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Alternative Energy: Facts, Statistics, And Issues Rising Gas And Utility Prices, To Say Nothing Of Growing Concerns About Global Warming, Are Fueling Increased Interest In Alternative Energy Finding Comprehensive Information On This Popular Topic Can Be Tough Written For The Layperson, This Book Is A One Stop Source Of Information About Alternative Energy Forms, In A World That Needs It Than Ever Environmentally Conscious Individuals Will Find The Most Up To Date Information In This New Annual Summary Important Facts About Companies And Universities Conducting Research In Alternative Energy Areas, Government Research Subsidies, Statistics On Global Use Of Alternative Energy Systems, And Production Of Ethanol And Hybrid Fuels Are Included Cost Comparisons And A Valuable Appendix With Sources For Further Study Complete This Encompassing Energy ReferenceThis Book Features An Overview Of New Techniques And Advancements In The Efficiency Of Various Types Of Alternative Energy Sources Such As Biomass Energy Fusion Power Geothermal Energy Hybrid Systems Hydroelectric Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells Photo Voltaic Cells Solar Energy WindA Current Assessment Of The State Of Conventional Energy Sources And Fossil Fuels, The Depressed State Of The Nuclear Power Industry, And World Energy Costs Are Included In The Introductory Section