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Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson [EPUB] ✸ Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson Author Keith Ablow – The highly publicized Scott Peterson murder case captivated a public hungry for the answer to one uestion Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness and with a pretty wif The highly Mind of Epub Ú publicized Scott Peterson murder case captivated a public hungry for the answer to one uestion Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness and with a pretty wife about to give birth brutally murder her and his unborn son Forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow's national media appearances including a groundbreaking interview on Oprah resulted in enormous public response saying that his theories about Inside the PDF/EPUB or the spawning of a killer inside Peterson were the first that made sense to them Members of Scott's and Laci's families have also stated that his comments were the first that helped them understand what might have happened inside Scott's mind Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson takes readers into the psyche of a killer exploringHow Scott Peterson's empathy for others was shattered by a three generation bloodline of childhood loss the Mind of eBook ☆ and abandonmentWhy an addiction to sex took root in Peterson's psycheWhy Peterson's meeting Amber Frey while his wife was pregnant triggered the perfect psychological stormClues to Peterson's guilt in his interviews with Gloria Gomez and Diane SawyerWhat Peterson was probably thinking as he listened to testimony in court and received his death sentenceWhy Peterson could kill again if released Using contacts at the FBI and hiring private investigators and researchers Keith Ablow delves deeply into Scott Peterson's life story to answer the uestion How did an all American boy turn into a ruthless killer.

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  1. Lori Lori says:

    Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson is an interesting if possibly flawed look at the psychological makeup of Scott Peterson Dr Keith Ablow while never having interviewed or worked with Peterson himself does make some fascinating points and conclusions Background on the Peterson family which I previously did not know sheds some light on the dynamics of this dyfunctional family Could the murder of Peterson's grandfather have led to Peterson himself becoming a murderer? There are some similarities and parallels but truth is we will never know What is known is that Peterson is a killer and he is definitely a cold unfeeling sociopath This book would have been much insightful had Dr Ablow actually spoken with Peterson but he did speak to Peterson's family members and ex girlfriends Part of Peterson's personality is revealed through Dr Ablow's interviews but as with all sociopaths not all Probably Peterson himself doesn't truly know his own personality The only part of the book I did not care for was Dr Ablow's opinion of Laci's personality as being someone who wanted to make things pretty and cared about outside appearances Some of his writing intentional or not seemed to suggest that Laci's own ignorance over her husband and desire to keep things respectful and appearances up may have contributed to her own murder Regardless of how little Laci may have known about her own husband she was the victim in this story and definitely did not deserve what happened to her All in all an interesting and sometimes mind boggling journey into the deep dark and empty heart of a sociopath

  2. Bryan Bryan says:

    I didn't agree with a lot of the author's theories but it was very interesting so I give it 35

  3. Melody Giannullo Melody Giannullo says:

    Informative about the case but almost insultingly speculative Not only about Scott but about Laci and his parents

  4. Dennis Littrell Dennis Littrell says:

    Ablow Keith Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson 2005 Not the best interpretationForensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow's thesis here is that Laci and Conner lost their lives to a psychological 'perfect storm' that began gathering over the Peterson family over five decades ago and reached hurricane strength in the psyche of Scott Peterson p 8 In concrete prose which is not Dr Ablow's strength the beginning of the storm was Scott Peterson's maternal grandfather being murdered by a disgruntled ex employee Following this his maternal grandmother gave her children to an orphanage run by catholic nuns Jackie Peterson Scott's mother was then two years old She endured a childhood filled with abuse When she had her first child the father left her She then gave up that child for adoption Another man another child He left her too and she gave that child up for adoption A third man a third child He too abandoned her and she would have given up that third child but was persuaded not to by her pediatrician And then along came Lee Peterson who stayed and they had Scott Shortly after his birth he contracted pneumonia and had to be placed in an oxygen chamberAt this point Dr Ablow remarks that researchers believe that the roots of a sociopath's twisted personalitycan sometimes be traced to early sudden separation between an infant and his or her mother p 39 He adds on the next page that with the cold reality of masked nurses and doctors peering at you their eyes filled with worry that you will die your body pierced unpredictably and uncontrollably by needles it should come as no surprise that you may wish to 'disappear' psychologically from the earth to crawl back inside a womb This is the infant Scott that he is talking about but one wonders what a newborn infant's eyes can see They focus on faces as they learn to see but as Ablow should know that takes months It's hard to imagine that a newborn can read the faces of masked nurses and doctorsAblow's argument is that Scott Peterson is a sociopath made than born This is crucial At another point Ablow speculates that Jackie Peterson might have wondered referring to Scott Peterson's half brother Don who was put up for adoption if her baby would be better off dead rather than abandoned by its father He asks Did Jackie Peterson ever think that before she sent her baby boy away forever? And then he asks the clincher Did Scott Peterson think that before he sent his baby boy to the bottom of the sea? p 33The lurid prose aside here I think Ablow is beginning to make the right connection On page 89 he uotes Scott's half sister Anne Bird as saying Scott and Jackie seem very similar to meShe was able to dispose of her children without much thought or emotion and he followed suit He disposed of his childAt another point Ablow uotes a family source as telling him Jackie lies about anything and everything p 47This is the key a genetic predisposition toward sociopathology inherited from the mother Scott Peterson's sociopathic personality had nothing to do with his grandfather being murdered or with his being in an oxygen chamber after birth It had everything to do with inheriting his mother's sociopathic genes and being raised by a mother who is a sociopath herself That's nature and nurture working together like mother like sonHow did the other children escape being sociopaths? They did not inherit the same combination of genes and their childhoods were not under the direction of a sociopath It takes both a genetic predisposition and an enabling environment for the sociopathic personality to be expressedThis is the weakest of the books on the Peterson case that I have read although there is some interesting material about Scott Peterson growing up Both Catherine Crier's and Amber Frey's are better particular Crier's The problem here is 1 Ablow's failure to understand sociopathology in evolutionary biological terms; his reliance on outdated psychologies that put too much blame on the environment and not enough on biology; and his overly rhetorical and speculative prose As a final example of the latter he writes on page 150 imagining Scott Peterson moments after he had killed his wife and unborn son Then he stepped into the bathroom looked at his face in the mirror and smiled a defiant unrepentant smileHe felt utterly and intensely alivePerhaps but he might also have felt terribly afraid for himself since he had now done something that could not be undone something he could not talk his way out of; and therefore there was the very real chance that he would have to suffer the conseuences I imagine that after he had murdered Laci Scott Peterson felt sorry for himselfAblow's idea that Scott Peterson was unmoved by his plight when arrested and then when sentenced to death is almost silly Scott put on a stoic face but Scott Peterson cares deeply about Scott Peterson All sociopaths care only about themselves first foremost and exclusivelySince they don't know how normal people feel not having those feelings themselves they are always acting in public and Scott was acting when the sentence was announced He was telling himself as he later told Anne Bird that he would get out on appeal and that she shouldn't worryAblow's explanation for his unworried demeanor goes like this Scott Peterson had already been spiritually dead a very long time He had walked among us as an emotional vampire feasting day to day on the life force of others particularly women p 17 Yes Scott used women but he did so with a great sense of entitlement and lust And yes he can be said to be spiritually dead because he was never spiritually alive but he doesn't care about that He is a pure sociopath Dennis Littrell author of Dennis Littrell's True Crime Companion

