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    Prince s unfinished memoir is captured here, in The Beautiful Ones, out now on Penguin Random House It s a stunning package, but a difficult proposition It s not his memoir It s partly that It s not a photo book, but it s partly that And it s not a no hold barred insight into the man himself, although again it s partly that What we have here is a package created with struggles, but with love What he wrote of his memoir, combined with unseen photos, lyric sheets, notes, and the original handwritten treatment for the movie Purple Rain Prince s memoir, and the story of how it came about, told by editor Dan Piepenbring, are heartfelt, real words that should be read with care and understanding, and thus it almost doesn t matter that this book is unconventional Prince was unconventional Prince defied normal concepts of time and music And in this book, we get just enough of a peek behind the purple curtain to leave his mystery intact Perhaps, in a way, that s what he would have wanted from this book Prince s insights into power, ownership, blackness, music industry conglomerates, and his own troubled childhood are enough for us to understand some of the key tenets of who he really was And as for the rest Well it already exists, in the seemingly endless, iconic, and diverse catalog of music that he released in his 57 years on this planet And with all the unreleased music in his legendary vault, we ll still be hearing his story play out for many years to come.

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    It s hard to know what to say I was left feeling very sad and empty after quickly devouring this book The opening chapter by Dan Piepenbring about how this book began to come together through his collaborations with Prince in early 2016 is fascinating and gripping The suspense builds aptly for Part 2, the unreleased chapters written by Prince himself When I read first few lines of those chapters, I burst into tears so quickly I don t want to spoil it, but the way he chose to open his memoir was so beautiful, so simple, so disarming Prince comes through so clearly in these few pages he managed to get finished, all of his childlike joy, his humour, his love of sex, of women and of God, all of his funk all the things we loved They are well worth reading He recounts his childhood, his complicated relationship with his parents, his first few girlfriends, his burgeoning joy of music Pointedly, he muses on the nature of love and what it means for two people to come together as one then suddenly it ends, at a point in the story when he s barely out of puberty At this point, I realised that I had read the whole book up to this point with my hand covering my mouth, a kind of shock reaction of some kind The grief had come back From this point on, we re left feeling voyeuristic till the end of this sad little collection There s a cute photo album from 1978, a couple of lyric sheets, an original plot summary for the Purple Rain movie It s interesting stuff, but it s what it is padding The so called The Beautiful Ones just doesn t pass muster as a cohesive whole I feel like they should have ended this book after the first two sections or just not published it at all You can only imagine how this could ve turned out if he had finished it Who can say

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    A beautiful book.

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    So unfortunate for us Prince did not get to C this thru.Memories R Good

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    Aw man, this book is great So sad to read as it s only a taste of what was to come, which ultimately didn t Prince has a good handle of storytelling, a lot better than I expected Thank you to Dan Piepenbring for assembling this and helping Prince put out his first mini draft of things for us all I wish he were around to complete it.

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    A bittersweet read, of course, but one that I m glad saw the light of day.Reading his words, his thoughts, his secretsthis was like a diary of one of the most prolific songwriters of all time.I miss him now.

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    Beautiful I love it I love Prince I especially loved the copies of the lyrics I truly miss this genius of a man

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    Must read 4 anyone who appreciates musicThe only reason it does not get a 5th star, is bcuz it is tragically incompletea must read 4 anyone who s music.

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    It is difficult to review a book that you know was not completed entirely as it was intended However, given the situation, I thought that The Beautiful Ones was as complete a work of art as could be imagined The book is comprised of four parts Dan Piepenbring s introduction already published in an edited version in a recent issue of the New Yorker , followed by a complete photographic copy of Prince s handwritten manuscript, followed by a printed copy of the same in the second section called For You photos from a completely reprinted photo book that Prince made in 1977 are presented, followed by photos of handwritten lyric pages this was followed by photos and lyrics in a section called Controversy and a final section Baby I m a Star that reprints both the original handwritten treatment for the film Purple Rain, followed by a typed version of the same, with additional photos and lyrics The book ends with extended notes on the photographs and lyric pages So it is part memoir and part photo book In terms of The Beautiful Ones, we can see that Prince was as good a storyteller as he was a lyricist His endearment for both of his parents rings deep and true I was sad that they weren t alive to read it We also are given a glimpse of his first loves music and girls, his first kiss, his serious first crushes Who were these women Where are they now How amazing it is that he remembered them all so fondly, and with such clarity For all Prince s turn towards a monastic life, even at the end he wanted to discuss his sexual awakening Prince scholars and fans will also learn a lot from the book, in terms of how he changed lyrics and how his original ideas for the film Purple Rain were softened and given nuance by Albert Magnoli I think one of the most telling, and heartbreaking, aspects of the book was that we learn that most of the photos and lyrics and materials pictured in the book were kept at Paisley Park, on dressers, in frames, and in his vault The fact that he kept a picture of his mother and himself at age two months in the vault for safe keeping was deeply moving The fact that at the time of his death, he had a framed picture of himself with his late bodyguard Big Chick on his dressing room table was a beautiful revelation He kept his father s wallet, intact He kept his own Prince memorabilia, proofs from Warner Brothers, vinyl labels, contact sheets Prince, like the rest of us, missed his parents and his friends, and I lament only that he did not have enough time left to really get into his story and his beliefs about life, love, race, and all of us, his fans, too But you know what they say about the beautiful ones we always seem to lose.

