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Vikings: The Battle at the End of Time Viking Artifacts Discovered Across A Vast Extent From Russia To Greenland And North America Bear Witness To An Artistic Legacy That Astonishes With Its Wealth And Diversity And Gives Life To The Popular Misconception Of The Vikings As A Seafaring Horde Of Barbarous Plunderers The Vikings Is A Richly Illustrated Introduction To This Extraordinary Culture, Presenting An Art Of Immense Sophistication, With Artifacts Ranging From Exquisite Gold Jewelry To Superbly Decorated Weapons, And Vividly Incised And Painted Runestones.This Book Covers Themes That Have Long Preoccupied The Popular Imagination, Including The Restless Spirit Of The Norsemen And Their Extraordinary Voyages In Quest Of Adventure, Booty, Conquest, Glory And Simply Trade The Mighty Gods And Goddesses Such As Odin, Freyja, Thor, And The Mischief Maker Loki The Mysteries Of The Afterlife And The Ceremonies And Sacrifices That Accompanied The Burials Of The Viking Rulers And Aristocracy In Their Magnificent Longships.Superb Landscape Photography Adds An Enthralling Atmosphere Of Place When Juxtaposed With Close Up Views Of Art, Artifacts, And Decorative Details An Elegant Showcase For The Glories Of The Viking World, This Exploration Into The Life And Art Of The Legendary Adventurers Capture The Achievements Of A Lost Culture.After Studying History At Oxford, Tony Allan Was For Many Years A Writer And Editor With Time Life Books, Serving As Series Editor Of The Time Life History Of The World He Subsequently Contributed Chapters To The Lost Civilisation Series, Covering Archeological Themes, And Worked As An Author And Consultant On Myth And Mankind, A 20 Volume Study Of Comparative Mythology His Own Books Include Americans In Paris, A Study Of American Artists And Writers In 1920s Paris, And , For Younger Readers, A Re Telling Of Edgar Allan Poe Stories That Was Nominated For The 1996 Birmingham Children S Book Award.

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    A good solid beginners guide to the Vikings, beautifully illustrated.

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    Perhaps this book is aimed at a readership of school aged students rather than old Celts like myself It generally covers a wide range of aspects of the Norse world, the geographical spread, art, trading links, mythology, culture, sagas, their period in history and their terrifying raiding through north west Europe.The informative t...

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    Drage u volje popiti pivoVisoko gore s obitelji AesirMoji dani na zemlji su odbrojani.Smijem se dok umirem.

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    This is a good overview of the Viking period The book is well laid out and has a beautiful design, including lots of lovely pictures.

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    Nothing wildly revolutionary about the information found in this book If you know your Vikings then you probably know most of what is written here already.The best thing about this book is not the information which is perfectly appropriate for the reader who has limited knowledge on V...

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    Es la segunda vez que leo este libro y me encanta Es una historia resumida sobre el mundo vikingo, tanto de sus costumbres, sus creencias, la pol tica, la guerra es muy completo y lo he disfrutado mucho.

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    A thorough introduction to Viking culture Easy to follow for kids, but still interesting Included several great photos of artifcats, but also some terrible qulaity photos that added nothing to book.

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    Good summary of the Viking way of life.

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    This was a very interesting read, made better with photos and illustrations I believe this was not an excellent source of information though because certain terms, for me the average person, was uncomprehending Many times I read repet...

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    Another overview of Viking equipment, beliefs, culture, etc.If you want a quick read to get broad ideas about what made the Vikings who they were, read this book The pictures, maps, and descriptions are enough to whet your appetite Just don t expect extraordinary detail.

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