  5. andie andie says:

    Horrible book Keith Ablow begins by passively insinuating that Scott Peterson's paternal grandfather was murdered by his parents In the same chapters that he calls Scott a manipulative calculating empty shell of a person Ablow makes the assumption that if Scott's first child had been born perhaps Scott wouldn't have gone on to kill Ablow also claims that Scott's relationship with Amber was genuine the one thing in Scott's life he truly cared about and he wouldn't have gone on to kill if that relationship had lasted either Overall this reads like a cheap arm chair psychology novel I'm half way through the book and I'm trying to save my eyes from rolling over to the back of my skull I've got Catherine Crier's book on Peterson to read next why do I do this to myselfEdited Catherine Crier's book is a much better account of Scott Peterson and the trial Ablow spends too much time sensationalizing his own opinions of Peterson by omitting certain facts For example Ablow significantly downplays how much Peterson lied to Amber Frey all to propagate the idea that Scott's relationship with Amber was the one real thing in Scott's lifeComplete waste of time thankfully this book was a uick read

  6. Dayna Dayna says:

    This author really tried his best to get into Scott's head what was he thinking? What were his motives? Ultimately I don't think he succeeded; I think he over simplified Scott's motives and got a few of them flat out wrong For example the author contends that Scott was madly in love with Amber but based on his actions during their affair I tend to think that she was just another one of his many marital affairs This book is worth its weight in gold however not for the author's assumptions into Scott's mind but from all of the background research on Scott and his family The author dug deep into the history of Scott's grandparents and mother which was not widely reported in the mediaThis book is well written and a good true cime book for anyone

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    I loved this book It was a perfect account of the crime and everything leading up to it It was interesting to get into Scott Peterson's head to understand what kind of person he was and still is that led up to the murder of his wife and sonI have read a few books on this case written by his sister his mother in law and finally Amber Frey but they were all personal standpoints and opinions It was nice having an unbiased forensic psychologist take me through his life step by stepI truly feel like I really got to know him So much so that I actually feel pity for Scott Peterson He is a pathetic sad person yet fascinating

  8. Natalie Natalie says:

    I was sick of the media oversaturation of the Peterson case but a co worker gave me this book and I finished it in about two work shifts Keith Ablow a forensic psychologist makes a pretty good case for why Scott Peterson killed his wife Laci which is something the media never really touched upon too busy playing up the pretty dead pregnant wife and slightly trashy mistress angles I suppose Keith Ablow is a bit of a media whore himself though and I'm not sure if that casts suspicion or doubt on his credentials or ideas but I was fairly convinced by his arguments

  9. Tara Tara says:

    Some interesting insights were made but the writing was a little redundant at times Dr Ablow must have said that Scott Peterson was a person impersonating a person and that he was already dead at least a dozen times each throughout the book It was a uick read though and held my interest enough to finish it I'd recommend it for things like airplane rides or over night stays in hotels etc

  10. Tree Tree says:

    My daughter was born within days of Laci's and Connor's deaths so I've been captivated by the terrible story from the start This book does present some background on Scott that is sad and disturbing though the author does seem overly confident in his psychological background I got very tired of reading his hypothesis of Scott being a dead man over and over

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