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Pronunciation Practice Activities [Reading] ➬ Pronunciation Practice Activities ➳ Martin Hewings – This is a resource book for teachers looking for ideas on how they can make pronunciation teaching interesting It contains a collection of pronunciation practice activities for a wide range of levels This is a resource book for teachers looking for ideas on how they can make pronunciation teaching interesting It contains a collection of Pronunciation Practice Activities for a wide range of levels using a variety of methods Divided Pronunciation Practice PDF/EPUB ² into two parts the first part introduces information about phonetics and phonology as background to the teaching activities without being overwhelming It also highlights some of the current areas of debate and discussion in the teaching and learning of English pronunciation The second part of the book contains nearly pronunciation activities divided into eight sections Developing awareness; Sounds; Connected speech Syllables and stress; Intonation; Pronunciation and spelling grammar and vocabulary; Testing and Resources for pronunciation teaching The book is accompanied by an audio CD with material to support the activities.

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    April 12 2014 ReviewMy situation has changed since I last read this book and I am now at a school where I have the opportunity to design a pronunciation class I reread this book to start off and I felt that it was a great starting point The book is divided into different sections based on different aspects of pronunciation such as vowels consonants stress intonation and a few others There were a lot of different activities in each section to help students master each subject Some of the activities I plan to use exactly the way they are while others I plan to edit a bit to make it student centeredI can't make entire course out of this book but it is a good starting point I plan to look through a few books to look for ideas and activities to use in classOriginal ReviewWhile this book can't solely be used to teach a pronunciation class it definitely would be a great guide and supplement to someone teaching a pronunciation class Throughout the book there are activities that help students identify different parts of pronunciation and their weaknesses along with lots of activities that cover different aspects of pronunciation Also included in the book was a section on different ways to test production both reception and productionUnfortunately my class schedules are full enough as they are so I am unable to use a full activity from the book for a class I was able to learn some interesting tidbits of information on the shifting of stress within a word that I have already used to help explain certain words to some of my classesAdditionally this book was written from a British perspective of teaching pronunciation As an American English speaker there are a few activities that I am able to do due to pronunciation differences; the most notable being the differences in pronouncing er

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