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Essential Doctor Strange Vol 1 Marvel Essentials ❮Reading❯ ➽ Essential Doctor Strange Vol 1 Marvel Essentials Author Stan Lee – Stephen Strange is Doctor Strange But he is no doctor and least not the kind that would initially come to mind He is the Master of the Mystic Arts a sorcerer supreme a white knight who wields black ma Strange Vol Kindle Ö Stephen Strange is Doctor Strange But he is no doctor and least not the kind that would initially come to mind He is the Master of the Mystic Arts a sorcerer supreme a white knight Doctor Strange Vol 1 Marvel MOBI :↠ who wields black magic against blacker villains still Strange is mankind's only hope against the dark otherworldly forces that conspire to destroy the conscious world forces such as Baron Mordo the Dread Dormammu Nightmare Aggamon The House of Shadows Loki the Mindless Ones and Collected here in glorious black and white is the run of Stan Lee Essential Doctor Kindle - and Steve Ditko's amazing run of Strange Tales Strange's first and greatest adventures.

  • Paperback
  • 608 pages
  • Essential Doctor Strange Vol 1 Marvel Essentials
  • Stan Lee
  • English
  • 05 May 2014
  • 9780785133070

About the Author: Stan Lee

Strange Vol Kindle Ö Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer editor creator of comic book superheroes and the former president and chairman of Marvel ComicsWith several artist co creators most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Doctor Strange Vol 1 Marvel MOBI :↠ Ditko he co created Spider Man the Fantastic Four the X Men Iron Man the Hulk Daredevil the Silver Surfer Dr Strange and many other characters introducing complex.

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  1. Keith Davis Keith Davis says:

    I am going to commit the comic book euivalent of sacrilege and admit that I find Stan Lee almost unreadable No one needs to be reminded of all the characters Lee co created and the massive impact they have had on popular culture Having acknowledged that I need to point out that Lee wrote some of the clunkiest dialogue in comicsHere is an example from Doctor Strange's enemy the Dread Dormammu When last we fought I pledged my word to attack Dr Strange no But I am not so doing It is Mordo who attacks him Mordo using the power of Dormammu The power that I give him Then once Strange is destroyed there will be none remaining who can stop my conuest of Earth the home of the human raceIn Stan Lee's defense this was written to be read in a serialized format and any given issue might be some reader's first introduction to the ongoing story There must be a less intrusive way to catch new readers up than having characters shout their names and motivations at the reader I suspect even an audience of eight year old boys would know that Earth is the home of the human race as opposed to Humanland or somethingThe art of Steve Ditko is a bit of an acuired taste but it is amazing in its detail particularly in the detail he puts into the faces of even minor characters His extra dimensional backgrounds are as abstract as anything by Dali or Escher He sticks to rigidly suare page layouts with the formality of a haiku poet and like a poet he reveals that formal structure can be creatively liberating I am deducting one star for Lee's dialogue and another star for his formulaic repetitive plots That leaves 3 stars for Ditko's art and for that of his successor on the book Marie Severin and Dan Adkins

  2. Matthew J. Matthew J. says:

    I love how crazy these comics get but they're honestly not that good They're way way to wordy with most of the words being completely superfluous Some of the art is really good Some of it is kinda blah The monster designs and villain concepts are great Like a lot of comics of the era I'd love to see elements of these redone by better writers

