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  • Tösen från Stormyrtorpet
  • Selma Lagerlöf
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  • 01 August 2016
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10 thoughts on “Tösen från Stormyrtorpet

  1. John John says:

    Back in January I came across the Swedish movie Tösen från Stormyrtorpet 1917; vt Girl from Stormy Croft; vt The Lass from Stormy Croft on the excellent website Movies from the Silent Era and although I've yet to get round to watching the movie I was interested enough by what I read about it there and elsewhere to get hold of a copy of the novella upon which it was basedIn a remote area a crofter's daughter Helga has been seduced and impregnated by her married employer For the sake of her infant she has sued him for maintenance When she sees him in the courtroom about to swear on the Bible that he never laid so much as a finger on her guv so couldn't be the child's father she snatches away the Bible and withdraws her lawsuit she'd rather deprive herself and her child than allow the scoundrel to condemn his own soul to eternal damnation This so impresses the judge and the witnesses that they recognize the unwed mother who'd moments before been a social pariah in this moralistic community as being better and righteous than they themselves areOne of those in court has been the moderately wealthy young man Gudmund He befriends Helga and persuades his elderly incapacitated mother to hire her as a maidservant The whole family grows to love and respect Helga so it comes as a bit of a shock when Hildur Gudmund's betrothed tells him the wedding cannot go ahead unless Helga is out from under the family roof Since Hildur is both lovely and the daughter of a rich local bigwig Gudmund and his parents comply though making sure in diverse ways that the change won't impoverish the girlBut then there's a murder in town and Gudmund is the obvious suspect You can guess where this is going of course but that's part of the joy of reading the tale we know the final destination but we have the fun of discovering how Lagerlöf will get us from here to thereThe translation I read by Velma Swanston Howard was done in 1910 it's the one available from Project Gutenberg and so I anticipated that it might be a bit creaky In fact although it's very obviously dated it's in no sense slow or stuffy I found myself turning the digital pages at speed and happily The novella comes with a bunch of short stories that I'll read later when I'm not so snowed under with workA slight but very pleasing tale I'm glad I read it

  2. Suvi Suvi says:

    It's curious how Gudmund seems to be uncomfortable around the determined and self assured Hildur but he's smitten with Helga who even retracts his accusation towards his old boss who impregnated her because she's afraid of his soul he's about to lie in court Noble maybe but also slightly implausible and makes Helga seem like an angel descended from the heavensThe story itself is a sweet romance not saccharine thank god but also a sort of morality tale I read an old and battered copy from 1920 which may have affected in my opinion on the prose a little because I'm fond of old Finnish I still didn't like this that much though I'm mostly looking forward to reading Lagerlöf's other works mainly The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and Gösta Berling's Saga I just happened to stumble upon this at my parents' house and I need to give this back to my mum Too bad since the paper cover seems to have been painted by hand and it's incredibly beautiful

  3. Marc Marc says:

    Short story good structure strong start but weak and sugar sweet end About a fallen girl; naturalistic flavour

  4. Jerry Pogan Jerry Pogan says:

    Selma Lagerlof was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel for literature but in my opinion she was much better than anyone chosen up to that point That included such notables as Bjornstjerne Bjornson Rudyard Kipling and Henryk Sienkiewicz This is a brilliant collection of short stories written in Lagerlof's magnificent prose All of the stories were good but the best one is the title story Girl From the Marsh Croft even though it was a bit predictable and I could see where it was going I thoroughly enjoyed it

  5. sarah sarah says:

    I have a copy of my grandfather's reading list He read this book in 1911 just a month or so before my father was born and noted that he liked these stories They were really interesting dated but gave me a real feel for life in rural Sweden at that time Strangely I also felt that they gave me some insight into a grandfather I never knew and my father There was such a clear vision of right and wrong and religion

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    In 'The Girl from the Marsh Croft' Miss Lagerlof has courageously chosen a girl who has gone astray as the heroine of her love story making her innate honesty and goodness the redemptive ualities which win for her the love of an honest man and the respect and esteem of all

