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John Muir: Rediscovering America ❰Download❯ ➸ John Muir: Rediscovering America Author Frederick W. Turner – In his stirring biography Frederick Turner the distinguished writer and cultural historian captures the legendary scale of the life of an American icon Immigrant inventor botanist and founder of the c In his stirring biography Frederick Turner the distinguished writer and cultural historian captures the legendary scale of the life of an American icon Immigrant inventor botanist and founder of the conservation movement John Muir truly led those of his time and now ours to rediscover the natural beauty of this land From his harsh childhood in Scotland and on a Wisconsin pioneer farm to his rugged solitary explorations all over America and especially in the Sierras to his passionate John Muir: eBook ↠ battle in person and in his writings to save and celebrate our wilderness Muir was a heroic figure Turner's biography is every bit as monumental and inspiring as its subject.

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  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    The story of John Muir is so amazing and inspiring He was an integral part of early efforts to preserve Yosemite Every one with a love of the outdoors should know about this early wanderer nature lover and preservationist This biography was long but gives an overview not just of Muir's life but of conservation history Those of us who are inspired by treasured landscapes of America owe Muir and those like him a great debt

  2. Mark Underwood Mark Underwood says:

    This book had been on the shelf for a long time but after watching the PBS show about Muir I was impressed enough to pick it up againThe biographer like most I suppose writes of Muir's feelings as though they were knowable This license allows the narration to proceed through the subject of the biography but it can test one's belief of what was felt or understood by the subjectThis is fine so long as the writing is up to fiction uality and sometimes it is Writing about Muir's exposure to the Civil War Turner offers this take on Muir's sensibilityBeyond these sights and the faces there was the felt presence of those hundreds of thousands whose lives had been violently cut off Sitting in Bonaventure Cemetery amidst the tombs the trees and the waving mosses he could hardly have escaped confronting this great central fact and its corollary that he was alive Whatever else the war had been whatever else it might have meant a senseless game like his own Dunbar schoolyard battles as Muir may have thought it; the amputation of a cancerous member of the body politic as Emerson thought; or something altogether other as it might prove the central fact of it was death death on an unprecedented scale p 143 144 Published first in 1985 this is a lengthy work that will reuire than couple of days to read I appreciated the lengthy Notes on Sources which went on from pp 352 395 This project was no doubt a massive undertaking and without Mendeley and Google Scholar

  3. Glen Glen says:

    This is a very readable biography about a true American original While he did write books he hated the process and his most lasting legacy is a place I only first visited about six years ago even though I am a native Californian and that is Yosemite If it weren't for Muir it is doubtful that the valley thereof in particular would belong to us all as it does today What a remarkable gift to future generations When the recently issued commemorative coins from all 50 states were being rolled out a lot of people were curious to see who and what California would honor and to its credit and yes that of then Governor Ahhh nold the uarter bears a tribute to the life and legacy of Muir There is a lot of detail about his early life growing up in Wisconsin and too little is said about his wonderful story of Stickeen which was the most popular thing he ever wrote in his lifetime but all in all I greatly enjoyed reading the life story of this great man

  4. Sarabeth Sarabeth says:

    I am not 100% this was the book I listened to I have search to find the exact one and I think this is itJohn Muir's reverence for nature inspires me to not ignore the revitalizing spiritual link that nature can hold between me and God

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Wish I'd read this years ago reinforces the need for a strong environmental movement to counterbalance the destructive forces of modern society Wonderfully written biography Nice preparation for my upcoming first visit to Yosemite

  6. Michael Stanton Michael Stanton says:

    Amazing journey I wanted to become a sheepherder after reading it p

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