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Georgie! Vol.1 Au 19 Me Si Cle, En Australie, Alors Qu Il Rentre Chez Lui Par Une Nuit D Orage, Un Fermier D Couvre, Bloqu E Sous Un Arbre Et Bout De Souffle, Une Femme Qui Tient Un B B Avant De Mourir, Cette Derni Re L Implore De Sauver Son Enfant Georgie, Car Tel Est Le Pr Nom De Cette Petite Fille, Vient De Trouver Une Seconde Famille Et C Est Sans Se Douter Du Secret De Sa Naissance Qu Elle Va Grandir Entour E De Ses Fr Res Abel Et Arthur Espi Gle, Elle Vit Alors Des Jours Heureux Et Ce, M Me Si Elle Ne Comprend Pas Toujours La S V Rit De Sa Nouvelle Maman Mais Le Pass Ne Va Pas Tarder Ressurgir.

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    Rating 4.0 5.0I enjoyed watching this anime many many years ago so I decided to start reading this manga The drawings are beautiful The story is good but not much is happening in this first volume I remember that in the first few episodes o...

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    Calificaci n 4 5 Hasta ahora me ha gustado mucho 3 eso s , tiene un par de incongruencias y lagunas en su narrativa, es necesario ver el nime para entenderle a algunos detalles a la historia, cosa que no me gusta en los libros, debe de sostenerse por s mismo sin depender de ning n material ajeno para que se comprenda la historia.Se enfoca...

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    This is such an amazing series A very sweet and touching masterpiece, and not to mention, the best Anime Manga Love Triangle that you may come across to in whole your life But, if you really want to know whats going on, I suggest to read the manga, as the story in the manga is much realistic and memorable than the anime, however, it has the REAL ending, unlike the anime where the ending has been converted, you can read the manga of Lady Georgie on www.mangafox.com and the overall story in both, the manga and the anime, is about Lady Georgie, a pretty and innocent young girl, lives in the beautiful Australian countryside with her family While her father and her two brothers Abel and Arthur love her dearly, her mother finds it hard to treat her like the other children In fact, unbeknownst to Georgie, she is not her parents real daughter, but rather is a child who was found in the middle of a storm One day, after tragedy strikes, the family is torn in irreparable ways and Georgie finds h...

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    The anime of this manga was shown here in my country years ago Unfortunately, I was not able to watch it because I had class during the time it was aired My interest in it was revived when an office colleague mentioned that it is her favorite anime So I went ahead, looked for the manga, and started reading.The story started well enough I liked that Georgie was a beautiful, pure, and spirited girl that despite her mother s apparent lack of love and affection for her, still managed to bask in the love of her brothers and everyone else around her What I just didn t like was that she was had to go through so many men Lowell, Abel, and Arthur, in EXACTLY that order My father didn t like the anime, he said Georgie was a slut I have to reluctantly agree.I found it really disturbing that she allowed Abel to kiss her and do his way with her inside a prison, to boot even though they grew up as brother and sister Yes, Abel never really thought of her as a sister because he knew right from the start that Georgie was a foundling but Georgie had no idea of her true heritage until a few months ago Didn t it feel weird having your ...

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    Recensione basata sull edizione Neverland.Dramma classico per menti non troppo giovani, molto ben strutturato.Personalmente lo vedo come un completo elogio alla femminilit ed alla crescita in linea pi generale.Sette volumi, se la...

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    J ai retrouv la Georgie du dessin anim de mon enfance Les traits de crayons sont tr s travaill s et les yeux d bordent d toiles Bon apr s la fille qui fait craquer tous les mecs en restant toute innocente a me h risse D finitivem...

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    It s a very nice touching story There are five books.

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    I love the story Made me cry in the end Sooo tragic Its not her fault why she is overly appealing with guys LOL

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