Bikram Yoga The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to

Bikram Yoga The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment ✮ [PDF] ✩ Bikram Yoga The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment By Bikram Choudhury ✻ – Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN13 9780060568085Leave your assumptions—and your excuses—at the door Bikram Choudhury the world's foremost authority on Hot Yoga is here t Librarian's note This is an The Guru PDF ´ alternate cover edition of ISBN Leave your assumptions—and your excuses—at the door Bikram Choudhury the world's foremost authority on Hot Yoga is here to show you the true way to self improvement and a new love of life Based on a centuries old and scientifically proven pathway to health Bikram Yoga will whip your body mind and spirit into shapeBased on Bikram's signature program of postures and two breathing exercises this book will help you combat a variety of afflictions—from stress and insomnia to arthritis and back Bikram Yoga Kindle - pain—and maintain exceptional health for years to come The various postures work your muscles increase flexibility and flush toxins out of your system—a completely natural full body workout without the unhealthy stresses and dangers of a gym It isn't easy It's a rigorous body bending program and Bikram gives it to you straight in his outspoken charismatic and tough love fashion But just like the hundreds of thousands of students who go to his studios across the country you'll end up sweaty and exhausted but keep coming back for Additionally Bikram Yoga can help Yoga The Guru PDF/EPUB æ you do much than drop inches from your belly Bikram Yoga The Guru Behind Hot PDF or explains how practicing yoga is also a mental and spiritual mission that can help you create a path to true happiness When it comes to love and marriage realizing your full potential or living a life in perfect balance Bikram's yogic philosophy shows you how physical strength and flexibility can be a gateway to mental clarity and spiritual calmIf you've never tried Bikram's yoga get ready for the deepest most beneficial class of your life And if you're an old hand at it your Yoga The Guru Behind Hot PDF or understanding of the postures and the seuence will increase exponentially as will your resultsSo are you ready to achieve lasting health and happiness The time has come for Bikram Yoga Grab your mat and get ready to change your life.

10 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Great read but only if yoga is of interest to you Otherwise the author just comes off as an arrogant prick Another's Goodreads review of Bikram YogaDittoI hate how non yogi self centered non loving and jerklike he comes off This guy is harsh to the sweetness that is meant to be yoga I don't like his total disregard for modern medicine it definitely has it's place I don't like his photos in the book I don't like how the world revolves around him He was definitely abused emotionally by his guru growing up thinks that is the norm around the world for all people It pains me to read his brash immature bashing of all the amazing yogis before him including Iyengar who I really like calling them all misguided knockoff artists preceding me What about those yamas of non violence and non judgement?All his insane egoism and I have a hard time admitting it was good to deepen my understanding of the physical benefits of each pose I believed there was a beautiful song that the body could sing to the soul so I attempted to write it That song as I heard it is the Seuence That's the best answer I can giveAll in all can't stand the guy but it's good to learn all viewpoints right?

  2. Anthony Anthony says:

    Whoa this guy has a terrible personality strong and repugnant like fancy cheese And yet like bad tv it was hard to put down The impression of this self help guru as a smug vain proud greedy and anti spiritual man is striking considering he is at the forefront of the huge Yoga phenomena current in America He preaches the exact opposite of what classical yoga and Hindu doctrine are all about And I think he is wildly successful exactly because this attitude thrives in LA where he is basedAt one point he declares himself the Mcdonald's of yoga teachers For some strange reason in this book about yoga Bikram spends a lot of time talking about how many fast cars he owns and the fact that he has the longest swimming pool in Beverly Hills ? It is disturbing that this passes as in contemporary america as a book pertaining to spiritualityAll the same I do have to say the yoga poses are a good physical workout And yoga in a heated room is an innovative idea As book about stretching and excercise this is all just fine Great even But his whole philosophy is lousy simplistic and shallow It's as uestionable as a book about Zen and bodybuilding or Christian Mysticism Football It's just weird awkward and unseemly