  3. Eamonn Murphy Eamonn Murphy says:

    One of this year’s big Hollywood films had humble beginnings Doctor Strange portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the soon to be released movie first appeared in Strange Tales # 110 July 1963 ‘Strange Tales’ was a comic book anthology of short Science Fiction and fantasy stories and the character was almost certainly named to fit in with the title of the mag Stan Lee is not renowned for giving creator credit to other people but he admitted in a letter at the time that the character was mostly Steve Ditko’s idea Ditko is the artist for just over half of this volume and it’s among his best workThe first five page story ‘Doctor Strange Master Of Black Magic’ has a man consulting our hero at his sanctum in Greenwich Village New York because his dreams are haunted by a dark figure in chains staring at him That night Doctor Strange enters his dreams and while in the Dimension of Dream is attacked by Nightmare an ‘ancient foe’ He gets in trouble but is saved by his magic amulet and his mentor the Ancient One setting something of a pattern The ‘Black Magic’ part of the title was soon dropped because it wouldn’t sit well with religious America and Doc became a ‘Master Of The Mystic Arts’In Strange Tales # 111 Doc fights Baron Mordo a disciple of the Ancient One gone bad Mordo is a pretty low grade villain but keeps coming back in these early years He and Mordo duke it out in spirit image form which became ethereal for a few issues before finally settling in as ectoplasmic form in future issues As a child I spent some time trying to separate my ectoplasmic form from my physical body but never succeeded I think it comes with age After a two issue gap the Doctor returns again in Strange Tales # 114 Mordo is the villain again but this story introduces Victoria Bentley an English lady with dormant mystical talent who will appear in many future issuesFinally in Strange Tales # 115 we learn the origin of Doctor Strange He was a brilliant but arrogant surgeon who cared not a jot for his fellow man A traffic accident damaged the nerves in his hands and his career was finished He became a bum but having heard whispers of the Ancient One in far off Tibet a man of power who might cure him goes to Tibet How a bum gets from America to Tibet is not examined but on arrival he is allowed to stay and then recruited as a disciple when he alerts the Ancient One to Mordo’s evil plotting A good eight page story and the name of the Dread Dormammu is invoked for the first time in a spell There’s a lot of him laterPossibly because of the tight page counts Ditko uses a nine panel grid for many of the early yarns I love Ditko’s work in small panels As the page count expanded to ten he went for six or seven panels per page still first rate art Ditko generally inked himself in those days and turned in a very complete product When Strange enters other dimensions he managed to create uniue landscapes of floating islands and odd shapes connected by thin ribbons of roadI won’t do an issue by issue guide but I did note as I went along the first use of those terms that were to build up a solid background for the strip I once saw an interview with Stan Lee in which he explained that for drama he just made up a load of weird names usually alliterative because it sounded good In Strange Tales # 116 we first hear of the Book of the Vishanti the All Seeing Agamotto and the Hosts of Hoggoth soon to become ‘Hoary Hosts’ In Strange Tales # 124 the Seven Rings of Raggadorr come up and in # 125 Oshtur gets his first mention and Mordo is imprisoned in the Crimson Circle of Cyttorak which later became bands In issue #126 someone mentions the Shades of the Seraphim I never knew angels wore sunglasses Strange Tales # 144 is the first invocation of the Shield of the Seraphim and of the Curse of Watoomb who also has a wand These are all fantasy creations and apart from the aforementioned Seraphim the strip avoids Christian theology such as demons Heaven Hell God like and the plague This was to change over timeLike Kirby Ditko said in future years that he plotted all his stories and sent in the pages and had no contact with Lee Well whoever did it the strip really took off after Strange Tales # 126 ‘The Domain Of The Dread Dormammu’ This led off a long cycle of stories which introduced Clea the Doctor’s future love interest and ultimately led to a great battle between Dormammu and the cosmic entity known as Eternity On that high note in Strange Tales # 146 Ditko left Marvel to pursue his own eccentric interests He was never to produce such great work again as this on ‘Doctor Strange’ and that on ‘Amazing Spider Man’ There’s much controversy about Lee’s work as a writer but there’s no doubt that as an editor he really got the best from his pool of talentIt might have been satisfying for ‘stalwart’ Steve Ditko if his characters had slumped mightily in sales and success following his departure Unfortunately ‘Spider Man’ went from strength to strength with John Romita at the helm and ‘Doctor Strange’ carried on with some very strong stories There was a bit of bumpy period at first with Dennis O’Neil scripting and Golden Age favourite Bill Everett on the art but it wasn’t terrible and included ’The Origin Of The Ancient One’ in Strange Tales # 148 Then when Stan Lee teamed up with Marie Severin they launched into another grand epic featuring Umar the Unspeakable Dormammu’s sister and leading onto Zom and the Living Tribunal This was all terrific stuff and I remember as a kid waiting with bated breath for the next exciting instalmentMarie Severin has never claimed to be a plotter so it must have been Stan For the scripts he wrote melodramatic dialogue that gets a bit wearisome read continuously instead of in monthly instalments He also developed a new line in mysticism with talk of a thought that is not a thought but than a thought or a bridge that is not a bridge but is than a bridge or a world that is not really a world and so forthFinally Doctor Strange’s endless chasing from world to world and from strange being to stranger being to save the Earth goes on a bit too long Stan drops it and it’s wrapped up by Raymond Marais Jim Lawrence and Dennis O’Neil with some interesting art by Dan Adkins an accomplished illustrator The last few stories introduce Nebulos Lord of the Planets Perilous an evil legless dude and Yandroth a bad super scientist The overall story arc that started with Umar ends on the last page of Strange Tales # 168 which concludes this volume There’s an announcement that the next issue features Doctor Strange in his own book so maybe they dragged it out until that could happen Marvel got a new distribution deal at the end of the 60s and characters formerly confined to anthology mags Iron Man Captain America the Sub Mariner and the Hulk advanced to twenty page stories in their own magazines In general this was a good thingDespite the stories being interesting and entertaining ‘Doctor Strange’ never became a major title Instead it has been freuently cancelled over the years At the same time as can be seen in further volumes of ‘The Essential Doctor Strange’ it has attracted some of Marvel’s best writers and artists Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart have made notable contributions to his history On the pencil Gene Colan and Frank Brunner both turned in great work and there are those fabulous early stories by Ditko Perhaps the character himself sits ill with the rest of the Marvel Universe though he has been blended in at times even leading a team of super heroes The Defenders Unfortunately it’s often the case in the world of comics that uality doesn’t eual sales At least Doctor Strange has made it to the silver screen and I’m presuming and hoping that Benedict Cumberbatch wouldn’t get involved with complete tripe so the movie might be pretty good We’ll seeAs to price Geoff always asks this cost me £1199 back in 2009 but is certainly available for a lot now Hopefully it’s also available for lessEamonn MurphyThis review first appeared at

