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    Great overview I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick overview of the development of Christianity in America, with some comments on how the American trends are contrasted with Canada and Mexico.

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    I didn t know what to expect from this book but I really, really enjoyed it I found it to be thorough yet not boring fair and objective and short enough that it didn t take forever to get through I bet if you read it you will see many of your own historical denominations characteristics too A few quotes p 12 the most obvious reason why the history of Christianity in Canada and the United States differs from the history of Christianity in Europe is that North America is so much bigger than Europe The huge expanse of North America gave churches the kind of breathing room that simply had not existed before This breathing room allowed Christian groups that had felt confined in Europe a chance to develop their own religious visions out of their own internal resources It allowed European religious antagonists to drift apart It also gave creative souls every possible opportunity to propose new versions of Christianitychokengtitik

    titikchokeng 14 Of special importance for American Christian history is the fact that from the beginning, settlement by Africans took place alongside settlement by Europeanschokengtitik

    titikchokeng 26 Christian history in the United States, and to a somewhat lesser degree in Canada, differs from its counterparts in Europe because geography matters, because race and e...

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    This book is severely hamstrung by the American and Christian centric views of the author The title is the first indication of what I mean If you google the phrase old religion, you will find that it refers to Paganism But Noll either doesn t know or doesn t care and so has very misleadingly titled his book Nor is the book really about North American Christianity Canadian and Mexican Christianities are given only a cursory glance.This kind of bias mars the rest of the book as well The attempted genocide of Native Americans in glossed over, the witch trials in Salem are not mentioned at all that s right, a book on the history of Christianity in the United States doesn t mention the 19 people hanged in Massachusetts AT ALL , and the role of Christianity in endorsing the African slave trade is minimized.Noll ends his history with an overly optimistic assessment of the current state of ...

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    Mark Noll is at it again with an effortless survey of Christianity in North America Noll reminds us that Christianity in North America is an import religion, with very few distinctly American denominations The religion of America is truly an old religion in a new world However, over time, the old religion takes on distinctly American features due in large measure to issues such as space North America is a big place with room for religious groups to spread out , pluralism religious freedom has promoted religious diversity , ethnicity immigration has greatly influenced religion in America and the absence of confessional conservatism making it conducive to democratization These and other features give religion in American a distinctly new flavoring Noll also gives a nice overview of Christianity in Mexico and Canada, and u...

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    Fantastic book The author went beyond recounting the witch trials and Great Awakenings and blah, blah, blah to dig into the context of Christianity in the US I recognize that few others are as fascinated by this as I am, but I just soaked it up.The author is a professor at the evangelical Wheaton College, and his perspective bias definitely was evident Plus he just skimmed right over pesky topics like missionary work among the Native Americans and only gave a n...

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    I read this for a class at Southern Seminary I took for post graduate study on the history of the Church in America It was a great book and a interesting study.

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    Christianity is not native to North America It s a faith that was brought here, immigrated here, changed here.Take that last one however you will The Christianity of Europe and the Middle East may have come across the Atlantic, but what grew up on the land of the United States, Canada, and Mexico was something else Something different.How did that happen What did this new brand of Christianity do to these developing nations Or to the nations that were here before What have they done to the world as a whole The Old Religion in a New World The History of North American Christianity seeks to explore the past and see how Christianity has been shaped and how it has shaped the West And how it has shaped Christianity.Mark A Noll reaches back to the days of Christopher Columbus and takes readers through the history of North America, discussing the different ways that Christianity has changed Take that changed how you will.It is truly fascinating what history can teach us, what tidbits will spark something in our minds The Old Religion in a New ...

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    This book is excellent for what it does describing the history of Christianity in America in relation to its roots in Europe and its continuing interaction with Europe That is what the book is Here is what the book is not 1 It is not an exhaustive survey of the history of Christianity in America Nor does it claim to be The author has a different book if you are interested in that 2 It is not a history of American religion It is focused solely on Christianity There are other books that discuss the diverse religions in America 3 It is not an introductory textbook The author assumes the reader knows enough about American history and Christianity to follow the discussion This also means it isn t an easy read if you don t have the proper background That said, it isn t a difficult read, either Anyone who is interested in the su...

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    Very easy to read introduction to the history of Christianity in the United States The major movements and figures are presented with enough detail to be understood The book is very helpful with it s timelines and bibliographies Excellent place to start if you want to dig further at this topic Pastors will find this a very helpful volume in exploring the realities of faith in the American context Noll s treatment of Luthera...

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    I read this history a few years ago when the book was published and thought it gave a level account of the religious history of the United States I appreciated Noll s insights on how the Civil War affected Christian faith with the upward trajectory of D...

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The Old Religion in a New World: The History of North American Christianity One Of Our Foremost Historians Of Religion Here Chronicles The Arrival Of Christianity In The New World, Tracing The Turning Points In The Development Of The Immigrant Church That Have Led To Today S Distinctly American Faith.Taking A Unique Approach To This Fascinating Subject, Noll Focuses On What Was New About Organized Christian Religion On The American Continent By Comparison With European Christianity In Doing So, Noll Provides A Broad Outline Of The Major Events In The History Of The Christian Churches That Have Filled North America With Such Remarkable Vitality And Diversity He Also Highlights Some Of The Most Important Interpretive Issues In The Transfer Of The Hereditary Religion Of Europe To America.