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Modern Football Is Rubbish Nick Davidson And Shaun Hunt Are Going Through A Midlife Crisis As Far As Football Is Concerned Now They Ve Reached Early Middle Age They Are Wondering What Has Happened To The Beautiful Game Where Have All The Muddy Pitches Gone They Wallow In Nostalgia For Pm Saturday Kick Offs And Cup Upsets And They Rant Against Inflated Egos, Spiralling Salaries And Satellite TV And They Wonder About Men In Tights And Gloves

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    Better than Smyth and Turner s Jumpers for Goalposts, which covers the same ground, and complementary to When Saturday Comes by the eponymous magazine, this book explores the failings of the modern game, its separation from the fanbase, and its excessive commoditization Sport is a business, but it also creates communities and tribes, unfortunately and that latter aspect has been forgotten in the drive formoney.

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    Some great anecdotal stuff in this book, and some really well described stories of an era gone by in football The author s clever way with words made this a really entertaining read, even if I didn t understand a few of the references None the less, this book clearly outlines what s wrong with modern football.

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    Ok sort of book another quick read with some funny bits in but it fell between trying be humourous and then suddenly beingserious

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    i think i would have enjoyed it if I was about 50 years old and from England.