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The Mess That We Made The Mess That We Made Explores The Environmental Impact Of Trash And Plastic On The Ocean And Marine Life, And It Inspires Kids To Do Their Part To Combat Pollution Simple, Rhythmic Wording Builds To A Crescendo This Is The Mess That We Made These Are The Fish That Swim In The Mess That We Made And The Vibrant Digital Artwork Captures The Disaster That Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Children Can Imagine Themselves As One Of The Four Multi Ethnic Occupants Of The Little Boat Surrounded By Swirling Plastic In The Middle Of The Ocean, Witnessing The Cycle Of Destruction And The Harm It Causes To Plants, Animals, And Humans The First Half Of The Book Portrays The Growing Magnitude Of The Issue, And The Second Half Rallies Children And Adults To Make The Necessary Changes To Save Our Oceans Facts About The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Ocean Pollution, And How Kids Can Help Are Included In The Back Matter

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    Do you know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch More importantly, do your kids know about it Children are so refreshing in their approach to pretty serious world problems, as they often genuinely believe that they can help When they learn that smoking is bad or that bees are important, they re likely to tell anyone who will listen or make fliers to hang up around school or town Teach them about pollution and just watch as they go crazy picking up trash So what does this have to do with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Written in the pattern of The House That Jack Built, The Mess That We Made tells the story of the effects of trash in our ocean, starting with the fish that swim in the mess that we made and working down to the landfill, growing each day and the people at work and at play The Mess That We Made isn t all dark and dismal, though, as it ends with a community coming together for a Beach Clean Up Day and showing the positive impact that we can have on our ocean and its resources Almost than the words, Blattman s illustrations tell an incredibly powerful story We see fish eating trash, seals caught in nets, turtles trapped in plastic 6 pack rings, landfills spilling into the bay, and so much These images struck my children in a way that words can t Every single time we read it, we notice another way Blattman has shown that our trash affects sea life Our four year old has been requesting this book on repeat for the last few weeks, which shows you just how appealing this is to little ears and eyes And, she s both intrigued and inspired by the content, asking all sorts of questions about pollution, trash, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Be sure to check out the special section at the back includes facts about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, ocean pollution, and calls to action I ll definitely be adding this to my list of Earth Day Books to Read Year Round If you liked this, check out One Plastic BagGreta and the GiantsSpring After SpringWangari s Trees of Peace A big thank you to the publishers for sharing this book with our family in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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    Through rhyme and beautiful artwork of the sea, awareness of the problem trash has caused hits a clear note before gliding in with several solutions.This is a book with a purpose to raise awareness of the large trash problem currently ruining our oceans and seas The author uses a repetitive and very familiar rhyming to bring the point home It s not only easy and catchy for young listeners to join in on, but cleverly buildsmuch like the garbage situation But simply showing a problem doesn t round things off This book also ends with hope and offers solutions along the way.The illustrations are beautifulif not bitter sweet, since they do clear drive the point of ocean pollution home While the rhyme makes each moment clear, the illustrations really touch the heart Especially the sea life is wonderfully depicted and invites for gazing, among the garbage, of course It s a well balanced mix, which makes sure the message hits with full strength.Not only does do the last pages of the book show a light at the end of the tunnel and illustrate that it s not a lost situation, but there are extra pages at the end, which give detail Each scene or poem line is give information on how it affects the environment Then, a suggestion is offered as to how each specific problem can be helped For anyone wanting to raise awareness concerning ocean pollution, this is a wonderful book to grab up and use I received a complimentary copy and found the book beautifully done So, I m leaving my honest thoughts.

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    , Michelle Lord .

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    The story starts out with four children in a boat to explore the ocean This beautifully illustrated book would work well with any age child to explain the importance of us taking care of our oceans and earth and how we are responsible for the mess we made and ways that adults and children alike can make a difference I really enjoyed it and the illustrations were beautifully well done and the topic is not about any age child to not understand The reference and helpful hints in the back show ways that adults and children can get involved with cleaning our planet up so that the wildlife is no longer suffering I can really see how it could become any child s favorite book.

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    Michelle Lord doesn t sugarcoat the consequences of the mess that we made plastic pollution in the ocean Structured like The House that Jack Built, readers follow the detailed illustrations by Julia Blattman that show how prevalent and dangerous plastic is in the water As this cumulative tale builds, so does the tension of this ecological disaster and chain reaction until HOPE We are the ones who can save the day My spine tingled as I read these words and followed the final spreads to a brighter future The final end papers show Ocean Garbage Patches on a world map A must have for every classroom

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    Love the illustrations in this

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    A repeating rhyming book that shows the damage pollution has done to the ocean and it s creatures, but also shows readers things that can be done to help the ocean pollution problem.

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    Absolutely stunning book Beautiful artwork Such a great way to talk to young children about environmental awareness and our own impact on the earth.

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    The Mess That We Made by Michelle Lord and Julie Blattman is about plastic trash polluting the world s oceans It is a House that Jack Built type progressive narrative I m normally not a fan of this type of storytelling but it works here.There are two halves to this book The first half establishes just how bad things have gotten It begins with four children in a boat floating over a body of water littered with plastics and the caption This is the mess that we made It ends where it began, though this time with a whale swimming through that mess and the repeated line Look at the mess that we made.

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