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The Real Bravo Two Zero ❮Read❯ ➹ The Real Bravo Two Zero ➼ Author Michael Asher – The Bravo Two Zero mission in which an eight man SAS patrol was discovered many miles behind Irai lines and had to make a run back for the border and safety is probably the most famous incident involv The Bravo Two Zero mission in which Bravo Two MOBI î an eight man SAS patrol was discovered many miles behind Irai lines and had to make a run back for the border and safety is probably The Real Kindle - the most famous incident involving British troops in the Gulf War Two bestselling books Bravo Two Zero and The One That Got Away were published and two of the soldiers using the pseudonyms Andy Real Bravo Two ePUB ´ McNab and Chris Ryan were launched into new careers as writers Even the most uncritical reader of the two books would have been aware that some artistic licence had been employed What Michael Asher claims is the truth about Bravo Two Zero is however astonishing Asher fluent in Arabic and familiar with the ways of the desert Arabs travelled to Ira years after the Gulf War and re traced the steps of the SAS patrol finding Bedouin eyewitnesses to events There is an almost comical disparity between McNab and Ryan's version of the mission and the version Asher reports According to McNab when the patrol was discovered it was by Irai soldiers and a furious firefight ensued with the SAS men downing a dozen or men before fleeing According to Asher the mission was compromised by three Arab locals one of them a man in his s and the SAS wisely decided that discretion was the better part of valour and withdrew According to Ryan on his lonely journey to the Syrian border he was obliged to kill two Irais one with his bare hands According to Asher's sources he omitted to mention this at his initial de briefing One of Asher's aims in his book is to rehabilitate the reputation of Vince Phillips one of the dead Most readers of this book and of the tale told by the Arab who discovered Phillips's body will probably decide that he has done so Yet Asher does not seem motivated by a desire to denigrate the heroism of McNab and Ryan We get the heroes we want and Asher understands that the Rambo like exploits they reported were what we and the media demanded of them Their real heroism respected by both Asher and the Bedouins to whom he spoke lay in their powers of endurance and determination when utterly isolated and alone hundreds of miles inside enemy territory In The Real Bravo Two Zero Asher has written a far better and humane book than either of the two he deconstructs but he still seems to understand why McNab and Ryan produced the books they did Nick Rennison.

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  1. Lee Sherred Lee Sherred says:

    Got to admit that I wasn't impressed with this book I'm not saying that McNab's Bravo Two Zero is a historical document far from it but this book just seemed to have a bitter pettiness to it that left a sour taste in my mouth It seemed to me to be suited to a biased tabloid

  2. James James says:

    This is a must read for anyone who is interested in the Special Forces in general or SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol in particular Michael Asher is amongst other things ex SAS and this is the account of his on the ground 2001 research into what happened to the Bravo Two Zero patrol in Ira in 1991 It is a fascinating detective story which begins with Asher meeting Uday Hussain then finding and walking the route taken by the patrolWith the help of local people Asher manages to find the actual locations which were the milestones for the Bravo Two Zero patrol During the book Asher tests and calls into uestion some of the claims made by Andy McNab and Chris Ryan This book must make uncomfortable reading for them Having read the book; for what they did achieve I still hold all those concerned in high regard but will now consider McNab's original book as historical fiction

  3. Graham Graham says:

    THE REAL BRAVO TWO ZERO is Michael Asher's attempt to shed light on what really happened during the ill fated Bravo Two Zero mission in Ira that Andy McNab and Chris Ryan wrote aboutSuch an expose is inherently interesting and there's plenty of material to get out of the story Asher wanders around Ira speaking to the Irais who were involved in the story and his findings are shocking But I can't help feeling he's coming a little late to the party determined to spoil the story rake up some controversy and make some cash at the same time So that sours the experience for me

  4. Dean Mclellan Dean Mclellan says:

    Michael Asher has an axe to grindHaving read both “Bravo Two Zero” and “ The one that got away” I couldn’t help but feel that Michael Asher was constantly trying to disprove both Mcnab and Ryan’s accounts I appreciate that Asher was trying to defend the honour of the regiment and of Vince Phillips but the book was overshadowed by a sense of sometimes childlike rivalry as if he wanted to be their himself on that fateful mission but tries to discredit the ones who were For me it was a good read but at times I felt that I was reading about one man’s personal mission to discredit the whole affair which doesn’t seem to be in the nature of an ex SAS veteran Nobody knows for sure if Asher’s account was also embellished so for me the fact finding became of a subjective endeavour with Asher most certainly out to get Mcnab and Ryan A little bit disappointing due to the personal vendettas against the other authors

  5. Matt Matt says:

    Well that certainly puts end to the BS of Bravo Two Zero and The One That Got Away Proved that McNab and Ryan have distorted the truth informed to cash in Asher travels back to Ira and traced the exploits of the ill fated B2O patrol He interviews witnesses there and pulls apart the stories and prices together a feasible outcomeThey had some great exploits which would make great reading so why embellish it much better read than the actual B20 and OTGA

  6. Lisa Zappala Lisa Zappala says:

    Kind of worth a read Interesting read some loose conclusions the story the real story remains a mystery to me Interesting to read the story from another perspective but alas take it with a grain of salt

  7. Sam Dunn Sam Dunn says:

    The most believable book about this

  8. Dr. Rajarshee Bhattacharjee Dr. Rajarshee Bhattacharjee says:

    A big thumbs up for the effort of the author but its nothing than a militarized version of Truth and Fiction in Da Vinci Code

  9. Borhane Borhane says:

    You cannot just read the book and not watch the Doc Well it is a good one

  10. Trevor Dennis Trevor Dennis says:

    Spoiler AlertHaving just reread The One That Got Away and Bravo Two Zero again one after the other it was obvious that there were discrepancies between the two and Michael Asher's account became a must read for me I'd also read about Chris Ryan's reaction to Asher's exposé in that he apparently wanted to meet him behind the bike sheds to settle things with a punch up The bizarre thing about that was that it suggested that the best pugilist must be telling the truthIn actual fact while Asher seems to disprove conclusively the veracity of all that is written in the Ryan and McNab books he does so in a fair way without taking anything away from the patrol members in terms of endurance and courage One thing that did leave me disappointed in Chris Ryan was the strong doubt Asher casts on Ryan's account of the actions of Vince Phillips He also put forward some all too believable theories about Ryan's possible motives in denigrating Vince It's OK not not let the truth get in the way of a good story but portraying a fellow soldier as inept and a coward when they are dead and can't tell their side of the story is pretty low Shame on you Chris Ryan Colin ArmstrongOf the three books Asher's is the most well written and kept me interested throughout He convinced me that Ryan and McNab's whining about it being a put up job by Ira with actors magically inserted into Asher's path along with extended families or entire communities all with an identical account of what really happened to the B2Z patrol was nonsense I will now seek and read Soldier Five by Mike Coburn with my fingers crossed that his account is near to Michael Asher's than to either The One That Got Away or Bravo Two Zero

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