KINDLE ❁ A History of Presbyterian Missions: 1944-2007 Author Scott W. Sunquist –

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A History of Presbyterian Missions: 1944-2007 EPUB A History Of Presbyterian Missions 1944 2007 By Scott W Sunquist This Comprehensive Volume Features A Collection Of Interpretive Essays On The Work Of Missions In The Presbyterian Church For Over Sixty Years It Discusses Challenges To The Church S Mission Activities And To Its Missionaries And Examines The Ways In Which Changes In Denominational Structures Impacted Mission Work Reflections From Presbyterian Mission Leaders, Firsthand Accounts From Missionaries, And An Overview Of The Work In Specific Mission Areas From Latin America To East Asia Make This An Ideal Resource For Those Involved In Presbyterian Missions, Scholars, And All Those Who Seek To Understand The Breadth And Depth Of Presbyterian Missions.