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A Sister's Courage It S And The Threat Of War Hangs Over Britain A Spirited Young Woman, Raine Linfoot Has Always Had An Overriding Ambition To Take To The Skies Her Hero, Doug Williams, Teaches Her To Fly When She Is Just With Her Pilot S License It Seems As Though The Sky S The Limit For Raine Until War Breaks OutRaine Knows That Her Place Is Not At Home And She Is Determined To Assist The War Effort By Doing What She Loves, But The Air Transport Auxiliary Aren T Taking Women Though At The Height Of The War, They Need Her Help, And Raine Is Offered The Opportunity To Join The Force And Prove She Is Up To The Task, Risking Her Life Daily Ferrying Aircraft To The Men On The Front LineBut When Tragedy Strikes And Doug Is Reported Missing After Being Shot Down In His Spitfire, Raine Realises That This War Could Tear Both The Country She Loves And Her Heart Apart A Brave And Gripping Story About Women Overcoming Adversity Whilst Navigating Love, Loss, And The Treacherous Wartime Skies

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    A Sister s Courage by Molly Green was an engaging, entertaining and very informative book Lorraine Raine Linfoot began learning to fly at 17 with her Father s support and her Mother s unhappiness at such an inappropriate pastime for a girl.In 1939, the only way Raine could assist with the war effort was to join the Air Transport Auxiliary, a new group of women who flew planes to the front lines so men weren t taken away from the important job of fighting the Germans These brave women had to have the same skills as the men and had to work so much harder to prove their worth to the war effort I was not aware of the ATA, as the women called it, or the important job they did The friendships these women formed lasted a lifetime and they are wonderful to read about Two pilots have fallen in love with Raine, even though her Mother said no man would fall for a pilot.The story is wonderful with a lot of information and sources in the back of the book My list grows longer as this book has made me want to learn about these women Such a good book and you will not want to put it down I read it in one day.Thank you NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Molly Green for this wonderful book to review.Don t forget Come back to your Review on the pub date, 28 Nov 2019, to post to these retailers.

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    I received this book as an Advanced Reader s Copy ARC through NetGalley It will be published November 28, 2019 Lorraine Raine Linfoot is the main character Her mother, Simone is very French, her Father, Robert, who is older than Simone and English She has two younger sisters, Suzanne Suzy and Veronique Ronnie This is described as being about the Air Transport Auxiliary ATA , which is the British Version of the WASPS However, it is about Raine and her love life than the ATA s history In 1936, at the age of 14 Raine flies for the first time, and it is then that she decides she will be a pilot We see Raine achieve that dream and also get caught between her feelings for two very special pilots in her life.I didn t realize until I got to the end that this was the first in what I believe will be a trilogy, the 2nd book is due out May 2020 and is about Raines sister Suzy, called A Sister s song This was an ok book, it was of a romance and less of a historical novel than I expected Actually I felt like besides setting it wasn t really about the ATA, it was about Raine s love triangle I liked the strong character Raine is, she was not afraid to advocate for herself In the WWII era, there was a lot of discrimination against women, especially in historically male work fields She is a very strong character that way I think that if I had realized it was about the love story and not the history of the ATA I may have enjoyed the book It was well written, and there were some very well developed characters, I just wanted history I think.For additional reviews please see my blog at www.adventuresofabibliophile.blogspot

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    Airplanes, Friendship, and RomanceI really enjoyed reading this story about the lady pilots flying for the ATA Air Transport Auxiliary It was good to hear how women helped during the war shuttling airplanes to the bases for the male servicemen to fly Not only did they prove to be as good pilots as the men, they could fly every different kind of aircraft.The friendship between the lady pilots was heartwarming Not only did they have each other s back, the actually cared about the well being of their fellow pilots.Raine had wanted to fly an airplane from an early age, ever since her father took her to a flying circus and she was allowed to ride in an airplane Against her mother s wishes, but with her father s blessing, and the help and encouragement from her two sisters, she learned to fly The story not only covers how she learned to fly and got into the ATA, but the story of her family and her struggles to find her way as a woman pilot.The best part is the ATA and her friendship with the other women pilots Their experiences in prejudice against women flying, their narrow misses in the airplanes, the drama of their lives and how they helped each other cope with the stress of war and of the job The rigid training, the long hours flying, the thrill of the first solo flight It was a wonderful story of triumph and fulfillment.There is also the story of her friends Doug, and Alec and the drama between the three of them Both Doug and Alec spoke to her of their love for her Would she choose Doug the older soft spoken friend or Alec the new cocky pilot she meets at a dance The drama of Doug being shot down over enemy territory The night with Alec in Windsor when the bomb just missed the theatre they were attending So much action and drama It in itself was a sweet love story in the midst of war.Molly has written another great book This author is one of my favorite, I enjoy her books, and I am sure you will as well I recommend you grab a copy of A Sister s Courage and start reading, you will be glad you did.My thanks to Molly Green, Avon Books UK, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review an advance copy of the book.

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    If you like the idea of a wartime heroine who is desperate to work as a pilot, this could be for you It is what it is, really a simple story, heavy on the romantic interests and the desire to do as much as possible to help the boys in blue during a war, given that no woman can become a fighter pilotI read it because I had to for work and not because I chose to I am probably the right age for the target market but I m just not interested in stories of war and rationing and old fashioned romance If you are, go for this If not, well, steer clear and find something better suited to your interests Probably a perfect read to curl up with as winter approaches for those that like this kind of thing I wish I could be enthusiastic I m sorry to give it such a low star rating It s written tolerably well, if that helps.

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    Fans of historical romances will enjoy this for its portrait of Raine, a young woman who flies with the ATA and loves two pilots Doug and Alec Raine began flying taught by Doug, when she was only 14 and as WWII got worse, found herself involved with the ATA There is some nice info about the organization and the relationships between the women are well done This being a WWII romance, you know there s going to be some bad news in this case when Doug goes missing Alec, a flashier young pilot, is competing for Raine s attentions You ll live the ups and downs with her Thanks to net galley for the ARC A fair amount of drama and a sweet love story.