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Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment (On-the-Go Devotionals) [Download] ➵ Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment (On-the-Go Devotionals) By Lydia Brownback – This On the Go Devotional assures women that contentment is not some fleeting ideal but a reality that God enables them to live out dailyAny woman who buys into the lie of You can have it all or who t This On Godly Woman's MOBI õ the Go Devotional assures women that contentment is not some fleeting ideal but a Contentment: A PDF or reality that God enables them to live out dailyAny woman who buys into the lie of You A Godly Woman's PDF/EPUB ¼ can have it all or who thinks she can only be happy if experiences an abiding frustration what she wants remains just out of reach always No matter how good she has it no matter how good the good times may get there's always something missing And ultimately she misses out on happiness tooBut God desires something far better and lasting for his daughters And he's delivered the secret in his Word assuring women that real satisfaction is found in living for and longing for the right things Those truths and promises are at the heart of this On the Go Devotional for women Each lesson in Contentment is conveniently self contained and comes complete with Scripture and a paragraph or two of teaching to direct women away from fleeting distractions and toward a true enduring satisfactionOn the Go Devotionals Skillful devotionals for those who face the challenge to 'fit it all in' Biblically rigorous and deeply perceptive Godly insights from a godly sisterElyse Fitzpatrick author of Because He Loves Me How Christ Transforms Our Daily LifeA ready resource for keeping our thinking focused on God himself The devotionals helped me understand my fear or discontent and our Heavenly Father's provisionBarbara Hughes author of Disciplines of a Godly Woman and with her husband Disciplines of a Godly FamilyLydia Brownback calls Christian women to lift their eyes upward and find security rest and peace in a sovereign God whose promises never failNancy Leigh DeMoss author and Revive Our Hearts radio host.

  • Paperback
  • 107 pages
  • Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment (On-the-Go Devotionals)
  • Lydia Brownback
  • English
  • 09 September 2015
  • 9781581349580

About the Author: Lydia Brownback

Lydia Brownback Godly Woman's MOBI õ MAR Westminster Theological Seminary serves as a senior editor at Crossway in Wheaton Illinois Contentment: A PDF or and an author and speaker at women’s conferences around the world Lydia previously served as writer in A Godly Woman's PDF/EPUB ¼ residence for Alistair Begg and as producer of the Bible Study Hour radio program with James Montgomery Boice.

10 thoughts on “Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment (On-the-Go Devotionals)

  1. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    A series of short devotionals encouraging contentment through trusting God in every circumstance There were some really helpful ones but others that I felt were overly simplistic and with too many generalisations For example the author says that if a person is single God will provide friends family fulfilling work and a church family to fill the gap I know single people who don't have any of these things I believe it is part of the fall that Christians will struggle in this life The author says this as well but there is a contradiction between the devotionsI don't agree that happiness and contentment are the same thing or that Christians are meant to be fulfilled and satisfied all of the time even if it is in God The author uotes Piper's hedonism principle which I also disagree with Despite these criticisms the book may help some to focus on God and to try to get some perspective if they are struggling so I recommend it

  2. Abigail Abigail says:

    The primary reason God withholds certain blessings is so He can fill those empty places with HimselfOur unhappiness does not spring from what we lack It springs from our desire for what we lackAll God does in our lives and everywhere He leads us has one overarching purpose which is to deepen our relationship with Him and to further His glory through usNo matter what we are dealing with God is there overseeing loving providingChrist is the secret of contentment

  3. Hannah Joy S. Hannah Joy S. says:

    Though it is small in size this devotional is really worth readingI thoroughly enjoyed this devotional and all the wisdom it had to offer

  4. Anna Josephine Anna Josephine says:

    At first I saw the title and thought ew another cheesy uicky devo for christian chicks but this series is totally amazing really addresses the complexity of life and struggles and worries totally solid and always challenging me to rely on God and revealing all the lies i've built into my thought processes

  5. Hannah Hannah says:

    1 I hate devotionals It’s just the truth 2 I hate when a verse is referenced but not exegeted Which is probably why I didn’t like this book I only got it when I was learning and studying about contentment I found Jeremiah bouroughs of far greater help to my understanding I know this woman probably spent a great deal of time putting this together and I mean no offense There were some thing that I also paused and thought “I don’t know about that” So I sadly have to give it a 1 star

