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Hadrian: Empire and Conflict Hadrian R AD 117 138 Is Known For His Restless And Ambitious Nature, His Interest In Architecture And His Passion For Greece And Greek Culture This Book Moves Beyond This Image To Give A New Appraisal Of This Emperor, Exploring The Sharp Contradictions In His Personality And His Role As A Ruthless Military Leader, Against The Backdrop Of The Events Of His 21 Year Reign, In Which He Travelled Throughout His Empire As Ruler, Hadrian Consolidated And Strengthened The Empire Rather Than Continuing The Campaigns Of His Predecessor Trajan

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    I ve been looking forward to reading this ever since I came across the review for it in Choice when I was doing a little collection development recon for the humanities shelves in my library It s just so gorgeous to look at It s the size of a coffee table book and loaded with beautiful, full page color photography of Roman statues and artifacts The book is a companion piece to an exhibit on Hadrian put on by the British Museum, so of course the actual history presented in the text is wonderful as well Hadrian was an interesting guy, who had the benefit of being Emperor in an very fortunate period of Roman history He was, almost above anything, a military man and the book highlights the various campaigns he was involved in or commanded with an interesting, but still comfortable, level of detail Thankfully, this book understands its purpose and firmly relegates notes and citations to the appendix There is a nice discussion on Hadrian s various artistic endeavors and building projects which included public spaces, an impressive estate at Tivoli, and the mausoleum that forms the basis of Castel Sant Angelo.I found the chapters on the social aspects of Hadrian s life fascinating From a modern perspective, he led a rather unconventional p...

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    In 2008 the British Museum had an exhibit on the Emperor Hadrian, a Roman ruler of the 2nd century AD Opper s fascinating book is the catalog from the exhibit Illustrated with artifacts from the Roman world, the book provides rich contex...

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    A good book about one of my favorite emperors A vast collection of artifacts as well as interesting insight into the work that would have gone into making the Empire as Hadrian knew it.

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    This looks like a potential Christmas present for my mother, who is a big fan of Hadrian.