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    NOW AVAILABLE This is one of the cutest, most eye catching books for the very young that I have read in a very long while The story is the universal hide and seek theme but done in such a clever way The illustrations are incredibly appealing and had my 3 year old granddaughter giggling The animals are all in areas where one would normally find them in nature and I loved that little reality in this book I think this one will become a classic The littlest ones will have fun going back over the pages to find where baby was hiding on every page, once they know what to look for I would highly recommend this for any child ages 1 to about 3 Really great little book for every toddler s library.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley.This book publishes January 7, 2020

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    Where s Baby is about an oblivious fox who s trying to find his offspring It s not quite clear whether Papa knows Baby is hiding nearby and is just humouring the kid, but in any case, Baby thinks it s quite the clever game, and the reader gets to see their reactions as Papa encounters various creatures that are definitely not a baby fox.The book does sort of work as an introduction to various prepositions, but little kids will probably be interested in trying to pick out Baby in each of the illustrations Sometimes it s obvious but other times, the little fox is a bit hidden The limited colour palette mainly black and white with a blue sky is used to great effect, making the orange baby fox stand out.The story is simple, but I can see this appealing to very young children Thank you to NetGalley and Tundra Books NY for providing a digital ARC.

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    This is absolutely adorable Any child, of any age will love learning to find the baby hiding on every page While Where s Baby is very simple with it s words and illustrations it just feels perfect I could imagine a small child 2 4 years old I m thinking sitting with this book and flipping the pages with squeals each time they find the baby Not a bedtime story in my mind, but a great book for the playroom Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

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    The dad might be the dumbest dad of children book, but this is a good one The illustrations have a very pretty and calm vibes in it, a softness The story is light, but it allows you to play some sort of search and find with the baby in every page, easily enough to find, but young children will probably laugh finding it and seeing that the dad doesn t Well executed

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    Where s Baby is a delightful picture book Parents and little ones will enjoy following along as Papa Fox searches high and low for his baby The story is very simple and the pictures are adorable Kids will love spotting where baby is on each page If you liked Are You my Mother as a child you will enjoy Where s Baby as a parent Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Random House Canada for an advance reader copy.

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    This is an adorable story about a missing baby fox with a hide and seek component It s simple enough that young ones can find the baby, making it engaging instead of frustrating The illustrations are wonderful This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

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    Papa Fox and his adorable little pup are playing a game that most kids are familiar with hide and seek Have you seen Baby, Mama Fox Why, Baby must be somewhere, Papa Fox He heads off into the forest hunting down his adventurous little guy Papa looks indoors, outside, inside a log, over the hill, under the water, down a hole, up in a tree, and around the bend, asking a variety of animals if they might have seen his clever little son who seems to have become invisible and completely disappeared The animals assure him that no, to their knowledge they have not seen Baby Fox.Finally Papa comes full circle and arrives once again back home He could no find his little one for the life of him He asks Mama Fox, Mama Fox, I can t find Baby anywhere Have you looked behind you, Papa Fox Ta Da Baby Fox is now visible to Papa He IS right behind him Papa scoops him up in a big Daddy hug and Baby breaks into a huge smile I wonder why What have those sly Foxes been up to This is an interactive read aloud where prepositions are introduced Kids will love spotting Baby Fox and outfoxing Papa The illustrations are sweet Baby is easy to target because of his pointy ears and orange coloured body against the pale, muted pallette Kids will love to re read the book again and again so they can participate in the hide and seek game that Papa and Baby are engaged in I highly recommend this book.

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    I really liked it The art is very cute, all sharp ink lines and muted colors except for baby, always present albeit sometimes only a little on each page, who is bright orange red I like the main character foxes and how they were able to remain distinct characters Mama fox is darker around the muzzle and her whiskers turn up instead of down, so it is easy to tell them apart without resorting to any personifications of jewelry or long eyelashes On a personal note, my kids call their dad Papa not daddy and are always happy to see childrens books where the dad is Papa.The repeated lines as Papa Fox looks for baby bring to mind Are You My Mother , but if your child is extra sensitive they will be aware that the baby bird is actually lost and in danger, whereas with this one, Papa may or may not be playing a hiding game with baby, but at least Mama Fox saw baby and knows where they are the whole time It seems like a little thing, but there are days with my little ones where I know they feel a little extra fragile and don t want anything but safe exploration I liked the art a lot, especially this take on mostly bipedal but still not anthropomorphized foxes I like foxes when they get to be long boys and want to see this illustrator on a lot books.

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    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader Where s Baby is a sweetly illustrated hunt and find short read for babies to the youngest readers Due out 7th Jan 2020 from Penguin Random House Canada, it s 40 pages and will be available in hardcover format.Papa Fox is having a hard time finding Baby His searches take him all over, but without success He comes back home and finally finds Baby The art and text, done in ballpoint ink and colored pencils is beautifully detailed, whimsical, and appealing Artist author Anne Hunter has a lovely and appealing style which will entertain and engage Papa encounters a number of characters on his search for Baby which will also provide adult readers with a nice selection for silly character voices when reading.This is a sweet and interactive book for bonding with even the smallest readers and revisiting over and over It will likely become a favorite It would make a good library or kindergarten class or reading circle selection as well as a read to me or bedtime story.Five stars Really a beautiful little book.Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the author publisher for review purposes.

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    Papa Fox can t find Baby anywhere He looks in the trees, under the water, and around the bend, but still can t find his sly little Baby I love the contrasting colors in this book This is a PERFECT book for storytime I just did a Fox themed storytime and really struggled to find a books that weren t super text heavy, that toddlers and preschoolers could enjoy The kids would really like this book and love trying to find Baby on each page I ll be adding this to my Fox storytime book list for sure

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Wheres Baby? Papa Fox Is Looking For Baby Fox, Who Is Just Out Of His Sight But Not Ours An Adorable, Interactive Read Aloud For Fans Of Are You My Mother In This Clever Introduction To Prepositions, A Near Sighted Papa Is Looking For His Baby Is Baby Up In The Tree Is Baby Under The Log Is Baby Around The Corner Where Could Baby Be Readers Will Delight In Spotting The Little Fox On Every Page As Papa Wanders The Forest, Encountering Other Animals All Along The Way, But Never Quite Able To Spot His Own Baby Anne Hunter S Delicate And Lovely Illustrations With Their Limited Palette Highlight The Humor Of This Adorable Hide And Seek Tale