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    I NEED MORE This book contains 26 pages that Prince wrote intended for his memoir It s just not enough The rest of the book features handwritten song lyrics from some of his early songs in the 70s and 80s and quotes from magazine interviews he did and lots of photos many of them never before seen from the 70s and early 80s How badly I wish he was able to finish this as it started off so beautifully It was a tribute to his parents I absolutely loved the anecdotal stories he told of his youth He was everything you d expect someone like Prince to be as a boy and young man the smartest person in the room He seemingly remained so for the duration of his life Had he lived to complete it, this book would have been quite a labor of love for him I truly believe that Towards the end of his life, he began to be very introspective and this was very apparent during his last tour, Piano A Microphone He reflected a lot on his life and the people that came in and out of it over the years But mostly, I think the purpose of this memoir was to set the record straight about who he was and everything that influenced this, beginning with his parents I think this is especially true of his father Both of his parents played a profoundly important role in his life and in a positive way I think people might be surprised by that because what many fans think is that his family life was similar to the one depicted in the movie Purple Rain Anyway, as a lifelong fan of Prince starting at age 7 , I appreciate even getting a little bit of his story from his own words This was an emotional read for me because it signaled a sort of final goodbye It s been over 3 years now since his death and I m honestly still not over it I don t think I ll ever be, but in a way, I feel like this memoir sort of helped with a bit of closure, although it wasn t finished No matter what though, the music and spirit of Prince will be around forever I m confident about that He was indeed an enigma and I m so grateful I got to live in his lifetime and got to seem him perform live a few times I can still remember thinking during the last time I saw him perform in 2015 that I couldn t believe we were in the same room, breathing the same air, at the same time haha I m such a Prince stan..but I ll forever remain one I experienced the funk and it will live within me until I take my last breath Love you, P Read this book

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The Beautiful Ones From Prince Himself Comes The Brilliant Coming Of Age And Into Superstardom Story Of One Of The Greatest Artists Of All Time Featuring Never Before Seen Photos, Original Scrapbooks And Lyric Sheets, And The Exquisite Memoir He Began Writing Before His Tragic Death Prince Was A Musical Genius, One Of The Most Talented, Beloved, Accomplished, Popular, And Acclaimed Musicians In History He Was Also A Startlingly Original Visionary With An Imagination Deep Enough To Whip Up Whole Worlds, From The Sexy, Gritty Funk Paradise Of Uptown To The Mythical Landscape Of Purple Rain To The Psychedelia Of Paisley Park But His Most Ambitious Creative Act Was Turning Prince Rogers Nelson, Born In Minnesota, Into Prince, The Greatest Pop Star Of His Era The Beautiful Ones Is The Story Of How Prince Became Prince A First Person Account Of A Kid Absorbing The World Around Him And Then Creating A Persona, An Artistic Vision, And A Life, Before The Hits And Fame That Would Come To Define Him The Book Is Told In Four Parts The First Is Composed Of The Memoir He Was Writing Before His Tragic Death, Pages That Brings Us Into Prince S Childhood World Through His Own Lyrical Prose The Second Part Takes Us Into Prince S Early Years As A Musician, Before His First Album Released, Through A Scrapbook Of Prince S Writing And Photos The Third Section Shows Us Prince S Evolution Through Candid Images That Take Us Up To The Cusp Of His Greatest Achievement, Which We See In The Book S Fourth Section His Original Handwritten Treatment For Purple Rain The Final Stage In Prince S Self Creation, As He Retells The Autobiography We Ve Seen In The First Three Parts As A Heroic JourneyThe Book Is Framed By Editor Dan Piepenbring S Riveting And Moving Introduction About His Short But Profound Collaboration With Prince In His Final Months A Time When Prince Was Thinking Deeply About How To Reveal Of Himself And His Ideas To The World, While Retaining The Mystery And Mystique He D So Carefully Cultivated And Annotations That Provide Context To Each Of The Book S Images This Work Is Not Just A Tribute To Prince, But An Original And Energizing Literary Work, Full Of Prince S Ideas And Vision, His Voice And Image, His Undying Gift To The World