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The Laying of the Noone Walker Laurence Gill, As A Small Lonely Boy, Had Always Loved Noone Rectory His Visits To His Eccentric Old Uncle Had Been Havens Of Peace And Happiness, And When, Many Years Later, He Heard The Rectory Was To Be Sold, He Set Out From The Far East To Try And Buy It But A Fatal Accident Intervened Noone Was Bought By A Brash American Architect And Kate, His Gentle Dreamy Wife As They Began To Redesign The House, Things Started To Go Hideously Wrong Expensive Materials Were Destroyed, A Fire Broke Out, A Death Occurred It Seemed That The Old Ghost Of Noone Was Trying To Protect The Rectory From Architectural Vandalism.

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    A lovely gothic romance this book kept me turning pages and guessing right up to the end Told from two different viewpoints it lays down the tale of a house and the people who loved it There are romances, ghosts, a brash, ballsy American, a refined British lady, ghosts, twists, turns, angst, tragedy, humor did I mention ghosts I gobbled this book up until the very last few pages where, it almost seemed like Ms Ashe was pulling a Jack Williamson ie she d hit her word count and was now just finishing the story but what I think she was doing was building an urgency to the finale The final romance kinda came out of nowhere and almost didn t make sense and then the final twist left me hrmm ing not sure how I interpret it, not sure I understand what she has done, not sure at all what I read previously to be true I liked it alot, but, the ending left something to be desired It might just be me it might just be that caught up in the flurry of the ending I read carelessly and mis...

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    Started off all right but halfway went down hill and I thought the ending was silly.

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