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Jonah (Members From Money Book 48) PDF Epub Jonah Members From Money Book 48 Author Katie Dowe Launch Sale Just 2.99, Guaranteed For 24 Hours Only Save 50% Over The Regular Price Of 5.99 A Sexy Pregnancy Of Convenience Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Years Ago At College Party Nadine Summers And Jonah Dean Made A Pact If They Re Both Single At 30, They Would Have Child Together Nadine Thought It Was A Careless Decision, But Jonah Did Not Now 30, Nadine Struggles To Make Ends Meet And Is In A Loveless Relationship When Jonah Appears, Eager To Follow Through With Their Pact And He Ends Up Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Her Now A Self Made Gorgeous Billionaire, He Has What It Takes To Save Nadine S Business, And Perhaps Give Her The Thrill She S Been Missing In Her Life Bit By Bit, She Is Helpless To Resist And Now With An Unexpected Surprise What Will She Choose A Life Of Routine With Her Fianc Or A Once In A Lifetime Love Affair With A Man Of Her Dreams Find Out In This Emotional Yet Sexy Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Suitable For Over 18s Only Due To Sizzling Hot Sex Scenes

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    Just annoying Warning SPOILERS Let s just start with thisit is not sexy or romantic to keep advancing on and kissing a woman who has repeatedly said no , stop , and pushed you away I know that were supposed to know that deep down she really wants it, but its sexual assault and I really wish authors would stop passing it off as passion.So the hero goes on and on about how he can t live without her and how much he loves her The proceeds to dump her and immediately start dating someone else the first time there s a bump after he finally gets her That s true loveI guessLastly, the only term of end...

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    Each story gets better and better Jonah fell in love with Nadine who when just out of college and at a party with people who thought themselves better than him took the time to engage him in meaningful conversation where at the end of their time together, they made a pact that thankfully they were able to fulfill and s...

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    Family influence can cause problems sometimes This was a great read In some ways very sweet I really felt sad for Jonah and Nadine Shows just how much others can influence your mindset Especially your family Makes you wonder how different you d be of life had dealt you a different hand and family Would ve loved to see the ex fianc show his butt Nobody can be that boring they don t get in their feelings when their ex immediately ta...

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    Jonah and NadineShe was from a small town and had met him some years ago at a party Apparently he never forgot her He was geeky and awkward back then and kids were not nice Imagine some years later how both their lives changed especially for him He really made something of himself women desired him and men wished they were him She ...

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    Jonah Another great read from the series Members from Money Katie has a way to get you hooked on these men and women Their stories grab at the heart These women are like us and they are searching for someone to love them with all their hearts Even when the woman isn t sure that is what they want or need Jonah is ready to give Nadine the world, but she doesn t know how to accept ...

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    5 sYesfive for Jonah OMG That character is to die forYes I know highly improbable, but hey it s fantasy right And dang it..I want one His heart soul is so swoon worthy and breathtaking.I really needed some pearls to clutch I get Nadines frame of mind but really..gro...

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    Wow A pact made 10 years ago and the geek with the glasses and skinny body has come to collect A pact made between Jonah and Nadine if neither one have child by the time they turn 30 then they will get together and...

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    Five StarsThis will be added to my list of favorite books I own all the books in Members from Money except Christian These books I enjoy reading over and over Jonah is a great character, just like Ethan and Grady just a couple from my favorite list I hope that 50 is not the end.

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    Omgggggg Yess I loved Jonah and Nadine story Jonah was very patient with Nadine until he couldn t take her not trusting him I got why he did what he did But I m happy they got it together Great story as always Katie Dowe

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    Good readI like the story, but did not like some parts cause sometimes I prefer reality overall The over willingness to give up was meh for me But through and through I enjoyed it.

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