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The Best of Robert Silverberg ➹ [Read] ➵ The Best of Robert Silverberg By Robert Silverberg ➼ – Contents· Thinking about Silverberg · Barry N Malzberg · in · Road to Nightfall · nv Fantastic Universe Jul ’58 · Warm Man · ss FSF May ’57 · To See the Invisible Man · ss Worlds of Tomor Contents· Thinking of Robert eBook ´ about Silverberg · Barry N Malzberg · in · Road to Nightfall · nv Fantastic Universe Jul ’ · Warm Man · ss FSF May ’ · To See the Invisible Man · ss Worlds of Tomorrow Apr ’ · The Sixth Palace · ss Galaxy Feb ’ · Flies · ss Dangerous Visions ed Harlan Ellison Garden City NY Doubleday · Hawksbill Station · na Galaxy Aug ’ · Passengers · ss Orbit ed Damon The Best Epub / Knight GP Putnam’s · Nightwings Watcher · na Galaxy Sep ’ · Sundance · ss FSF Jun ’ · Good News from the Vatican · ss Universe ed Terry Carr Ace .

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  1. Tom LA Tom LA says:

    Oh boy these stories The vivid power of them the nuclear bomb imagination the intelligence the depth These are stories that fully transcend the genre which is a problem with SF as a category how can you even compare “Star Wars” to Silverberg ? And yet they both fall in the SF bucket even if Star Wars is to Silverberg what “Fifty Shades of Grey” is to Ian McEwan or Philip Roth There I said it and I’ll say it again as far as science fiction stories go Star Wars really sucks It’s so so bad If you like speculative fiction and you haven’t read Silverberg yet I kindly suggest you drop everything you’re reading and dive into his entire body of work That’s what I intend to do in the coming months anyway I’ve read maybe 5 or 6 books of his so far ALL of them diamondsI found this 1975 anthology in a used bookstore in LA nice and yellowed with that great mystical old book scent It includes 10 of the best stories written by Robert Silverberg from 1958 to 1971 Two of them are Nebula award winners one is a Hugo award winner and the other ones were nominated for one or the other 1 Road to Nightfall In a city of starving people only a certain kind of merchant is still in business yep it’s about cannibalism 2 Warm man A new neighbour appears with the magnetic powers of a bizarre confessor 3 To see the invisible man A future where the punishment for some crimes is “invisibility” even though people can still see you they will see the mark on your forehead and avoid you A story that was made into an episode of the “Amazing stories” TV show 4 The Sixth Palace A variation on the theme of the enigmatic Sphinx A robot guards a vast treasure you need to answer his uestions correctly if you want access to the treasure Very amusing 5 Flies Aliens save an astronaut and send him back to Earth only something is not right with him 6 Hawksbill Station Those accused of sedition in a right wing government of 2010 are sent back in time to the Pleistocene with a time machine that works only one way I loved this story especially for the main character he was so alive and vibrant and sprung out of the pages 7 Passengers Invaders whimsically take over men and women body and soul 8 Nightwings My favorite story and the longest one of the lot The epic journey of the Watcher and the characters around him The core of the story almost sounds like a dream or a hallucination Silverberg expanded it into a novel later on9 Sundance A team of scientists exterminate “pests” on a new world without trying to learn their true nature Echoes of “Downward to Earth” 10 Good news from the Vatican The story of the first robot who was elected Pope

  2. Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* says:

    What a cruel and dark place the world is for all its beauty all its wonder We have miracles around us on every side a spider web is a miracle But we also have violence insanity terrible disease sudden death The same Nature that brings us the mountains and the rivers and the green glistening meadows brings us the hurricane the earthuake and floodsThis was an anthology of some of Robert Silverberg's best work mostly stories that center around time travel which is just fascinating I had never read anything by this author before this book but let me tell you I am just positively hooked on his writing He's really brilliant Not only are the stories so fascinating and intriguing which takes a lot for me to say about short stories since I am generally not a big fan of them but the writing is just nothing short of beautiful I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of time travel stories or even just science fiction in general