  6. Heather Heather says:

    The short chapters and the simple style of this book make it easy and enjoyable to read As I flipped through the book I see a number of things that are underlined which means there were a number of things that were helpful to me In general the teaching of the book is sound However there are a few things that trouble meIn the introduction and in the last chapter of the book she says that contentment and happiness are one and the same if we interpret them Biblically She doesn’t give a basis for this claim and I cannot find one in Scripture This may not seem like such a big deal but when the whole book is about contentment it is important to define it accurately and I cannot account for why she makes such a claim The word happiness isn’t used in the KJV but the word happy is used a couple of times and Vine’ s translates it as “blessed happy” It’s from a word meaning large It is most often translated blessed as in the Beatitudes The word contentment is defined by Vine’s as “satisfaction with what one has” and is once translated contentment 1 Timothy 66 and once translated sufficiency 2 Corinthians 98 I don’t see how the words can be said to have the same meaning or that they are used interchangeably in the Bible Happiness is a much stronger emotion involving great blessing contentment involves recognizing that one has enough Food and clothing are cause for contentment I Tim 6; inheriting the earth and seeing God are cause for happiness Mt 5 Her main point is that neither happiness nor contentment can be found in things but must be found in Christ and that is very true But if we lose the meaning of words we lose the foundation for everything in the Bible If people can give whatever meanings they want to words the Bible will end up meaning everything or accurately nothing I’m not so much concerned about her treatment of contentment as I am her treatment of the word of GodShe does something even worse with Scripture in the chapter titled Satisfaction Guaranteed where she says that when Jesus says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness he really meant we should hunger and thirst for himself for Christ The problem with this is that if he had meant that he could very easily have said that but he didn’t It seems reasonable to assume that he said what he meant Strong’s says that the word used here means “euity of character or action” and comes from a word meaning justice Vines says that as it is used here in Matthew 5 it is speaking “of whatever is right or just in itself whatever conforms to the revealed will of God” Lydia Brownback said that it wouldn’t be very appealing if we thought he was talking about a list of do’s and don’ts and so she gives it her own meaning But Psalm 119 makes it very clear that the Christian does loves God’s law and hungers and thirsts for it This shouldn’t be as surprising or as unthinkable as she makes it out to be Yes we should desire Christ and there are places that speak of that but this verse is speaking of desiring righteousness to be righteous and to live in accordance with the law That’s how Christ lived and a true love for Christ as he really is should love the way he lived and want to live like himThough most of the book is fine and even helpful I am disturbed that in places she jettisons the obvious and clear meaning of God’s word for a meaning that evidently fits in better with what she wants to believe This is something we all are guilty of sometimes but that doesn’t make it any the less dangerous We should be both willing to see it in ourselves and willing to point it out in others because the cost of molding God’s word to suit our own ideas is way too high

  7. Marie Marie says:

    Excellent book Now I'm giving them as giftsThis little purse size book packs lots of wisdom so easy to read and powerful I'll be re reading it multiple times I'm sure

  8. Jennifer Fertig Jennifer Fertig says:

    How do you rate a devotional book? Well it was good thoughtful and inspiring at times It is subtitled A Godly Woman’s Adornment so I wouldn’t recommend it to men however most of the content would be applicable for men as well It is labeled an On The Go Devotional I don’t know about that I did most of my reading in the same place each morning I read If you are a woman in need of a short read to get your day started with one scripture and words expanding on that then I would recommend it There you go

  9. Kimberlee Kimberlee says:

    I read this book to prepare for an upcoming women's church retreat by this author and with this theme This book contains multiple short lessons based on Scripture that center around the theme of contentment It is an excellent reminder to Christian women as to where to seek happiness and security It is well written and contains both examples and Bible study I am looking forward to the retreat as well as to giving this book as a gift to other friends

  10. Becca Becca says:

    Got a free download of the e book from Crossway and read it in a single morning Solid truths presented in a refreshing format The Scripture epigraphs would make great memory verses This book is one I'll read again

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