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The Game of Birds and Wolves The Triumphant True Story Of The Young Women Who Helped To Devise The Winning Strategy That Defeated Nazi U Boats And Delivered A Decisive Victory In The Battle Of The AtlanticBy , Winston Churchill Had Come To Believe That The Outcome Of World War II Rested On The Battle For The Atlantic A Grand Strategy Game Was Devised By Captain Gilbert Roberts And A Group Of Ten Wrens Members Of The Women S Royal Naval Service Assigned To His Team In An Attempt To Reveal The Tactics Behind The Vicious Success Of The German U Boats Played On A Linoleum Floor Divided Into Painted Squares, It Required Model Ships To Be Moved Across A Make Believe Ocean In A Manner Reminiscent Of The Childhood Game, Battleship Through Play, The Designers Developed Operation Raspberry, A Countermaneuver That Helped Turn The Tide Of World War IICombining Vibrant Novelistic Storytelling With Extensive Research, Interviews, And Previously Unpublished Accounts, Simon Parkin Describes For The First Time The Role That Women Played In Developing The Allied Strategy That, In The Words Of One Admiral, Contributed In No Small Measure To The Final Defeat Of Germany Rich With Unforgettable Cinematic Detail And Larger Than Life Characters, A Game Of Birds And Wolves Is A Heart Wrenching Tale Of Ingenuity, Dedication, Perseverance, And Love, Bringing To Life The Imagination And Sacrifice Required To Defeat The Nazis At Sea

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    These two books are really difficult for me to review The first book, A Game of Birds and Wolves reads like a thriller and I would give it a very solid four stars The British, out maneuvered and out gunned, are this close to losing WWII because Germany is throwing up a barricade of u boats, cutting off supplies, sinking supply ships and killing huge numbers of sailors and civilian passengers The Germans are surely and steadily winning the Battle of the Atlantic They have Supreme Commander of the Navy Admiral Karl Doenitz running the show and they have deadly, skilled submarine captains like Otto Kretschmer and Wolfgang L th playing for their team The German u boat captains had already made a game out of it awarding points for every ton of British ship they send to the bottom Sink 100,000 tons and Admiral Doenitz pins a medal on your chest Captain Schnee sinks the SS Aguila, killing 70 young women and gets 9,000 points Captain Bleichrodt sinks the SS City of Benares, killing over 250 people, including 77 small children, and is awarded 11,000 points Bleichrodt trades in his points for the Iron Cross Captain Hardegen sinks the oil tanker Norness, resulting in the deaths of two crew members and a puppy and giving him a whopping 12,000 points Inexplicably, Britain recruits Gilbert Roberts to head up a group to figure out how to push the Germans back Still dangerously underweight, Roberts had previously been mustered out of the service because he is suffering from tuberculosis On top of that, the team he will be leading consists almost entirely of young WRENS Women s Royal Naval Service whose training, such as it was, consisted mostly of typing and other skills that were considered appropriate for females of the day Even though we know how it turned out, view spoiler The Germans lost the Battle of the Atlantic hide spoiler

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    Told in vivid, thrilling detail, A Game of Birds and Wolves shines a light into one of the forgotten tactical units of the Second World War and the core role the men and women who worked there played in driving the U boats from the Atlantic The book often reads like a thriller, with well rounded, memorable characters on both sides of the conflict, and high stakes, but is clearly rooted in painstaking archival research and interview A gripping, tight focus expose, not only of the role of wargames in the battle of the Atlantic, but also of their usefulness to both sides in the wider war.

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    An excellent insight into naval tactics during the war, as well as the indispensable role that women played Engaging and well written, it varied between a thrilling narrative and an informative text a mix that worked perfectly to maintain my interest and increase my understanding Solid read.

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    This book reads like a documentary and i lost interest after a while.

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