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Cat People PDF Epub Cat People Author Michael Korda Jobs In With Characteristic Wit, Self Effacing Charm And Sheer, Exuberant Love Of A Good Cat Story, New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Korda And His Wife Margaret Korda Recount Their Lives As Cat People, Beginning With Margaret S Passion For Cats And Michael S Reluctant Mid Life Transformation Into A Cat Person , And Introducing Readers To A Hilarious Assortment Of People Whose Life Revolves Often To An Extraordinary Degree Around Their Cat, Or Cats, From Cleopatra A Transatlantic Traveler Who Found Happiness In Paris To Wally, The Epitome Of Feline Dignity.Here Are People Who Just Can T Say No To Another Cat, Who World Travel With Their Cat, Who Build Their Social Life Around Their Cats And Of Course The Cats Themselves, For The Kordas Celebrate The Beguiling Power Of Cats, Including Many Of Their Own, Who Have Complemented, Complicated And Changed Their Lives Together Over The Years Here Are Charming, Often Hilarious And Sometimes Sad Portraits Of Such Cats As Margaret S Beloved Irving, Whose Favorite Abode Was The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, And Mumsie, Who Arrived Unexpectedly At The Door With Her Two Kittens, And Special Cats Like Jake And The Gentle Chutney, As Well As Difficult Cats Like Chui And Poor Mrs Bumble, And Mr McT., The Bully Who Found Love Late In Life Here Are Graceful Cats And Cats Like Kit Kat That Never Look Before They Jump, In Short, Countless Cats The Reader Will Never Forget, Even Those With Many Cats Of Their Own.

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    While some of the stories are amusing little anecdotes, there s also a few really horrible ones, like when a mother and daughter go to town and the father hires someone to kill every single cat at their barn Charming It s reality, but if they were going for a lighthearted book here, they failed Badly I also disagree with the opening chapter, on how cats are barely tolerant of hu...

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    Hilarious Not even a little bit I have no idea why I took the precious time to read the whole thing, except it was relatively short As much as I like cats, this was poorly written, with no definite voice, and would have turned me into a cat hater if I was inclined to give this book that m...

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    So, well, this was nothing but a random collection of loosely related stories with no real organization or structure A quick read I would recommend it for people who have an unexpected overnight layover at the airport and have nothing better to do.

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    Fun read for one sitting For people who love cats Nothing deep just fun and fast read.

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    Written by the editor in chief of Simon Schuster, Cat People A Hilariously Entertaining Look At The World Of Cat Lovers And Their Obsessive Devotion to Their Pets is a charming book about the personalities of cats generally, and of cats in particular Michael Korda and his wife Margaret share funny stories about their cats and their friend s cats, and anyone who loves and or owns a cat or cats will most definitely chucklethan a few times during the introduction with a hearty yes, Written by the editor in chief of Simon Schu...

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    Firstly, don t pay any attention to the reviews below mine, as apparently the writers don t actually GET cats, though one of them claims to like them Apparently, whatever they were expecting, this book did not fulfill their needs, bur they are DEAD wrong in their reviews Now to continue with why this book IS so special and enjoyable which, apparently, th...

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    Supposedly amusing anecdotes from the up scale life of self important, well to do New Yorkers playing out in their country estate with the beasts and little people Blech.

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    Warm and funny

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    Couldn t put down but I am obsessed with cats I think all readers would enjoy.

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    Cute A nostalgic collection of cat anecdotes by two serious cat lovers.