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The Seasons of the EmmaLee An Kindle 1 Selection For Mystery Thriller And Suspense One Grand Ship Two Love Affairs, Decades Apart An Idyllic Summer Resort Town Torn Apart By Class Struggles, Tragic Loss, Betrayal And Murder.Jonathan McKendry, The Poor Son Of A Local Boatyard Owner In A 1940 S Northern Michigan Resort Town, Is Falling In Love With Emily Compton, The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Summer In Charlevoix And Own The Grand Ship, The EmmaLee As Class Differences And Family Pressures Threaten Any Hope Of The Relationship Succeeding, A Shocking Crime Shatters Their Dreams Of Being Together And Throws Them Into A Desperate Search For A Brutal Killer.In A Parallel Story In Present Day, Sally Thomason, A Descendant Of The Compton S, Is Thrilled To Join The Charlevoix Community In Welcoming Back The Family S Old Yacht, The EmmaLee After Decades Away When She Meets Alex Clark, The New Owner Of The Ship, Her Life Takes A Drastic Turn That Threatens Her Current Relationship And Dredges Up Past Memories Of A Tragic Event That Continues To Haunt Her As Sally And Alex Grow Closer, They Search For Common Ground To Move Beyond The Past And Build New Lives Together.The Seasons Of The EmmaLee Plays Out Against A Beautiful Scenic Backdrop And Compelling Historical Context While Exploring The Deep Emotions Of Tragic Love And Loss, And The Chilling Effects Of Evil That Often Lie Just Beneath The Surface Of Our Fragile Lives Five Star Reviews For The Seasons Of The EmmaLee An Absolute Delight The Perfect Summer Read Beautifully Written Praise For Michael Lindley Novels Lindley Is A Masterful Storyteller, Effortlessly Moving Between Past And Present His Work Reads Elegantly And Is Artfully Crafted Beautifully Merges Storylines Of Then And Now A Rising Talent.

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    Enjoyed the intertwining of past and presentI really enjoyed reading this book Being a Midwesterner myself, I could so easily imagine the landscape and the chill of the water The characters were a bit of a mystery and Sally could irritate me with her e...

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    1940, Charlevoix, MI Lake Michigan George Hansen husband waved to Mr Alex Clark father, billionaire Emma Lee Megan 12, daughter aboard the Emma Lee 180 yacht as they came into the dock area Everyone was here for the Venetian Festival.The Charlevoix HS marching band began playing America, the Beautiful Sally Thomason Emily Compton s daughter, artist painter was introduced to the 2 of them.Later, Mayor Martin Holloway helped welcome guest aboard to see the fabulous restored yacht Other prominent guests are Elizabeth Hansen wife , Mary Alice Gregory Grosse Pointe The Coast Guard Cutter Acacia was docked down at the Coast Guard station.Flashback The Helm Connor Harris Emily s BMF, Northwestern U , Emily Compton Michigan St were going have dinner drinks go see a movie.Forward, Emma Lee Mary Alice had brought Alex a bottle of wine.Sally brought him 1 of her paintings introduced him Megan to Gwen Roberts 41, Sally s Art gallery partner Sally had promised to show Alex Megan all the memorabilia pictures of the historical Emma Lee Flashback Johnathan McKendry son brother was going to give Emily Comp...

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    I chose to read this book since I got it as a free download after reading Grayton Winds by the same author I hesitated reading it because I wasn t excited about Grayton Winds, but I didn t have anything else to read and it was free.This story had substance to it than Grayton Winds There are two story lines in this book, one from the past and one the present The story revolves around a boat, the EmmaLee, owned by a rich family that vacations in the summers on Lake Michigan There is a beautiful teenage girl on the boat and a curious teenage boy from the town That is the story from the past There are several characters and twists that keep you reading The present involves the new, rich owner who has restored the EmmaLee to her previous glory and the daughter of beautiful teenage girl Some parts of the story are a bit predictable, but mostly there is enough variety to make the story interesting.One of the main reasons I didn t give it four stars is the structure of the writing I don t know if this book is self published, but there are just too many grammatical mistakes That drives me crazy I don t know if that is the editor s, the proofreader s, t...

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    A MUST READ I just don t know where to start I couldnt read fast enough on this story Two stories going on at once and such a fantastic read at that I don t tell the story in my reviews because then you know about it then you don t take the time to read and this is written so well and he knows about what he It s writing about.The people in...

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    This book is all about the things I love and places I know, so I was pleased to find it The characters are realistic and well defined From the beginning you know what is going to happen, but the road to the result is extremely heart warming The book takes a while to get the story set up, and I found my interest flagging However as I got further into it I became very emotional ...

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    This book is so interesting It has a great history and present day story that goes back and forth throughout the book I love how the author draws you in and keeps you captivated throughout the book The plot is wonderful and unique I love the characters and how you figure out how they are intertwine...

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    Enjoyed reading this book Beautiful descriptions of scenery around a harbor but never prolonged that it detracts from the storyline I found it a well written historical fiction that moved along at a nice clip and kept me intrigued from beginning to end.

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    Very predictableTwo stories Pretty predictable Lots of surrounding description This story was a little long for me Nice story regarding commitment and faith Also attention to how we Jud g e other.

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    Couldn t put the book downI have read many books and this author keeps your attention He went from one era to another without losing you I haven t read a book I a long time when I wanted .

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    Wonderful Michigan StoryThis story kept me captivated through out the whole book I envisioned the lake shores and the town s as they were then I love this area of MICHIGAN and enjoyed the history of the area What a pleasure this was to read.

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