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Once Night Falls A Harrowing Historical Novel Of The Extraordinary Acts Of Ordinary People In Nazi Occupied ItalyItaly, Luca Benedetto Has Joined The Partisans In Their Fight Against The German Troops Ravaging The Shores Of His Town On Lake Como While Risking His Life To Free His Country, Luca Is Also Struggling To Protect Sarah, His Jewish Lover Who S Hiding In A Mountain Cabin As The Violent Nazi Occupation Intensifies, Luca And Sarah Fear For Than Their Own LivesIn The Heart Of Their Village, Their Mothers Have Also Found Themselves Vulnerable To The Encroaching Nazis But Luca S Mother, Undeterred, Is Devising Her Own Revenge On The Occupiers With Mussolini Deposed And Allied Armies Fighting Their Way Up The Peninsula, The Fate Of Italy Hangs In The Balance, And The People Of Lake Como Must Decide How Much They Re Prepared To Sacrifice For Family, Friends, And The Country They LoveThe Most Trying Of Times Will Create The Most Unexpected Heroes And Incredible Acts Of Courage In This Stirring Narrative As Seen Through The Eyes Of Those Devastated By War Torn Italy

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    Why did pain exist Why did evil exist Why had God allowed men like Hitler and Mussolini to come to power Beginning with the reprisal killings at Piazzale Loreto, the story goes through Italy s political and militaristic transitions during Mussolini s dethronement by the king starting with Mussolini s banishment hiding at La Maddalena It has graphic moments and incorporates a fair amount of history It recounts the Nazi s invasion of Italy though brief and describes the implementation of antisemitic laws and practices in Italy during WW2 The story runs through each character s conflict mostly at night as the title implies and continues as does Mussolini staying hidden Each character is connected in some way and wants to learn Mussolini s whereabouts to either help kill him, help reinstate him, or help imprison him In this fictional tale, Mussolini s death is not featured since the story ends beforehand Because of this, I cannot say that I completely liked the fictional ending The epilogue does account for his death, though the epilogue is a statement of facts Now the king has removed il Duce from power and hidden him away, and everybody is desperately trying to find him the Allies to take him prisoner, Hitler to rescue him, our comrades to kill him There are a lot of characters in motion, and they skip around quite a bit The chapters alternate without pattern, and a new character is introduced all the way until chapter 12 This took some adjusting as a reader.For example chapter 1 Sarah, chapter 2 Mussolini, chapter 3 Frederico, chapter 4 Luca, chapter 5 Maria, chapter 6 Don Claudio, chapter 7 back to Mussolini, chapter 8 Silvio Merino, chapter 9 back to Luca, chapter 10, back to Sarah, and chapter 12 Otto.There are not any indicators under or above the chapters such as the location, date, or character POV, so you have to figure it out as you go.The characters POV include members of the Italian resistance, Benito Mussolini, priests, Nazi s, Jews in hiding, Italians hiding Jews, counterfeit artists.My favorite chapters were told from Mussolini s POV and the Don Claudio the priest POV.It is a good entertaining story The writing is simple and easy to understand There are traitors and secrets I still really liked it even though it was hard to get emotionally attached to the characters though since there were so many I also wish the ending would have been different It felt abrupt and left me without closure There is mild vulgar language and scenes that imply sexual acts 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because it was entertaining

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    First Reads November 2019

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    Once Night Falls is set in a small town in northern Italy during the German occupation of 1943 The war is going poorly for Il Duce and the otherwise ineffectual King Immanuel arrests the Fascist leader and sends him into exile From that setup, the author introduces a series of characters in single chapters that take us into the inner workings of a partisan cell, a priest connected to the partisans, a Roman businessman whose main commodity is information, and then deep into the hills to meet two lovers Sara and Luca, who ostensibly are the main players in the midst of so many well drawn characters And so, after the opening gambit, which one must be patient with to take in the full breadth of the cast as they appear one by one on the pleasant stage overlooking Lake Como, Merullo deftly paints a picture of the rising cauldron of anger in the hearts of the Italians who want to be done with the war and the braggadocious leader who led them shambling into their national tragedy Like all good historical fiction, emotion must permeate the actual event that anchors the novel s conceit The author produces emotion here in spades, Italian style When the final trigger is pulled, it s done with the proper vengeance, with the proper affection for the ones who have been slain, for the belief that love will always prevail, even in the face of such treachery and evil My feeling after the last page echos the words a newly freed Mussolini turning to his courageous rescuers in thanks telling them, ben fatto You ll have to read the book to see what he means.

