Myth the Movies: Discovering the Myth Structure of 50

Myth the Movies: Discovering the Myth Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films ❴Epub❵ ➟ Myth the Movies: Discovering the Myth Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films Author Stuart Voytilla – Designed as a companion to The Writer's Journey Myth the Movies analyzes 50 US and foreign films in every cinematic genre Designed as Movies: Discovering PDF/EPUB Ä a companion to The Writer's Journey Myth the Movies analyzes US and foreign films in every cinematic genre.

9 thoughts on “Myth the Movies: Discovering the Myth Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films

  1. مهرداد اصیل مهرداد اصیل says:

    کتاب رو تا آخر نخوندم؛ خوشبختانه نیمه که رسیدم فهمیدم سرکاریه همون طور که احتمالاً می‌دونید، جوزف کمپل، اسطوره‌شناس معروف،‌ ایده‌ای داره با عنوان «سفر قهرمان»به کتاب «قهرمان هزارچهره» رجوع کنید تو هالیوود از این ایده خیلی بهره برده‌اند و تقریباً تمام مراحل سفر قهرمان رو تو فیلم‌ها می‌شه تشخیص داد یک آقایی به نام ووگلر کتاب آموزش فیلمنامه‌نویسی‌ای با کمک ایده کمپل نوشته به اسم «سفر نویسند» حالا آقای ویتیلا به قول خودش 50 فیلم رو بر اساس ساختار اسطوره‌ای تحلیل کرده و تو این کار از کتاب ووگلر کمک گرفته نتیجه کار فکر می‌کنید چیه؟ نویسنده داستان هر فیلم رو از الف تا یا تعریف کرده و مراحل سفر قهرمان رو هم حین تعریف داستان ذکر کردهنتیجه وراجی من هم اینه اگر فیلم‌ها رو ندیدید اصلاً سراغ کتاب نرید خوندن کتاب در یک صورت شاااید مفید باشه؛ برای آموزش فیلمنامه‌نویسی من چرا تا نیمه خوندم و همون اول ول نکردم؟ چون بعضی فیلم‌هاش رو ندیده بودم و به بهونه کتاب هر شب یکی از فیلم‌ها رو می‌دیدم

  2. Addy Addy says:

    This book was enlightening to read I feel like in school the framework for hero’s journey was drilled into my head but being a rebellious student I didn’t want to abide by that set of rules This book shows how that framework exists in even the most unexpected genres romances comedies etc and that it works I thought that Stuart Voytilla’s analyses were very thorough and offered compelling support for the use of mythic hero’s journey in even contemporary cinema I especially enjoyed when he included a diagram of what he was describing Combined with his thoughtful analysis of each film I finally began to see why even hundreds of years after Homer’s Odyssey writers come back to tried and true frameworks like hero’s journey

  3. K.J. Kron K.J. Kron says:

    A great to read after The Writer's Journey Takes a look at films and how they follow the basic hero's journey format

  4. Bridget Baker Bridget Baker says:

    I absolutely loved this book I find the Hero's Journey and different archetypes really interesting and this book applied those archetypes to all sorts of different movies with different genres It also came with Hero Journey charts for all the movies which were a helpful resource for me This book explains what each step of the Journey is and all the traditional story archetypes to help better understand the stories I think reading this book really helped me learn and apply the archetypes to other movies and books If you don't care about archetypes then this book isn't for you But I am fascinated with these archetypes so I loved it

  5. Wesley Fox Wesley Fox says:

    A good supplement to Writer's Journey by Chris Vogler Voytilla provides a summary of the hero's journey concept including some very accessible explanations and analysis He then applies it to some of the most popular movies of all time from multiple genresI was hoping for a bit commentary than just going through the plot of each movie but it was still an good exercise

  6. Paul Warner Paul Warner says:

    I'm a big fan of mythical archetype studies but have mainly looked at how they apply to sci fi fantasy film and books so this look at mythical archetypes in 50 films in a very wide variety of genre was very interesting A must read for film buffs myth buffs and writers

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    It's an interesting application of the Hero's Journey archetype to multiple genres of movies Some of the analyses may seem a bit forced but I read it to get myself in the mindframe of completing analyses just like this

  8. Sherry Sherry says:

    Invaluable to understanding the structure of not just movies but also of all great stories

  9. Brian Brian says:

    The Cliff's on Campbell's journey stuff applied to movies It's well done and the partial basis for the class Brower and I created

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