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Suffering the Scot (Brotherhood of the Black Tartan #1) Lady Jane Everard Cannot Abide The New Earl Of Hadley The Unmannered Scot Is A Menace To Genteel Ladies Everywhere, What With His Booming Laugh And Swishing Kilt And Endless Supply Of Ochs And Ayes Jane Wishes Lord Hadley Would Behave As An Earl Should And Adhere To English Rules Of Polite Conduct Andrew Langston, The New Earl Of Hadley, Knows That The English Aristocracy Think Poorly Of His Lowly Scottish Upbringing This Is Hardly New History Is Littered With The English Assuming The Worst About Scotland By Living Up To Their Lowest Expectations, He Is Simply Fulfilling His Civic Duty As A Scotsman Jane Sees Andrew As An Unmannered Eejit Andrew Considers Jane To Be A Haughty English Lady But, As The Saying Goes, Opposites Attract And What If Beneath His Boisterous Behavior And Her Chilly Reserve, Andrew And Jane Are Not Nearly As Different As They Suppose Can Scotland And England Reach A Harmonious Union At Last

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    If a book can make me both laugh out loud and later shed a tear or two it s automatically a 5 star read for me This was such an enjoyable book to read I loved how the characters and dynamics between them are complex Jane especially had many layers that she had to break through as she is faced with the choice to be herself or live up to others expectations Andrew shows her that her true nature is not something to be squashed, but embraced Their friendship develops naturally as they give each other a chance and discover their common ground He and his friends took a great deal of pleasure in exposing his distant relatives to the full Scottish experience, and it was highly entertaining The humor and romance is balanced by the darker thread that runs through the story the tragic events of Andrew s past that ties him to his friends in a brotherhood, and the mystery of who was behind the disaster and why So many great scenes and a romance that grows with a slow burn and then suddenly ignites with chemistry highly recommend I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own

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    All his life, Andrew has been groomed to be the Earl of Hadley Whether or not his English family ever saw him as such, he never knew But when his grandfather passed away and left everything to him, he knew he needed to step up and take his place as Earl He knew the task would not be easy, but he was not one to shirk his responsibilities.All her life, Jane has been viewed as a pawn It s like her sole purpose on the earth was for the betterment of her family s station in life She must bow down to their wishes She must always be in control of her emotions She cannot let wild Jane out for the world to see.Jane and Andrew couldn t be different, yet they were completely perfect for each other From the moment they set eyes on each other, sparks started flying and they both knew that their lives would forever be changed.Andrew knew that he wanted this fiery, feisty woman in his life but that it would have to be on her terms He did not want to force her to do his bidding He wanted to be the one to set her free and let her live the life of her own choosing Her happiness was all that mattered to him And for the first time ever, someone saw the real Jane The Jane that she kept hidden away To receive encouragement to let the real Jane shine was just what she needed to blossom into the person she was meant to be.But as life goes, things are thrown into their path that will test them, have them doubting what they should do, who they should be They just need to find the strength to keep pushing forward and know that, in the end, things will be as they should be.Oh my gosh You guys I absolutely adored this book Once I started reading, I had an extremely hard time putting it down I found myself getting irrationally angry when I had to stop reading and be an adult I love a book that can give me all the feels and Suffering the Scot did just that From laughing out loud chamomile tea anyone , to feeling angry on several occasions, getting teary eyed a time or two and letting out little dreamy sighs throughout the book I loved every minute of reading I struggled between wanting to hurry up and finish so I would know what happened and wanting to read slowly so I could savor every minute of Jane and Andrew I can already tell that this series is going to be AMAZING I can t wait for the next book to be released Ms Van has quickly climbed my favorite authors list I have loved every book of hers I ve ever read I can t wait to see what she has in store for us next And as for my casting, I am loving these two What do you think

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    I m all over a meet cute and this one was fabulously charming Jane and Andrew are so opposite, and Jane is very quick to form rigid opinions of this strapping Scotsman Andrew capitalizes on her assumptions and has a blast playing them up with his friend, Kieran, especially after he witnesses her fiery passion in that first encounter and is longing to see it again.I found the Scottish language sprinkled throughout to really add to the story, once I got the hang of what words were supposed to mean and could almost hear the brogue wafting off the pages The character voices make them life like and enabled me to vividly picture each one of them their mannerisms, their manners of speech, their facial expressions, and As with any good book, there were delightfully wicked characters that I hated, but they, too, were real.I was also lured into the story with a slight mystery, which gradually unfolded in a surprising twist Andrew is not only set to take over this English manor, but he is out for revenge and is in a secret quest to fulfill this vengeance I loved the significance of the tartans and colors.The romance was subtle, but the embers occasionally sparked to life, leaving me longing for This opposites attract story completely hit the spot I m looking forward to in this new series Content mild language mild violent descriptions mild romance I received a complimentary copy All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.

