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The Tower of the Elephant ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ The Tower of the Elephant Author Robert E. Howard – Robert Ervin Howard 1906 1936 was an American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the Cimmer Robert Ervin Howard was an of the eBook ↠ American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the Cimmerian a literary icon whose pop culture imprint can be compared to such icons as Tarzan of the Apes Sherlock Holmes and James The Tower PDF/EPUB ² Bond Voracious reading along with a natural talent for prose writing and the encouragement of teachers conspired to create in Howard an interest in becoming a professional writer One by one he discovered the authors that would influence his later work Jack London and Rudyard Kipling It's clear from Howard's earliest writings and the recollections Tower of the Epub Ú of his friends that he suffered from severe depression from an early age Friends recall him defending the act of suicide as a valid alternative as early as eighteen years old while many of his stories and poems have a suicidal gloom and intensity that seem prescient in hindsight describing such an end not as a tragedy but as a release from hell on earth.

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  1. mark monday mark monday says:

    come join Conan the Cimmerian as he romps about in two bold and bloody adventures well one sorta kinda adventure and the other a short mystery although really not much of a mystery in the first young Conan encounters unpleasant natural supernatural threats while attempting to steal a precious jewel; in the second young Conan encounters unpleasant guardsmen a rather obvious secret monster while attempting to steal a precious jewel I always forget how much of a thief our boy Conan can be; I guess it wasn't until his later adventures that he turned towards mercenary workthis may not be the best intro to the fab short stories of Robert E Howard but I don't have a lot to complain about the purple prose pulp pop of Howard's style is evocative and fun plus the first tale actually has Conan feeling bad about someone's suffering rather than scorning their weakness I guess Conan has a soft spot for imprisoned supernatural beings with the bodies of men and the heads of weepy elephants such a softie Conanthis edition is SUPER LARGE PRINT for some reason it also includes nine nifty paintings by Richard Robertson Heavy Metal type fantasy illustrations of course nothing I'd hang on my wall but still uite a delight to this nerd's eyes nerd candy

  2. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    Sword and Sorcery is the most accepted name for this genre Howard was one of the early stars in writing such stories He had much to do with setting some of the parameters including the elements of “dark ages mankind” classic weaponry and transportation and an element of magic or mysticism The Tower of the Elephant was published almost 100 years ago and it should be read by any person claiming to have an interest in this type of fantasy From my perspective it is one of a handful of stories that form the cornerstones of what other have built uponYet it also stands firmly on its own with less of the racism and misogyny of that particular period Here are several samples that I believe will help you decide whether to go furtherIt was no image—it was a living thing and he was trapped in its chamber That he did not instantly explode in a burst of murderous frenzy is a fact that measured his horror which paralysed him where he stood A civilized man in his position would have sought doubtful refuge in the conclusion that he was insane; it did not occur to the Cimmerian to doubt his senses He knew he was face to face with a demon of the Elder World and the realization robbed him of all his faculties except sightThen began a desperate game the wits and uickness of the man matched against the fiendish craft and speed of the giant spider It no longer scuttled across the floor in a direct charge or swung its body through the air at him It raced about the ceiling and the walls seeking to snare him in the long loops of sticky grey web strands which it flung with a devilish accuracy These strands were thick as ropes and Conan knew that once they were coiled about him his desperate strength would not be enough to tear him free before the monster struck This may be my favorite story by Robert E Howard

  3. Bentley ★ Bentley ★ says:

    I've read 4 Conan short stories now and while I'm beginning to recognize that there's a definite formula to Howard's writing this story was thus far unmatched in terms of sheer entertainment value and the lore it added to the world If I had known years ago that Howard's Conan works were so steeped in lore and grand world building I probably would have started reading these stories long ago Set in the early days of Conan's overall story our favorite barbarian hears about a mysterious gemstone called the Heart of the Elephant locked away in a tower by a dangerous sorcerer and makes it his mission to retrieve it Full of Howard's trademark danger dark magic and intrigue the excursion is also unexpectedly filled to the brim with a deep lore that expands on the history of the world and the people living within it The inclusion of eldritch horrors and cosmic horror as a theme continues to be the unexpected surprise of Howard's work so far I'd not expected these stories to be as dark and chilling as they often end up being While the formula of his short stories is becoming familiar I still think Howard's prose and descriptive skills are unparalleled and this story was pure entertainment from start to finish

  4. Karen ⚜Mess⚜ Karen ⚜Mess⚜ says:

    Buddy Read with a fabulous bunch of people I really really loved this one The way the words flowed and the dialogue felt poetic I recognized several scenes that the movie Conan The Barbarian took from this story And that spider scene rocked I can picture in my mind Conan running around with his butt cheeks showing Just be careful where you put your trunk Yara

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    Conan encounters ancient alien wonders during a heist to pilfer a powerful magician's most precious treasure

  6. Baal Of Baal Of says:

    I liked this one a bit than the previous two stories probably because it was essentially a heist I liked that the master thief died so abruptly like he built up his reputation all so he could play a bit part for Conan And then there's the Lovecraftian twist at the end that really sealed the deal for me

  7. Seth Ganier Seth Ganier says:

    A short story following my favorite fictional character from my favorite author and it delivers like a sweet kiss The Tower of the Elephant is a small massive story about thieves who attempt to steal the Heart of the Elephant a creature that Conan the Cimmerian has never encountered What he finds is a secret for the reader to discover55 stars

  8. Byron Byron says:

    I read the version of this story in The Sword and Sorcery Anthology edited by David G Hartwell and Jacob WeismanThis is less like reading a story and like reading a rather bland DD game Conan feels robotic as does his companion Things happen but few feelings are felt except in the opening of the story which sets up Conan well but he seems to disappear inside himself However the fun for me came with the reveal of why the tower is called The Tower of the Elephant There's a twist there just a twist in genre rather than in plot that made this story memorable for me I'd like to see modern fantasy stories take grand risks like that but I still need characters to do than physical actions

  9. Lewis Lewis says:

    Howard at his bestThe Tower of the Elephant is one of the best of Robert E Howard's tales of Conan the barbarian and one of his best stories period Conan's encounter with the being in the tower is most unusual to say the least Conan's capacity to feel empathy for this creature reveals a complexity and sensitivity to his character that is seldom seen elsewhere in the Conan saga Highly recommended

  10. Stephen Robert Collins Stephen Robert Collins says:

    Tower is not the first but it is one of best stories that Howard wroteArnie S was ghastly as Conan he was far too bigIn the 1970s there was movie called Street Fighter starring Charles Bronson he then would been brilliant as ConanThis dark Ghotic story about theft an elephant God a dark wizard it's classic

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