  4. The_Mad_Swede The_Mad_Swede says:

    This bw volume collects Strange Tales # 110–111 and 114–168 and includes the full original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko run plus a lot introducing not only Marvel's very own Master of the Mystic Arts his teacher the Ancient One and faithful servant Wong but also a host of enemies that have been important to the character ever since; including the Nightmare Baron Mordo and Dread Dormammu; not to mention entities such as Eternity and the Living Tribunal which has become essential in Marvel's cosmologyThese early adventures are a fun read and in particular the Ditko drawn issues up until # 146 are absolutely stunning visually speakingWarmly recommended for anyone interested in classic Marvel comics history Ditko or simply some well told tales involving a Master of the Mystic Arts

  5. Trevor Trevor says:

    Dr Strange was what i would call spectacular especially for the mid 60s until Stan Lee stopped writing it The twelve issue arc featuring the team up of Baron Mordo and Dormammu was a particular stand out As soon as Roy Thomas and Dennis O'Neil got their hands on it it went straight to shit and even the return of Stan Lee didn't help However Denny O'Neil's second shot at Dr Strange was much pleasant and the volume ends on a high note

  6. R.J. R.J. says:

    This isn't the sort of volume you should read in one sitting Yes Stan Lee's creativity and imagination are legendary But his gifts are as a creatorplotter than a writer Decades later the stories feel slow verbose and repetitive Still these are the tales that established Strange and on that basis are worth reading at least some of the key issues Prepare however to be underwhelmed

