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Tomorrow Ill Be Kind In A Follow Up To Tomorrow I Ll Be Brave, Award Winning Illustrator Jessica Hische Brings To Life Another Series Of Inspirational Words And Scenes With Her Lovely Hand Lettering And Adorable Illustrations This Uplifting And Positive Book Encourages Kids To Promise That Tomorrow, They Will Be Grateful, Helpful, And Kind Tomorrow I Ll Be EverythingI Strive To Be Each Day And Even When It S Difficult I Ll Work To Find A WayImmerse Yourself In The Beautifully Hand Lettered Words Of Widsom, Hope, And Positivity Alongside Adorable Illustrations Of Love And Caring This Book Is A Reminder To All Readers, Young And Old, That The Smallest Kind Gesture Can Make The Biggest Difference In The World We Just Have To Remember To Be Kind To One AnotherPraise For Tomorrow I Ll Be Kind As An Introduction To Personality Characteristics, Beneficial Behaviors, And Social Emotional Skills, This Is A Solid Choice, And Fans Of The Previous Volume Are Likely To Embrace This One As Well I Ll Dream Of All The Good That Comes When We All Just Do Our Best, The Text Explains A Sentiment That S Hard To Rebut Gently Encourages Empathy, Compassion, And Consideration Kirkus Reviews A Welcome Call To Tenderness PW ReviewsPraise For Tomorrow I Ll Be Brave Jessica Hische, One Of The Great Designers And Typographers, Now Shows Herself Equally Adept At Creating Gorgeous And Immersive Images For Young Readers This Is A Joyous Burst Of Color Dave Eggers, Author Of Her Right Foot

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    This is a follow up book to Tomorrow I ll be Brave and is done in the same style Which is to say that it isn t a storybook, but rather a visual explication of the qualities of kindness A double truck side by side pages contain a hand lettered word such as patience that is a specific attribute of kindness The next two pages contain a simple description of the image in front of the reader that now shows the word from the previous page being put into action, for example, a patient person might let someone else go first and wait for their turn to come The final images and words show how kindness benefits everyone This is a beautiful book to add to a collection of uplifting and beneficial reads The lettering of the enormous words that stretch accross the pages is crafted with care and the peaceful pinks make a nice counterpoint to the bold blues of Tomorrow I ll Be Brave There is a slight potential to read a misogynistic subtext in the color selections of each book, but as long as both books are equally distributed between the sexes it s not going to be an issue Everyone needs an appropriate dose of these qualities in equal measure t0 provide balance and keep both kindness and bravery from slipping past being virtues into becoming vices It is wonderful how the books relate to each other to create this balanced meesage This is an all around great book both textually and visually, for it s beauty as well as it s message, and for it s conversation provoking theme.

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    Those familiar with Tomorrow I ll Be Brave will find a similar approach to living out the artistically rendered words with thoughtfulness, and tenacity We are only asked to try our best, get a good night s rest, and try again tomorrow I appreciate the inclusion that maybe there is a level of preparation involved in our pursuits, even beyond sleeping Sure the efforts of a day require rest, but Hische s protagonists dream The text at the close reads I ll dream of the good that comes when we all just try our best while the images speak to opportunities The story attached to Honest finds a new story that could fit under the heading of Generous Similar to the previous book Hische inspires the reader listener to come up with their own ideas of what patience or gentleness of honesty might look like The word Patient accompanies a playground scenario of waiting turns it also explores the idea on the following page of being stuck, but not giving up I ll take time to see it through Notice how the three main characters are well, three always and how they are in the company of friends or family All of these ideas are pursued in relationships, in community The giving and receiving creates worthwhile moments, even in difficult situations broken windows, grieving loss.The palette is warm and soft The Font Art haven t many hard edges or angles except Patient, which is used as a structure is staid and less sprawling Hische brings a lot of energy and activity to the page this pairs well with the notion that these Word Ideas are pro active, Tomorrow I ll be helpful when I see someone in need I won t stand by or hesitate, I ll get up and take the lead Tomorrow I ll Be Kind is a nice companion to the earlier Tomorrow I ll Be Brave For some of us, it may be the best kind of pairing Regardless, it s a good one to have around, a gentle reminder and inspiring book to reference as we all of us grow into the best versions of ourselves.Noted The Ziggy Stardust inspired album cover on page 3 cute.

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    Age Preschool 1st gradeGreat vocabulary for different ways to be kind Each key word is written in an elaborate font that takes up the whole page but also serves as interactive objects related to the word or the setting For PATIENT, a slide dips through the n while a zebra sits on the a Although you may not immediately read the word, the reward of a little extra effort is fun Crisp illustrations, a reflection of tomorrow, and a sweet bedtime read make this stand out amidst the SEL kindness books.

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    I know I really liked her first book For me the font of the big words is quite hard to read, especially since she puts embellishments on top of it And I don t know if it s just this time, but I read it as like oh, tomorrow I ll do this, not today But the author says she s a bit of a procrastinator, so maybe it was a joke for her Overall, I do like the message this book puts forth, and the rhyme is good.

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    This book about kindness is a real work of art I just wonder why it couldn t have been called Today I ll be Kind Why not start right away Helpful, Patient, Gentle Honest, Generous, Grateful and Kind all show examples of what these words mean With lots of colourful illustrations young readers can be guided through the situations and discuss how they can do the same I love the book and its concept but still feel small children will need to have older readers provide explanations.

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    I recieved an early copy from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review I loved this I feel like this is one you can read at anytime to remind yourself to be a better person To strive towards goodness I wish this was going to be out in time for the first few days of school I d love to use it in my classroom.

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    I get that the author illustrator is a lettering artist, but most of the lettering was difficult to read for me and I m an adult who learned cursive in school I can t imagine that the fancy lettering will be easy for the kids to read.

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    A second book in this style by Hische Goes with Tomorrow I ll be Brave.Captures attributes for all of us as we move through life She acknowledges that we can t always be all of these things but we do our best.Some of the fonts are hard to read.

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    Good rhyming.Lettering was trick to read Maybe outlined in black would have helped or smaller on the double spread.Agree with reviews who suggest it should have been Today I ll Be Kind, because why wait When I read this to kids I will likely say TODAY.

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