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Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Emerges As An Ambitious Rebel, From His Earliest Years Into His Student Years And Adulthood.In Gripping Detail, Quirk Follows Castro As His First, Failed Attempt To Bring Down The Regime Of Fulgencio Batista Is Followed By The Small Scale Attacks From The Sierra Maestra Mountains That Culminate In The Dictator S Flight From Cuba In 1959 And Castro S Sweep Into Power The Story Provides A New Account Of Castro S Relations With The United States And The Soviet Union, Including The Bay Of Pigs Invasion And The 1962 Missile Crisis, And An Analysis Of The Successes And Failures Of His Regime To The Present Day.In Its Breadth And Drama, Fidel Castro Is Than The Story Of One Ambitious Man Steering His Nation On A Dangerous And Doomed Course It Is Also A Parable Of A Small Country Caught Up In The Throes Of International Rivalries And World Revolution.

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    This is a biography written by an author who did not like his subject which creates two problems 1 it fails to explain the subject s successes and 2 it alienates the reader who admires or is at least sympathetic to the subject.One has the feeling that Quirk s dislike of Castro stems from personal distaste or from being of a different ideological ...

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    I ve read two biographies of Fidel Castro, this one and that written by Tad Szulc Of the two I recommend the latter as its author had the fortune to actually know the Cuban President personally in addition to studying him critically Quirk s book is written at a greater distance and with le...

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    This is another biography about fidel castro.This book gives a lot of info on him This really helped me on my school project on him Each important event is described in this book.

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    this is taking waaaaay too long