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    This was a well done book giving practical information in both factual and contextual manners I found many of the interactions quite relatable and discovered many healthier ways to have dealt with past personal encounters.

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    Most of us wouldn t ordinarily think of going to work every day as a spiritual exercise, yet our patters are constantly triggered by the job and the people around us Once you know your type, you may become increasingly aware of times when your habit engages Helen PalmerBook No 21 of 2017I greet most personality tests and profiles with a fair amount of skepticism, and the same was initially true with the enneagram, but I d be lying if I didn t say that it s been one of the most helpful tools for allowing me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and all that.I m pretty much the epitome of a type seven, and one thing stood out in this book that I hadn t really heard from other enneagram resources before to me, things change very quickly You blink and suddenly everything s different Perceiving everything as fleeting guides me to make most decisions from a 30,000 foot view, wanting to squeeze in as much significant exper...

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    I have read tons of books on the Enneagram over the past 20 years and when I didn t think I could learn any I discovered this book that blew me out of the water Having already identified my Enneagram type, it was really affirming and positive to have my type described in the workplace with advice about how to manage my type So right on and helped me understand and accept the strengths I bring to my work as well as why I am weak in certain areas At a time w...

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    This was actually really helpful I think anyone working in or outside of an office setting could benefit from this I m a 2 helper, and I found some great tips on how to schedule alone time, guilt free.

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    Helpful, but not nearly as much as the other Enneagram books I ve read.

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    9 6 2010 Looking for a simpler solution than the Myers Briggs This was interesting but not much simpler and is less universal.

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    One of the best resources I ve found for understanding the enneagram and how to relate to others.

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The Enneagram Advantage: Putting the 9 Personality Types to Work in the Office Adapting A Centuries Old Psychological System Of Personality Profiling, The Enneagram Advantage Gives Invaluable Insight Into Your Own Business Persona As Well As Those Of Your Colleagues, Bosses, Clients, And Corporate Cultures Best Selling Author Helen Palmer Has Written The Ultimate Guide To Using This Remarkable System At The Office And In Business Relationships.The Enneagram Is A Powerful Tool That Is Reshaping The Face Of Business In The 1990s With Straightforward Techniques That Are Easy To Understand And Simple To Apply, The Enneagram Advantage Helps You Break Free Of Rigid Perceptions About Yourself, Your Business Environment, And The Way You Think And Act In The Office Palmer Teaches You How To Identify Yourself As One Of The Nine Personalities The Perfectionist, The Giver, The Performer, The Romantic, The Observer, The Loyal Skeptic, The Epicure, The Boss, Or The Mediator She Then Pinpoints The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Types How They Interact With Others How They Think And Perform In Their Jobs What Motivates Them And How They Communicate The Enneagram Advantage Provides A Powerful And Proven Method For Self Discovery And Gives You The Tools You Need To Improve And Enhance All Of Your Professional Associations And Activities.