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Magician's Gambit ❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Magician's Gambit Author David Eddings – Ce'Nedra Imperial Princess of Tolnedra is confused Everyone knows the tales of the Orb protecting the West from the evil god Torak are just silly legends But here she is forced to join a dangerous ues Ce'Nedra Imperial Princess of Tolnedra is confused Everyone knows the tales of the Orb protecting the West from the evil god Torak are just silly legends But here she is forced to join a dangerous uest to recover that stolen Orb No one believes in sorcery but Garion's aunt and grandfather seem to be the fabled sorcerers Polgara and Belgarath who would have to be thousands of years oldEven young Garion is learning to do sorcery He's just a farm boy totally unsuitable for an Imperial Princess Yet for some reason she has the urge to teach him brush back his tangled hair and comfort him But he is going to a strange tower in the center of all he believes evil to face some horrible powerful magician and she can't be there to watch over him She may never see him againThus continues The Belgariad an epic prophecy still unfolding.

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  1. Olivia Olivia says:

    I flew through Magician's Gambit and it was a very enjoyable read though it's a set up for the next book The climax is where it ends uite abruptly in fact Possibly in the middle of the sente Yup that's how abruptly this book endsThe characters are super likeable and I'm enjoying the mythology and the centuries of history Eddings so meticulously createdIt's a classic hero's journey and it doesn't deviate from the usual tropes at least not so far but it's a comforting one light hearted and hopefulDon't expect anything groundbreaking and you'll have a great time with this series

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Somewhere in the middle of book three is when I start to wonder does anyone out there actually read a standard heroic journey myth with most of their attention on the main character? After all one knows exactly what's in store for Garion It's hardly a spoiler if I tell you he's going to tromp in and out of every kingdom on the continent before heading off to fight the final battleNo it's not the hero who's the key player in the heroic journey The real action's off on the sidelines where your cranky old sage and your bitter sardonic guide are engaged in a game of one upmanship via one linersI will not write BelgarathSilk slash I will not write BelgarathSilk slash I will not write

  3. Susan Kennedy Susan Kennedy says:

    Another great book in this amazing series You continue to follow the group as they are in search of the orb that was stolen This is a huge world changing event They travel through many different areas of this continent and are constantly pursued by one danger or another It is such an epic adventure story that I truly love the second time aroundI can't say enough how much I love these characters and how you get to know them each book that you read The little group is brought together by prophecy and they each have their skills that they add They each have their own personalities and I love reading about them and getting to know them Eddings writes these books so that I feel like I'm part of this group I urge them on and am pulling for them every step of the way Cameron Beierle is such a great narrator and I can't imaging anyone else He is amazing at how each character has its own voice and personality and he brings that out I am REALLY enjoying this the second time around as an audiobookIf you love fantasy I highly recommend this series Each book leaves me wanting The story is so well written and so enjoyable It is full of magic and intrigue and creatures; what could you want in an epic adventure story with characters so well written

  4. Markus Markus says:

    And so this is how long it took for the derivative nature of the series overwhelmed me At first it was uite an exciting series but at this point I can no longer ignore the fact that there is not a single original aspect of this nor even any suspenseStrangely or perhaps not? it also seems to have made an impact that I read this book as en ebook and the previous two as physical copies Holding a physical book in your hand is always a superior experienceAll that being said I will continue and try to finish the series Hopefully there is something to care about in the last two booksFull review to come

  5. C.E. Murphy C.E. Murphy says:

    I had forgotten there were scenes and sections in MAGICIAN'S GAMBIT that were entirely from Ce'Nedra's point of view I knew there were in CASTLE OF WIZARDRY but I had no recollection of it in MGThis endears the books to me as an adult even than as a teen I was not one of those female readers who as a child felt left out because all the stories were about boys and I wasn't a boy so therefore couldn't relate Yes well there wasn't a magical passageway in my closet that led to Narnia either but somehow I soldiered on and managed to love and accept it anyway you know? So I didn't notice a lack of female protagonists in books I read because none of these people were like me anywayAs an adult however I'm aware of the imbalance so I was completely delighted to rediscover that Ce'Nedra's status as a POV character one of only two in the Belgariad if I'm not mistaken begins in book 3 That's wonderfulOne of the things I'm really enjoying in these re reads is being reintroduced to a character and suddenly remembering their whole story It's a completely different kind of joy than discovering those stories for the first time that's pure adreneline based adventure This is the resurrection of old friendships the reawakening of memories based not on scent or touch but the shape of words on a page I laughed out loud at poor Garion's experiments with the Word and the Will in the Vale having completely forgotten what he'd done to himself in that scene and Relg's appearance came as a splendid shock of oh because so much of his story came back to me in that moment It was wonderfulAlso this book has one of my favorite lines in the history of ever Does bouncing count?

  6. Wanda Wanda says:

    I would rate this installment of the Belgariad at 35 starsThe pace has picked up from the first two books and things are moving along uite well Belgarath and Polgara have actually started to give Garion some information which would have been useful to him earlier truth be told But better late than never and his sorcerer training has finally begunOne writing tic that Eddings displays—Belgarath scratches his beard about every second page The poor old sorcerer either has anxiety issues or fleas I’m amazed that no editor caught that irritating repetitionWhile trying not to give away the ending I was disappointed that a feared opponent whom Belgarath has been working against for centuries was defeated when he made a beginner type mistake Evil bad guys usually don’t just eliminate themselves That was a bit anti climactic Also Princess Ce’Nedra seems to have been abandoned and I will have to wait for the next book to get a clue about how she is doing I thought a little check in with her would have helped to maintain the continuity of the series However I know that she is not abandoned permanently as Eddings has very obviously telegraphed her role as future love interest for GarionLove the religious fanatic who is actually confronted by his god and told in no uncertain terms to uit judging others and get on with making himself a better person Eddings takes some pointed jabs at fanaticism which endears him to me I will be interested in seeing where that particular story line goesOnwards I hope to read the fourth book at some point this summer

  7. Narilka Narilka says:

    April 2020 Reread Even with Ce'Nedra's POV chapters this remains my favorite in the series so far I find her highly irritating in this read through Still there's no better way to get through stressful times than a comfort re re re read Review from 2012 below Magician's Gambit is the third book of The Belgariad The first portion of the story is told from Ce'Nedra's point of view It was interesting to see Garion and the party from another view point The best part of this comes from a conversation between Ce'Nedra and Mandorallen when they discuss the various social ranks of everyone in the partyWe pick up one new party member Relg a religious fanatic At first he adds a discordant note to the party constantly pointing out the sins of others and berating himself for sins he has supposedly committed As the story gets going he proves how valuable his uniue skills are and if not actually becomes likable he at least starts to fit in betterThis is my favorite book in the series Two of my favorite parts in the series both happen in this book the birth of colt in the cave and the end battle It is also the only book in the series that ends in a semi cliff hanger Even though I've read it so many times I always find this book hard to put down

  8. Jim Jim says:

    I flew through this enjoyed every minute A few characters are added a couple are subtracted They really needed to be I enjoyed those moments immensely Eddings might not write horses as well as some authors but he occasionally pays attention to them which is nice They're not just cars with hooves although I certainly wish we could clear up our lameness issues as fast as he can On to the next

  9. Jane Jago Jane Jago says:

    Review will come after book five

  10. Andreas Andreas says:

    35 stars

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