  7. Ben Mcfarlane Ben Mcfarlane says:

    Kinda disappointed for some reason I thought the story should be as compelling as something written recently like Kick Ass Visually though it was amazing especially the Ditko issues

  8. tony dillard jr tony dillard jr says:

    For a fan of horror comics I am considered a bit of an outsider I have no problem with ghost stories and tales of the macabre or monsters But when you get into witchcraft demons and spells I tend to shy away That's one reason that you don't see a lot of Doctor Strange or Hellblazer on this blog So why am I reading Doctor Strange now? The answer is easy with just 2 wordsBenedict CumberbatchI love this actor I adore him in Sherlock I thought he was perfect in The Hobbit trilogy as the dragon Smaug Heck I could watch him read the phone book The British actor's portrayal of the Sorcerer Supreme has made Doctor Strange one of my top 3 favorite Marvel movies of all time And it's piued my interest in reading up on the earliest exploits of Stephen StrangeIt also greatly helps that the majority of the stories written and illustrated in this book are by some of my all time favs as well Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Together they wove an intricate foundation of magic and wonder into the Marvel universe and I loved every panel of itFrom legendary villains such as Dormammu and Baron Mordo to lesser known baddies such as random street thugs if someone was misusing the mystic arts Doctor Strange was there to restore order As with all good things both Stan Lee and Ditko would eventually depart the series But a bunch of legends in their own right took over the mantle as creators with varying degrees of success Roy Thomas was a Stan the Man clone; whereas Denny O'Neil showed little glimpses of the that eerie supernatural touch that he'd later bring to DC in the pages of Batman I was a bit disappointed with former EC crew member Marie Severin's artwork It was too static But I loved the art deco touch of the 1930s brought about with the pen strokes of Bill Everett The Sub Mariner It's literally unsung brilliance in the annals of great Doctor Strange talentLike a lot of comics from this era I am now hooked I really want to get my hands on volume 2 as it has issues 3 14 of the very expensive Marvel Premiere run of Strange stories that I need to complete that collection As a penny pinching collector I count reprints as part of a run because for me it's important to be able to read and enjoy the entire story as opposed to owning issues And this volume collects some of the most amazingly entertaining supernatural tales ever told

  9. Robert Adam Gilmour Robert Adam Gilmour says:

    This Steve Ditko run of Doctor Strange is my favourite superhero comic ever and one of my favourite comics overall It isn't well written but the way it was visualized was incredible and I think one of comics' truly ground breaking contributions to speculative fiction and fantastical art You should very lightly skim the text and just enjoy Ditko's psychedelic adventures He would return to this type of visuals every now and then most notably the stories in Creepy Presents Steve Ditko and Shade The Changing ManBill Everett Marie Severin and Dan Adkins art fills the end of the book and they have their moments but they're underwhelming after Ditko Gene Colan is great in the later volumes thoughBuy these black and white Essential collections while you still can they are probably the best thing Marvel done in the past few decades Avoid the Masterworks and Omnibus versions like the plague they have really ugly reproduction and unfortunately this seems to be the state Marvel wants their best work to be in for the foreseeable future All the sadder when you consider all that other Ditko Kirby Everett Colan Heath and Maneely art that really deserves better reproduced reprints Some think this work is best seen in the original colour but I think the black and white looks superior You can create all the colour you like in your head I treasure this version

  10. Scott Scott says:

    You can trace the development of both Marvel comic book art and the increasingly sophisticated story lines through the Doctor Strange feature here in its run from mid 1963 to about mid 1968 a period in which it was half of the Strange Tales magazine sharing space with “The Human Torch” and later with “Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD” Starting with Steve Ditko’s somewhat crude but uniue early style the art for Doc Strange was always impressive something that doesn’t come across uite as well here as in a black and white format as it did in the original comics in full color Even so the evolution in Ditko’s style is impressive and the string of artists from the Marvel stable who continued the strip after he left were very good in their own right

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