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    Although his father was basically disowned, Andrew Langston became the new Earl of Hadley upon the death of his grandfather Despite how his English relatives view Scots, Andrew was well educated, taught from an early age how to be a true gentleman, and how to properly run an estate Lady Jane Everard was basically raised by a nanny until her much older brother, the Duke of Montacute brought her to live with him and his wife so she could become a lady, and in doing so they stripped her of everything that made her Jane.There was so much to love about this book the way Jane and Andrew meet, the way Andrew and his friends showed off their Scottishness to the extreme, how Andrew feels about Jane, the chamomile tea, not to mention the kilt swishing There were so many laugh out loud parts, sad parts, and swoony parts I highlighted so many sections of this book I loved Andrew from the beginning He was handsome, caring, and smart He played into the his new relatives bias against the Scots, and they were too busy looking down their noses at him to see notice realize that he had paid off the deceased Earl s debts, was helping the estate s tenant farmers, and spending a lot of time with the estate s steward I loved how he only wanted Jane to have the freedom to choose who and what she wanted even if she didn t choose him That s how much he loved her.Jane is a great character, but one that hasn t been allowed to be herself in a very long time Her family has basically brainwashed her that the only way she ll find a husband is to be a perfect lady all the time Become a ladyno one will want you otherwise How many times did she repeat that to herself Andrew was perfect for her he not only allowed her to be wild self , but embraced that part of her He not only saw her He not only accepted her But he also wanted to know and of her He would accept her without judgment.Besides Andrew taking ownership of his title and property in England, he and his friends are still trying to find Andrew s former partner, the man he holds responsible for the death of a friend I loved the mystery part of the story Once the man is found and Andrew speaks with him, he and his friends have questions than when they started the search I thought I knew who was behind it all, but I was so wrong.I LOVED this story This is my first book by Nichole Van but it certainly won t be my last, and I can t wait to read the other books in this series I received a complimentary copy This review is voluntary and all thoughts expressed are my own.

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    I breezed through this one Great writing, engaging story, and super swoony characters Andrew and Jane are really great together Can t wait for next one

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    When I want to read and not put down a book it is a five star rating for me Dirty dishes can wait Andrew has just come into his inheritance Now he has to deal with an unfriendly extended family and put some English Lord s in their place The way he and his friends go about it is entertaining They choose to give a show of the misconceptions of Scottish behavior There were many moments that had me laughing.While some parts of the book are lighthearted there is a very serious side to the characters Andrew and his Scottish friends are determined to discover who is behind the death of their friend and sabotaging what should have been a scientific discovery voyage for them His inheritance in England is fortuitous for them It gives them a home base to investigate I was shocked at the discovery of the perpetrator Nichole Van does a very fantastic job at laying the groundwork for the big reveal The way she handles the incident is exemplary.This book is not only a book about revenge, but it is also a love story Jane has been told to live her life as a lady should Her family suppresses who she is and force her to be who they want her to be Andrew sees her potential and encourages her to be her true self In the process, love blooms.This is a book that is well written and a delight to read.Source I received a complimentary copy of the book All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    I really loved this, Scottish and English together and a bit of history Wonderful fun men, which Van excels at There love story was so great I loved all the twists and turns at the end Jaw dropping revel had me yelling Shut Up across my room The whole book was written so well There first kiss was so great I loved there whole romance, it was so sweet These kinds of books just make life better This is a book I can hand my teens to read after I am done.

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    Lovely I really enjoyed this one and the characters Fun read Full review to come.

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    Ah I always love me a Nichole Van romance Her words just clutch my heart, say hello, and don t let go Her stories stick with me long after I m done, and I have found myself going back to them like an old friend when I need a pick me up or new hope that good writing hasn t died Her newest one, Suffering the Scot, was super awesome Although it s about an insufferably charming Scot named Andrew Hadley, it isn t set in Scotland It s set in Sussex, England The earl of Hadley has died and Andrew is the sole heir of Hadley estate As old Lady Hadley and young Lady Jane Hadley and her younger brother, Peter, await the new Lord Hadley s arrival from Scotland, they prepare to hate his mortal guts No Scot is a good Scot, in their opinion And they are highly bred, so all that matters is their opinion When Lady Jane falls into a creek and swears and throws a fit when her pony tries to run away from her with her cart, the new Lord Hadley arrives And he likes that spirited, red headed woman who is soaking wet, swearing like a sailor Neither knows who the other is, and when they finally discover the truth Ah, heck No way will I ruin a perfectly good story for you Let me just write for a reminder to myself in the future , that this is pretty much a perfect book The characters called to me don t ask me what they called me, but it was nice The plot surprised me I love when that happens The setting, the writing style, the voice, tone, theme literally everything was done to perfection Well done, Nichole Van You are my writing hero Seriously Your books become my best friends I m so glad I discovered her stories They make me a better person after reading them.

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    Romance, clean Period Series, but stand alone readAndrew and Jane s story intermingled in family drama and machinations, along with crimes and subterfuge, was a lush, gorgeous read Andrew was a great H, his intelligence, wit, and subtleties as a character were a pleasure to read Jane s dilemma, with all the nuances of her life as others tried to control her, her finances, her family, was heartbreaking and so sad as she tried to have peace, hope, happiness and bit of fun and normalcy in an otherwise controlled and manipulated existence She sought the comforts of the one person who loved her, and knew her for who she was.This was really lovely read So many times it is easy to guess the outcomes in a light novel This wasn t the case I was pleasantly surprised at some of the twists and turns this novel had I have always enjoyed this author, but this cemented my firm following of her work I can t wait to read the rest of the novels in this series It deserves to be widely read While I would still categorize this as light romance, the characters are well drawn, the secondary characters supporting the story line well, and the setting was rich The end notes were a nice touch to the novel Wanting to take a dive into Scottish history after this I received an ARC but this in no way influenced my opinions I will say I am a fan of this author and their writing to be fair.

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