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A History of the Expedition to Russia Vol. 2 KINDLE A History Of The Expedition To Russia Vol 2 Author Philippe Paul De S Gur Buyprobolan50.co.uk On The June 23, 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte S Grand Armee Crossed The River Niemen Into Russia In An Attempt To Defeat The Russian Army And Force Tsar Alexander Into A Treaty Confirming Napoleon S Dominance Over The Whole Of Continental Europe However, Despite Initial Success Which Led To The French Entering Moscow, The Army Had Failed To Resoundingly Defeat The Russians And Faced Continual Harassment From Russian Skirmishers And The Civilian Resistance, Decreasing Supplies And Lack Of Shelter, And A Staunch Resistance From The Tsar To Accede To Napoleon S Demand For A Truce Or Armistice Facing A Bitter Russian Winter, An Opponent With Superior Numbers, And Failing Supplies, The French Were Forced Into Ignominious Retreat And Only A Fraction Of The Original Force Returned Alive From Russia The Author Of This Account, De Segur, Was A General Of Brigade In The French Army And Took Part In This Campaign He Provides A Detailed And Compelling Narrative Of One Of Napoleon S Greatest Defeats This Is The Second Volume Of Two And Covers The Period After The Battle Of Borodino To The End Of The Campaign.

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