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10 thoughts on “Elvis

  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    This is a real slow motion car crash of a book very enjoyable this is a splurt of coffee all down your shirt book this is a wander through the house looking for someone to say hey you GOT to hear this to even if it turns out to be the dog they have to hear it Goldman was some brave soul putting the big boot into Elvis and then turning round and doing the same for Lennon Respect to Albert this guy liked to live dangerously Or maybe he had a death wish Goldman's research is such that Elvis has a new interesting sexual predilection every 50 pages or so and clearly the fixed principle Albert adhered to throughout was always believe the worst thing anyone tells you Now that's what I call entertainment

  2. Dav8d777 Dav8d777 says:

    I grew up in Memphis and in some of the same cultural environs as Elvis Goldman a talented writer managed to capture a lot of the culture in this place at that time Sadly he uses this book to show what was wrong with ElvisFrom a long story about the time Elvis showed up in the studio with his feet smelling bad to comments about Elvis's penis Goldman can't find anything good to say about anyone That's precisely the reason he could not get an interview with any of the Beatles when he set his sites on John Lennon

  3. Rex McCulloch Rex McCulloch says:

    Forget your Garulnicks and your punknicks you may learn about how to write an english masters thesis elsewhere but you'll never learn about the man than here Yeah it's unforgiving and sordid and even if every little bit isn't cited you can't help but suspect that it's all true To me the man is always fascinating than the myth but not as fascinating as the making of the myth and this will always be the Rosetta Stone of Elvis

  4. Troy Soos Troy Soos says:

    It's poorly written and Goldman's contempt for his subject is off putting I have no idea why an author would want to write a biography of a man he so obviously detests Yet parts of it are entertaining in a salacious sort of way Skim this as a guilty pleasure but for a objective biography read Peter Guralnick's Last Train to Memphis

  5. Sam Sam says:

    So I wasn't expecting a 'sugar coated' biography but this book like a lot of post 1977 Elvis biographies tends to do a lot of 'character bashing' It seems that Goldman was focusing far on his distaste of Elvis than on Elvis' last 24 hours However it was interesting enough to keep my attention to the finish

  6. Cwn_annwn_13 Cwn_annwn_13 says:

    The accuracy of this book has been debated but its very entertaining If your one of these nutters that want to turn Elvis into some sort of holy figure then you will hate this book If you want to be entertained with tales of the wacky Elvis then this is the book for you Some of the stuff that gets into this is depressing like Elvis' drug use and penchant for young girls but some of it is funny as hell like Elvis' bizarre eating habits the story about flying all the way to Denver from Memphis for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is classic his idea that he was an enlightened new age spiritual master or the meeting between Elvis and Nixon where Elvis proposed to Nixon that he would be some sort of undercover agent and infiltrate the hippies for the FBI because he believed pot smoking was destroying the youth of America Now keep in mind Elvis was high as a kite on drugs prescribed by his Doctor that are many times harmful than Marijuana while proposing this to Nixon Like I said if Elvis is your religion you will be offended by this book if your a casual Elvis fan or could care less about him one way or another you will be entertained

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    Unlike Goldman's nauseating The Lives Of John Lennon this one is actually fun to read and is actually remotely believable most of the time as Elvis was known to be at least some of the time somewhat out to lunch But as soon as Goldman starts in with his attempts at psychoanalysis he reveals about himself than about his subject

  8. Tony Tony says:

    One of those books that makes you think why was this written? Well concerning Elvis answer is easy; to make money and subject not being able to correct anything written about him being dead No matter do you love or hate Elvis or any other target for this kind of nonsense; these are tough ones to even finish when author clearly hates their subject and there's no way of telling where the lie ends where the truth starts Die hard Elvis fans only who won't be offended by the worldIf you're new to Elvis it's Peter Guralnick's books for you and if you've read everything about Elvis already but not this one then reconsider and put this on the very end on your to read list A bit same vibe as in Mick Wall's Axl Rose book but wayyyy worse hey

  9. Frederick Frederick says:

    One of the parts I skimmed shows Goldman trying to get us to hate Elvis by defining the term whore's bath He explains that few people know the meaning of this phrase and then tells us it means the type of self cleaning in which one takes a towel and say wipes under one's arms thus avoiding having to take the time to shower Goldman tells us Elvis took whore's bathsShame on ElvisVomit on Goldman

  10. David Nichols David Nichols says:

    The literary euivalent of Lay's Potato Chips it's a junky book but you can't stop until you've read the whole thing Recommended for anyone who wants to know the precise menu of Elvis's Last Supper which was simple but gut wrenching

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Elvis[Read] ➲ Elvis By Albert Goldman – Thomashillier.co.uk Goldman's 1981 biography Elvis was much controversial In this book Goldman drew on than four years' research into Elvis Presley's life But for many fans and some critics his research was undermined by Goldman's biography Elvis was much controversial In this book Goldman drew on than four years' research into Elvis Presley's life But for many fans and some critics his research was undermined by his intense personal dislike of Presley For instance Goldman dismissed Presley as a plagiarist who never did anything of note after his first records at Sun Records insisting that he was inferior as an artist to Little Richard and other early rock'n'roll singers He also portrayed Presley as nearly insane using stories that some might see as innocuous such as Presley taking his friends halfway across the country to buy them peanut butter sandwiches to prove that the singer had lost his grip on reality On the other hand the book includes several newly discovered facts For instance in the course of his research Goldman discovered that Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker was not a Southerner but a native of Holland Parker had successfully covered this up to the degree that Presley himself allegedly never learned of it The book is harshest on Parker out of all the figures in Presley's life with whom it deals Further the book critically deals with the singer's weight problems his diet his choice of performing costumes and his sexual appetites and peculiarities The author even suggests that Presley's promiscuity masked latent homosexuality Discussing Presley's personal life Goldman concludes Elvis was a pervert a voyeur Some critics found comments like these overly biased and judgmental.