a lot of different themes such as feeling left out feeling lonely trying something new and figuring out how you personally can contribute and help others Though this book is centered around sports I think that both girls and boys would enjoy reading it as there are other aspects to it besides just sports I also think it’s cool that it includes a wombat because that isn’t a animal that you see very often in book I will definitely include this book in my future classroom library Genre Modern FantasyReading level 3 4

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