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The Rat And The Raven Reading The Rat And The Raven Author Kerry Greenwood Contra Saustall.eu Ten Years After A Terrible Accident That Stripped The Earth With Laser Burns Seven Kilometres Wide And Brought An End To Most Of Human Civilisation, Patches Of Settlement Still Survive One Is The University, Which Maintains A Population And A Structure And Now Has Time And Resources To Find Out What Happened To Some Of Its Students, Sold As Slaves, While The University Was Ruled By A Despot Bran Assembles A Group, Including A Very Cautious Thief, Twin Girls And The Strong Man Mill The Hill, As Well As Swart, A Brother Of One Of The Lost Slaves They Set Out For Their First Mission By Train, For A Place Now Called The Rat S Town, Where Bran Meets A Transmitting Empath Called Scathe, Who Joins The Group As They Go Further First To Find The Lightning Maker, The Stormbringer And Then, Further Still, To Return To Find That Their Minds Are Not Their Own, And That Their Very Worst Nightmares Are Becoming Very Real Indeed.

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    Solid 3.5

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    I powered through this book in a single setting and it was so, so worth it The characters are all fascinating and diverse, and queer representation no less The fact that the novel is set in Melbourne is just extra icing on the cake.I wholly recommend this series if you re looking for something quick and easy to read Greenwood s writing style is wonderful and really adds to...

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    This was easily one of the most complex books I have ever written, and at the moment I not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing The begining was quite confusing to me and it took a while for me to really get into this book, where after about twenty pages it really picked up and I got into it It was different, and I have not ever read anything remotely similar to this, the names where intriguing also I love Scathe as a name, I ll point that out because that was something I loved seeing in this book I enjoyed the storyline quite a lot also, the idea that an individual could allow the place they took by force to become such a place is almost unfathomable, yet at the same time beyond the city limits are people willing to oppose this Despite it s complexity I found this to be a refreshing re...

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    Fast paced, enjoyed it Post apocalyptic dystopia with some fantasy supernatural powers genre the back cover calls it a sci fi thriller but there s almost no speculative science in it Intended for young adults, but interesting to me older adult the background is complex but the characters are relatively simple For me the backstory about how the characters came to be the way they were was missing.I always appreciate an Australian writer who sets their plot in Australia.I love her other 2 se...

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    I liked The Rat and The Raven quite a lot It s a post apocalyptic YA story, set in Victoria and contained a lot of classic themes yet remained quite a simple story Unfortunately it s out of print at present but I m looking for a copy for myself, along w...

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    Want to read this one again I know I liked it, but not sure how much The score of 3 is provisional until I have another look.

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    It was well written and I quite enjoyed it, but am enjoying Kerry Greenwood s Earthly Delights about a chubby baker far Loving it.

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    Many characters in such a short book are difficult to keep hold of in mind, but I love the glimpses of the world.

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    maybe a review to come.

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