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    You never know what you re going to get from an Prime first book, but this was one of the better ones.I ve read many WWII stories over the years, but not than two or three based in Italy, so the setting was something a little different a plus The writing was good, not great literature, but good The character development was decent for the Italian characters the German ones were simply thugs, symbols of evil I liked the format s structure short chapters toggling back and forth between a handful of key players in Mussolini s last days and weeks, before his demise Unlike other books of similar style, this one was easy to follow The short chapters allowed for that just one chapter without prolonging bed time too much.And I was interested in just one chapter I had enough interest in finding out the next event Merullo created good tension and suspense without annoying this reader.This is not a book for those who don t like violence it s a war book, after all I was frustrated with view spoiler how some characters stories were left hanging I know, that s sometimes how life is, but I still wanted to know I guess I was mildly invested in certain character hide spoiler

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    Yeesh, another one from Lake Union I hope Merullo has integrity with regard to the various cultures involved and the authentic who what why how remain intact in than a few areas The fear he ll stray just for sake of hit and entertainment would exist even if I didn t recall that some time ago Merullo mentioned being inspired to write this novel because of Beneath A Scarlet Sky aka Beneath Contempt It may have been a review of Beneath come to think of it Can t remember This remark about inspiration doesn t line up with claims in the Author s Note, so it remains to be seen which one may be truth and which a marketing ploy to help draw attention Certain assertions in the Author s Note are a tad off and vaguely worrisome We shall see how much effort the author put into be ing faithful to actual events Should Merullo achieve the authenticity of an average hist fic novel by someone who cares, I figure he ll be approx 900% ahead of the brava gente myth installment and fraud that Sullivan chose to produce Fingers crossed.

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    I am a huge fan of Roland Merullo, whether it is a novel, travel story whatever So I was very excited to see that he had written this book, and even excited to receive it from First Reads This is a truly amazing book that tells such a compelling story even those parts that are really hard to read and harder to accept that they actually happened This is so clearly good versus evil and you want those people that are good to overcome what has been thrust on them, knowing that it cannot always be that way I loved the historical aspects and the imagery he was able to create of Lake Como and the way the people lived before the war took over their lives.I am so hoping that he is planning to write another book that finishes this story.

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    A very well written historical novel, about every day heroic people in Northern Italy during WWII The author leads the reader to a greater understanding of the impact Hitler and Mussolini had on the daily lives and relationships of humble people The story is a bit hard to follow at first, as the first seven or eight chapters are about seven or eight different people, and I found that a little disorienting But the characters are well drawn and the reader quickly cares about them There is suspense, pathos and sympathy, and it seems the Allies, who have landed in Sicily, will not move north in time to rescue these people The book ended too soon, and I was disappointed at the lack of resolution I felt that the characters and I had been left hanging.

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    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfulBeing of Italian heritage, I was only vaguely familiar with Mussolini I remember an elderly Italian immigrant neighbor who praised Mussolini how good it was under him My father would sarcastically ask him why he didn t just go back to Italy if it was better there I now understand my father s sarcasm This is a well written book For me it filled a historical gap in my knowledge of WWII in Italy what the people went through at the hands of power driven men A good books gives the reader a complete picture of the realities of, in this case, war It also makes one want knowledge I could not put the book down I would like of this era from this author Effective job Roland Merullo.

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    Good read but definitely three starsI ve read few novels which are so very definitely three stars It s a good read, but it s not outstanding and nor, on the other hand, is it terrible The cast of characters is a little too large The chapters are rather too short Thus while one has the sense of a reasonably good story it is hard to engage with the characters and they remain oddly elusive Nonethe3, an enjoyable book.

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    A little slow to developBut worth reading for the story I ve read books about WWII in Germany and in England but this is the first I ve read about Italy No matter where, it was a cruel, cruel time for everyone everywhere and this book tells the story well through the eyes of many characters, which sometimes made it hard to keep them sorted out It took me longer to read than most books but i had to finish it.