  7. Hayley Shaver Hayley Shaver says:

    I loved this collection of short stories They were all Christian themed in nature and were metaphysical This is a great book to read I'm going to read of this author's stories This is free in gutenbergorg and doubtless other places

  8. Mary Grace McGeehan Mary Grace McGeehan says:

    The Girl from the Marsh Croft is the story of Helga a servant from a poor family of tenant farmers a croft is a tenant farm who goes to court to sue her former employer for child support He’s about to swear on the Bible that the child is not his when to save him from eternal damnation she knocks his hand away and withdraws the charge Fellow residents of the village are impressed none so than handsome young Gudrun Helga goes to work for Gudrun’s mother and romantic complications ensue It’s a gripping and for its time non judgmental story

  9. Realini Realini says:

    The Girl from the Marsh Croft by Selma LagerlofA wonderful surpriseThis story was first published in 1908 and in my opinion this makes the author one of the first women to win worldwide recognitionA Nobel Prize winner gets to be known but I must admit that until about a year ago I had not heard of Selma LagerlofStarting to read this story I had some apprehensions for my experience with Nordic writers has been mixedI liked Hunger by Knut Hamsun but the atmosphere was gloomy which happened with Njals Saga and the latter I could not finishThen I really loved Independent People by another Noble Prize winner Halldor Laxness from IcelandThe reader first discovers the girl named Helga in a court of law and we only find out about her name after the first chapterSomething extraordinary happens at this trial where Helga is the plaintiff and a man who abused her is the defendantSince she has no means to care for the child born from the sexual act forced upon her Helga has demanded justiceBut the man has no intention of paying for a dreadful act and denies everything standing ready to swear on the BibleWhen the girl sees that the man that had abused her is ready to commit perjury and therefore in her view go to hell she rushes to the stand and prevents this crying out in an obvious state of despair and turmoil This cannot be I withdraw my case your honorEverybody is in awe at such an act and it is even outstanding since it is plain that she still has no way to make ends meetGudmund is outside the tribunal and offers her a ride home and later on after discussing with his mother a position in their houseLife has been terrible for the girl ever since she became a victim of the ruthless employer that had left her pregnantInstead of pitying her and offering consolation all the villagers had turned their backs and refused to offer her any jobMind you this is a period when women had to suffer all kinds of indignities such as those endured by this extraordinary girlAll through the story she proves to be a wonderful heroine brave resilient altruistic and dedicated loyal to those who help herShe is sacrificing her own interests to let others be happy and when a situation arises where she knows how to help she does soShe happens to know a secret I will not reveal any detail that may hinder your absolute enjoyment of the full story if you have read so farHaving this secret she could manipulate it in order to take personal advantage and get a better position and But she acts against her own interest which would have been to keep an adversary away and in the dark just by not sharing what she had learnedBut in an extraordinary act of valor she forgives a woman who had done her a terrible wrong by ejecting her from a position she lovedAn ordinary human being would pay back with a vengeance I would but this devoted fairy lady does the oppositeWhat happens is for you to find out reading a marvelous tale of love loyalty resilience bravery honesty and You can read this or download it legally and free of charge from the Gutenberg Project athttpwwwgutenbergorgwikiMainPageYou can find tens of thousands of books and a good number of masterpieces for which copyright has expiredMany of these chef d’oeuvres are hundreds or even thousands of years old and therefore in the Public Domain Gilgamesh The Odyssey The Iliad The Aeneid The Divine Comedy Pride and Prejudice Great Expectations The Essays of Montaigne The Arabian Nights Don uixote Crime and Punishment and many many

  10. Sandy Sandy says:

    This is a collection of short stories by Selma Lagerlof from the late 19thearly 20th centuries and they're interesting and odd in a good way They're sort of morality tales I can't uite say why they're odd or naive or maybe just Swedish and I don't know enough about Swedish culture It always seems like people are slapping their forehead and saying I could have done the right thing Let me go do that It seems a little naive in a pleasant way to a 21st century jaded American but maybe that's about me I enjoyed them though especially The Story of the Story and I look forward to reading her novels

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