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  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    I find that if I pick up a book by Harlan Coben I then resent anything that reuires my attention dragging me away from it such is his skill at grabbing hold of you and playing with your mind He really knows his stuff able to draw readers in with ease and he hasn't failed with The Woods The suspense is constant but not happy with that he manages to turn up the action a notch further as the story twists and turns every which way The characters are really believable too and the dialogue suits each of those characters perfectly An absorbing tale once againCan Harlan Coben do anything wrong?

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    Twenty years ago eighteen year old Paul Copeland was working as a counselor at a summer camp in which four teenagers walked into the woods one night two were murdered and two went missing never to be seen again they were thought to be dead their bodies were never found some of their clothing had blood on it One of the missing was Paul's sister Camille Twenty years later Paul now a County Prosecutor is being asked uestions by detectives about a man who was recently murdered who had Paul's address on him and clippings about the camp murders When Paul goes to the morgue and sees a tattoo on the dead man's arm that he recognizes Paul is convinced the murdered man is the other man who went missing like his sister But if this man who was just murdered was alive for the past twenty years maybe his sister could still be alive tooEventually Paul gets together with his ex girlfriend Lucy from the camp whom he hasn't seen in twenty years after she contacts him because strange things are occurring in her life that have to do with that long ago camp incident in which she was also involvedI don't want to give any of the plot away since it's fun to read the book to find out what happens I found the characters very interesting I liked Paul who was raising a young daughter Paul's wife died of cancer I also liked Lucy who never really seemed to get over that long ago camp incident Her father ran the camp and he is now in a home The secondary characters were a lively group I especially got a kick out of attorney Flair Hickory the well dressedflamboyant attorneyI really liked this fast paced suspense story There were moments of humor in the book that I find enjoyable from this author And some surprises This was a captivating and entertaining read

  3. Mandy Mandy says:

    Definitely a page turner Coben always fascinates me with his novels

  4. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Just love this guy HC is great This was very good audio book well crafted artists that delivered good uality reading with excellent accents tone and an all round feel of a uality performance as after all these audio books are a performance Also a great feature was the use of a male and female narrator Excellent Funny enough though I own the paperback without list here on GR so again I end up with both hardcopy and audio Here the audio fits the bill This was a good chilling read I always love the protags in this author’s stories I was on the edge of my car seat the whole way and boy was I glad to start my first job of my library career I did not mind for one minute that the commute was thirty minutes each way‘Cope’ a successful city prosecutor searches for answers from a night which occurred over twenty years ago the killings at a summer camp that he feels terribly guilty about he failed to stand guard at his post instead he snuck off to make love to his girlfriend As always he's just the type of guy you'd like to be with Smart in control capable Harlan Coben writes thrillers with flair and humour lots of twists and turns He's very very good Four youngsters went into the woods that night and not all came out alive This guy is good; I’d read him if I was you

  5. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I have read all of Coben's Myron Bolitar books and love them all but I have so far only tried a couple of his stand alones On the strength of this one I will be looking out for The main character is Paul Copeland County Prosecutor of Essex New Jersey On the face of it he is an admirable character successfully raising a child after the death of his wife managing a fast developing career and totally honest and trustworthy His court scenes are tremendous fun and he certainly fights to win Of course no one has nothing to hide and events start to stack up against PaulThis being a Harlan Coben book the story is excellent fast paced covering a lot of ground and with one red herring after another The ending is uite a surprise although I was yelling at Paul to get out of there long before the gun appearedA very entertaining mystery well told and fun to read