  3. Lucy Ulmer Lucy Ulmer says:

    Go Bikram Great book Will forever practice Bikram Yoga One life goal teach Bikram Yoga

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    I love Bikram Don't be fooled by his shiny clothes and cars Although he does not seem like a traditional yogi the opposite is true He has studied and practiced and his whole life He believes in himself and teaches his students to do the same through his series of postures to challenge and humble us Americans You should see the variety of students that practice Bikram Yoga Read his book and checkout a class

  5. Sophia Sophia says:

    Since I'm an avid fan and practitioner of Bikram yoga I found this book very helpful as I finally got serious about doing yoga like doing it every day I love hearing Bikram's philosophy behind the yoga the what where when why of its creation and intention I loved learning about the Indian philosophy of life and how the yoga fits into that philosophy Bikram yoga kicks my a in every class but this book shows how it's not just a physical discipline but something that goes way beyond that It teaches discipline focus meditation and relaxation cuz if you can learn to focus meditate and relax in a Bikram class then you can focus meditate and relax anywhereContrary to the surface opinions of Bikram the man I think he's hilarious Not that I've ever met him but his words from interviews and even this book I think it's a big big joke on everyone who takes the outrageous things he says so seriously Coming from a man who created a system of yoga that puts you in 105 degree heat for 90 minutes don't you think he's saying things just to provoke people? His yoga is about challenge why wouldn't his words be also?I found this book to be very helpful for me It's definitely staying on my shelf as something to reference as I continue to put myself through his daily torture chamber

  6. Angela Angela says:

    I wanted to read this book to learn about the philosophy behind yoga in general Bikrams' belief system from purely the spiritual side is a complete 180 from my belief system However the physical aspects of yoga at least Bikram yoga seem to be paramount I don't know if any of it is truly substantiated by actual published studies or not There are studies mentioned in the book to back up what Bikram already believed or claims All I know is that it all sounds good again from the physicalhealth benefits side of things Written in a very easy to read way this book is a uick read and will make you laugh out loud many times Bikram's blunt humor and matter of fact why he puts things had me rolling many times throughout

  7. Deanna Deanna says:

    This was just SO disappointing I have practiced bikram yoga for about a year and a half and was excited to finally get around to reading this book and deepen my understanding of the practice First of all there's only one measly chapter that actually talks about the postures and it really doesn't say much than is in the class dialogue On top of that the pictures of the guy in postures who isn't Bikram is doing the postures incorrectly in almost EVERY single photo Bikram comes off as a total ass which I expected but when he claimed all other forms of yoga were imposters that was a bit excessive Also his bashing of Americans got old after a while I'm glad I checked this out from the library and didn't spend any money on it I definitely don't recommend it for anyone

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I LOVE YOGA I LOVE HOT YOGA However I found this book to be very disappointing to say the least This man is extremely arrogant and rude which is not what yoga is about There is only one chapter in the book about the poses and it is not very informative His constant bashing of Americans got on my nerves I was also disgusted with his repeated insistence that Bikram yoga is the only true yoga On top of that the man not Bikram who is doing the poses for the pictures is not doing some of the postures correctly Luckily I borrowed it from the library Do not waste your time

  9. Carol Carol says:

    If you are a Bikram Yoga fan you will enjoy reading about the individual postures and the benefits gained from each of them Mr Choundhury is a bit of an eccentric and you must keep that in mind as you read his book His regimen works for many people and it's hard to argue with that just not sure all his claims are uite accurate Doesn't stop me from participating enthusiastically in the practice myself

  10. Tara Tara says:

    This book is so hard to rate on the one hand it was useful to learn about the postures but on the other hand 'the guru' is a dislikeable person Hot yoga is great I love the practice and have experienced the benefits but it is disconcerting that a person who comes across as judgemental arrogant and lacking in self awareness is behind it all I guess nobody is perfect even if they think they are

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