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    Excellent read The last three chapters of the book were my favorite If I ever get out to Vegas I would love to visit Jud s church Excellent recount of stories and really great detail The theme of the book is grace and we all need to learn how to give it since we demand so much of it from others.

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    Ten years ago my wife, children, and I were living in the southern Midwest, in a town frequently referred to as the buckle of the Bible belt My wife and I were doing our best to live our lives and raise our children in accordance with God s direction as expressed in His word We attended a sound, Bible teaching church, had great Christian friends and strong support, were engaged in serving Him in our work, our home, and in our church Even better, it seemed the entire area was steeped with people who pretty much thought, believed, and acted as we did I thought what a great place to raise our children through the teen years and into adulthood.Then the bottom fell out My job came to an unexpected and inglorious end I wondered why hadn t I been diligently serving God in my job as I understood He wanted me to Hadn t I been growing in grace, leading in the community, modeling Christlike behavior at my work and in my home and church What had I done wrong or failed to do But then it got even interesting Another relocation was clearly on our horizon I applied for jobs in New York, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington state, and Washington DC But none were the right fit for various reasons Then, I was offered a job the only job I would be offered in Sin City As I proceeded through the site visits, the interviewing process, and evaluating the final offer it soon became clear that God was leading us to Las Vegas, Nevada I remembe...

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    I LOVE this book Almost makes me want to move to Vegas after so long of thinking I d never even set foot there again.This book renames Sin City as Grace City and very well so Written by a conservative Christian, the pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas.Many stories of changed lives t...

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    Book is a great collection of heart tugging true stories told by a Preacher of Central Church located in Las Vegas Each Chapter provoked thought and brought many questions to mind in regards to my faith.

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    It s the same book as Uncensored Grace, which I just read Still an awesome book.

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    There are people in Las Vegas who have problems, other than addiction to gambling There is hope for anyone

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    Read this It will get you out of your Sunday morning mindset.

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    This book is great, its from the Central pastor

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Stripped: Uncensored Grace on the Streets of Vegas BOOKS Stripped Uncensored Grace On The Streets Of Vegas By Jud Wilhite Bassgrotto.co.uk Uncensored Grace Is What You Get From A Loving God When All The Religious Types Have Gone Home, And Every Last Hope For Your Own Effort Has Blown Up In Your Face What Comes To Mind First When You Think Las Vegas Maybe Glitz And Glam Or Dealers And Dancers, High Rollers And Hell Raisers And Why Not After All, The Town They Call Sin City Is An American Icon, An Anything Goes Shrine To Pleasure, Money, Sex And Another Lucky Roll Of The Dice.Probably When You Think Las Vegas, You Don T Think About God Or Grace.Neither Did Jud Wilhite When He Was First Invited To Become The Senior Pastor At The City S Largest Church But The People He S Met Since Moving There With His Family Have Changed All That Today, Vegas Stands For Something Much Different And Surprising For Jud He Doesn T Think Of Vegas As Sin City Any Now, To Him, It Is Grace City.Working With Veteran Journalist Bill Taaffe, Jud Takes You Past The Neon And The Hype To Another Side Of Vegas Where People Whose Lives Have Been Marred By Loneliness, Addiction, And Despair Are Finding Hope And Freedom In A Vital Community Of Faith Stripped Is An Account Of What Happens When Ordinary People Get Honest With Each Other And An Extraordinary God In Its Pages You Ll Meet Gaming Industry Movers And Shakers You Ll Meet Working Exotic Dancers, A Flying Elvis, An American Idol Contestant, A Cop Who Won The Hearts Of A Crime Hardened City, And.Each Of Them Has Encountered What Jud Calls Uncensored Grace He Writes, Uncensored Means That There Is No Formula Or Membership Or Performance That Stands Between You And God S Goodness Stripped Is Their Unforgettable Account Of People Who Are Betting Everything On A Very Big Idea That As Wide And Deep And High As Your Mountain Of Personal Ruin Might Get, God S Transforming Grace Is Always Wider And Deeper And Higher.