  6. P P says:

    “You don't worry about happiness and fulfilment when you're starving” 25 stars The Woods was uite boring with nothing new to surprise me Harlan Coben put the old materials in this book again without reconsidering whether the twists were predictable or not Four children were lost in the woods twenty years later Paul Copeland wants to revaluate this case again he thinks that maybe his sister is still alive somewhere The book started off with the same feeling as if I was reading Tell No One but the investigation part was not interesting or engaging at all The case he's dealing with takes the big part and I had to skip it sometimes it's meh ish “You live among this ridiculous wealth and you get lost You worry about nonsense like spirituality and inner health and satisfaction and relationshipsYou have no idea what it is like to starve to watch yourself turn to bones” The problem is every single twist was predictable I could guess what would happen after when someone did something and a new evidence just revealed itself and chaged the conclusion in your head Coben narrated his story by following the step 1 2 3 4 5 not like his previous books Tell No One I was very excited all the time reading that book and it's very much different for this oneI think I should leave Coben's works for a while after this Frankly this book was thrilling when there were just two chapters left for me and it ended in a short timehttpsgooglpfjxNv

  7. Em Lost In Books Em Lost In Books says:

    35 a real page turner story was full of twists whenever i thought i know the murderer there was a new mystery and a new revelation I will definitely be reading other Coben soon

  8. TK421 TK421 says:

    Oh Harlan you were exactly what I needed But before I begin let me say that this was my first Harlan Coben experience I'll than likely read of his stuff Bear with me as I explain myself Okay the writing was nothing spectacular; there were even times when I winced as he described something by using the item Example The great oak stood like a well great oak Yes this type of writing appears freuently than I liked but the writing is really not an issue with this type of book I say this type of book not this type of genre or other genres for that matter What is really important here is the story And oh nelly is this one a doozy Striped down THE WOODS is nothing than a murder mystery But Coben ratchets it up a bit adds seemingly unrelated storylines and enough McGuffins to make even the best reader stumble on their way to the conclusion Sadly I am not one of those fortunate readers that can say “I figured it out by page such and such” There is Paul Copeland the protagonist county prosecutor for Essex County a widower who has a daughter and a relentless workaholic; then there is Lucy Gold an alcoholic college professor with a dark secret These two make up the main characters The twenty or so other characters really only add flavor to the story You see twenty years ago while at camp four grisly murders took place and Paul and Lucy have been haunted by these events ever since Now this is where Coben shines Instead of playing it straight Coben adds in storylines of charity fraud missing persons rape politics the KGB and paranoia Sounds convoluted And it probably would be convoluted if Coben gave the reader a chance to breath but he never does The pace of the story doesn’t allow it At break neck speed the narrative travels through numerous locales and characters to paint a mystery that is worth the five or six hours needed to read the book I will say that some of the scenes are corny and Coben does do a bit of proselytizing when given the chance but overall this is a great way to let the written word entertain Don’t seek deep messages or mind blowing ideas in this novel—they aren’t there And maybe some of the characters could have used a bit time in the spotlight But the plotting and I’m not usually a stickler for plot is fun and deftly executed Read this book for what it is unabashed over the top entertainment at its finestRECOMMENDED

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This was my first Harlan Coben book and I thought it was just fabulous I'm not huge into mysteries or thrillers but when I do sit down with one this is the type of story that has everything I want in a page turner short chapters uick dialog twists and turns and narration that was surprisingly funny at times case in point after annoying a police officer and a prosecutor both in a matter of hours the main character concludes I had itched an ass this morning and now I had burned a butt A big day for me I have a pile of books waiting to be read and could easily grab one to take to bed with me tonight Still I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I can run out to the bookstore and pick up another gem Mr Coben He's definitely got me hooked

  10. Melisa Melisa says:

    Yep Harlan Coben is officially the king of the twisty turns I'm completely amazed how he can weave such a fascinating mystery that can change directions nearly every chapter Even until the very end Well done sirI also loved the witty dialogue Some of the characters had me laughing out loud And this subject matter was not light at all Such a page turner 5 stars

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The Woods ❮PDF❯ ✍ The Woods Author Harlan Coben – Twenty years ago at summer camp Paul Copeland's sister died in the woods the alleged victim of a serial killer Her body was never found Now Paul is the prosecutor for Essex County New Jersey immersed Twenty years ago at summer camp Paul Copeland's sister died in The Woods the alleged victim of a serial killer Her body was never found Now Paul is the prosecutor for Essex County New Jersey immersed in one of the biggest cases of his career a case that will change everything he believes about the pastand the truth.

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