  3. Greg Greg says:

    BOOK 63 Mid 20th Century North American Crime Readathon Round 2Six Frightened Men I could find no separate listingISBN for this short story nor could I find this story listed as being in any Silverberg anthology so I took a guess and placed it here A friend located this on line and pointed it out to me but I lost the linkI thought Silverberg's Blood on the Mink crime novel to be very good 40 but I couldn't locate further Silverberg crime novels at my library I like syfy and syfy crime is one of my favorite subgenres Isaac Asimov once published an article and stated one might think syfy crime stories couldn't be done fairly the rules could be any rules so could that be fair to the reader? Then Asimov published three very good syfy murder mysteries the first being The Naked Sun He established 3 rules as guides for readers and he played fair As does Silverberg here in this short story Hook4 stars A group of 8 men land on an alien planet It is explored by 6 men at a time via rotation so that 2 men man their ship at all times A 60 foot tall monster appears out of thin airPace3 Short story solidPlot3 One by one our explorers are murdered If this sounds familiar it should It's Agatha Silverberg does a beautiful job in this homage to Dame Christie but if you remember Christie's stunning solution you'll figure this one out instantlyChristie's famous None novel and the isolated area Christie's island is an isolated planet This is a very good plot but not original for a 3 star ratingPeople3 You'll remember the monster but no one elsePlace2 A missed opportunity Silverberg is a good author but he doesn't give us anything about this ship the planet nothing But 8 men on an isolated planet does propel the story and creates an uneasy atmosphereSummary My average rating is 32 If you like crime syfy AND you're a Christie fan this one's for youBlood on the Mink 40Six Frightened Men 30Robert Silverberg Author Average 35

  4. spikeINflorida spikeINflorida says:

    Placed in chronological order the reader has a front row seat to study Silverberg's metamorphosis from a fledgling stories 1 3 to master author stories 4 9 Hawksbill Station and Nightwings were so enjoyable that I will be reading their expanded novel length editions A must read for Robert Silverberg fans

  5. Jerry Jerry says:

    The reason I keep reading Silverberg books is right here The best than makes up for the disappointing These “best of” Silverberg stories were chosen by the author and span his career It starts with “Road to Nightfall” which was not his first published story but was one of the very first ones he wrote He wrote it for a contest in 1953 1954 and then neglected to submit it It’s uite good and still probably the least of the stories in this book It’s very much a mid fifties story taking place after some sort of limited nuclear exchange that has cut off most of the parts of the United States from most other parts with the result that it is impossible to get food from one place to anotherEach story is preceded by an introduction which you might want to read after reading the story; most times it doesn’t matter but it does for the first one and probably a few othersWhen I decided to add this book to my shopping list I added it with the very strange cover by Alan Magee because I liked the cover in general After reading the stories I might rather have gone for the Gerry Daly cover on the 1980 paperback The latter is an illustration from the story “Nightwings” which is a great story one of the best in the collection in the dying earth genre It follows a trio consisting of the Watcher guild whose sole job is to use retro radio euipment watch the skies for pending invasion a magical Flier guildmember who has faerie wings and an unguilded amateur historianThe world also has strange alien creatures already living on the world with a variety of jobs; in one case a room is “concealed by streamers of uasi sentient outworld gauzes”All of the stories are very good; the other two highlights are “Sundance” and “To See the Invisible Man” The former starts out as a bog standard anti imperialist story an American Indian scientist on another planet taking part in the biological extermination of an alien race But throughout there’s the sense that the character is taking the logic too far; the ending flips everything around so many times there’s no telling what is going on except that it’s not the expected“To See the Invisible Man” is about a justice system that can impose invisibility An invisible criminal is not actually invisible but everyone must treat them invisible on threat of being treated as invisible themselvesWith stories spanning 1954 to 1969 it’s not surprising that there is a lot of optimism even in the least optimistic stories In one of the grimmest “Hawksbill Station” time travel is possible by 2004 at the latest The same story has space travel so commonplace that people take lunar honeymoons by 2029

  6. Chris Miller Chris Miller says:

    Well first anything by Robert silverberg Apparently a great in 50’s 70’s sci fi I will find out I am partial to short stories and Robert Silverberg likes to play with it Many different tones paces and voices are shown in this collection Makes me interested in his future work I do not yet have any novels by him but I shall look out for them in the future

  7. Florin Constantinescu Florin Constantinescu says:

    One of my favorite short form writers this small sized collection as the title implies brings together what the publishing house thought of as Silverberg's best short worksCan't fully agree with their choices but this is pretty close to a 5 star rating as there are some timeless classics in here Good News from the Vatican Passengers Nightwings

  8. John John says:

    I read this on holiday and didn't have time to finish it I remember reading the followingRoad to Nightfall a depressing post nuclear scenario where people are running out of food Warm ManTo See the Invisible Man a man is punished by being made 'invisible' so everyone must ignore him An interesting conceptHawksbill Station a classic time travel story

  9. Randy Randy says:

    Silverberg is a staple author his work is clean and devoid of jargon; his ideas are vivid and imaginative He has the ability to tell a story with much heart just as Ray Bradbury Here you find some of his best work of which the favorites of mine are Hawksbill Station Sundance among others

  10. TrumanCoyote TrumanCoyote says:

    Of these stories the only one that seems to me to be great is To See the Invisible Man although I definitely could've done without that Tarzan ish last sentence The rest of them didn't really do much for me

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